Why Do Guys Date More Than One Woman? (Explained)

If you think that he’s only dating you, then you might want to rethink that.

Guys are notorious for dating multiple women, as it can give them a sense of accomplishment, they’ll never get bored, and they love the pleasure that they get out of it.

That’s not even beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to why guys date more than one woman at the same time. Let’s talk much more about this specific topic.

Why Do Guys Date More Than One Woman?

why do guys date more than one woman

Guys also date more than one woman at the same time because they want more options, allowing them to pick from the best of the best (so to speak).

These are two of the biggest reasons why a guy will date so many women at the same time. With that being said, allow me to further explain these reasons, as well as a few more.

1) Guys Like Having More Options

Guys like dating more than one woman at the same time because they like the ability to have more options available to them.

This is one of those reasons where I can see where many of these guys are coming from.

From a guy’s perspective, he if wants to out on a date on a Friday night, he can have the option of choosing from:

  • Spa date with the lifeguard that he met.
  • A round of drinks with the adventurous woman.
  • Dinner and a movie with the calm and mysterious woman.
  • Or maybe a romantic couple’s massage with the sexy and sassy woman.

It’s kind of like deciding what cute dress you’re going to wear on your night out, and if you’re going to match with your purse and shoes.

It’s all about having multiple options for guys who date multiple girls at once.

Plus, when dating more than one woman at a time, it allows the guy to weed out the dates who aren’t the best match him. Let’s talk more about that next.

2) Guys Want The Best Of The Best

Guys will also date multiple women at the same time because they want the best of the best. In other words, they’ll date more frequently to find the right woman.

This reason is very easily related to the show called The Bachelor. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s about a single bachelor who gets to eventually pick and choose from many women who are in love with him.

During the show, he will go on dates and adventures with just about every woman there, and in this process, it allows him to:

  • Quickly realize who he connects the most with.
  • Quickly realize who he doesn’t connect with at all.
  • Get to know the women on a much closer and personal note.
  • Better understand the qualities that he wants from his woman.

All in all, dating more than one woman at a time is a better way for the guy to understand which woman is going to be the best for him.

On the other hand, though, it is going to make it much more challenging for the woman to win his heart, so it’s not all upside.

3) Guys Care Less About Commitment

Guys will date more than one woman at the same time because many times, they just don’t care about commitment as much as women do.

This is where it can get really annoying. After all, it’s not going to be an easy task for a man to constantly go on dates with other women, especially when he has other things going on in his life.

At this point, this is where a guy’s lack of commitment can really shine bright, as I’ve seen instances of this myself many times.

It’s almost like he’s biting off more than he can chew, and this can lead to:

  • Flaking.
  • Ghosting you.
  • Canceling plans for no reason.
  • Getting back to your texts with one-word responses.

This is also where you need to be careful if you suspect that a guy is dating multiple women at once. He most likely had commitment issues, and there’s a big chance that you’ll be burned because of it.

4) Guys Love Having Control

Guys love having control of every single aspect of their lives, and that’s yet another big reason as to why they can date so many women at the same time.

This is one of those reasons where it’s mostly upside for the guys, as when they have control of dating multiple women, they can also do things such as:

  • Recycling women (literally).
  • Decide what’s best for them (without you knowing).
  • Continue playing the field which can leave you heartbroken.

When you think about it, what are some of the best times when it comes to dating? For most people, it would be a combination:

  • Making that real connection with someone.
  • Getting to know them and sharing personal stories.
  • Truly feeling lucky that you met the person (and deeply in love).
  • And don’t forget about the amazing love and romance that comes with this stage.

In other words, you’re looking at the honeymoon stage when it comes to dating. So for guys, they have the option of getting to keep repeating this stage, with as many women as they want.

Once again, these types of actions are where dating many women mostly benefits the guy, leaving the woman wondering why she even wasted any time with him in the first place.

5) So Guys Are Never Bored

Last but not least, guys date more than one woman at the same time so that things will never get stagnant and stale, or simply so that they will never get bored.

When everything clicks when dating someone, it can be an extremely rewarding, and ultimately, fun experience. Guys understand this and are all about pleasure (in more ways than one).

So for guys who date many women at the same time, their motto might as well be:

Never a dull moment.

Even if there ever was a dull moment, it would make for some great conversations with their bros about how boring a date was to them.

Not like it matters anyway, they have plenty of other women that they’ve got lined up to go on dates with.

Hopefully, those other women will see the warning signs and not try to be “Captain save a bro.”

When a guy is stuck in his ways to dating multiple women, simply for the fact that he’ll never be bored, I can’t advise enough to treat him like a rattlesnake and stay very far away from him.

Is It Normal For A Guy To Date Multiple Girls?

Unfortunately, it is pretty normal (nowadays) for a guy to date multiple girls at the same time. In fact, this has increased due to the popularity of dating apps.

On one hand, you can expect both men and women to be dating multiple people at the same time. After all, dating apps have made the ability to go on a date much easier nowadays.

And if you happen to match with two people who are potentially great dates, are you going to turn one down just because someone else asked to go on a date? Not necessarily.

On the other hand, it does become a little wreckless, as well as toxic, when guys treat dating as if it’s a sport. There are quite a few reasons for that as I’ve mentioned previously:

  • Just so they can “play the field.”
  • Just cause they don’t want to be bored.
  • Just so that he won’t ever be tied down.
  • Just so that he can have complete control over things.
  • Don’t forget about all of the guys who just want to add an extra notch to their belt.

All in all, it is getting more normal for both guys and girls to date more than one person at a time.

This just means that there is going to be a lot more competition when it comes to dating. When you know that, then you can better manage your expectations.

This goes for both men and women too, as there have even been plenty of guys who have given up on dating, one reason being the fact that so people aren’t ready for anything long-term.

Why Men Date Multiple Women: Final Words

Men date multiple women for many reasons such as pleasure, not being bored, having more options, and they also do this because they generally don’t care as much as commitment.

Many guys have been notorious over the years when it comes to dating multiple women.

However, with the rise of social media platforms, the need for fans, followers, and attention, as well as dating apps? Dating multiple people now seems common for both men and women.

But just because something seems more commonplace, doesn’t mean that it is common sense to date, multiple people, at the same time.

So at the end of the day, just make sure that this activity is happening more often than you think, for both men and women.