12 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Friend Likes You (Obvious Ones)

Things can get weird if you start to suspect that your boyfriend’s friend is into you.

The good news is that there are a ton of blatantly obvious clues that you can look for that will confirm (or deny) your suspicion.

Let’s talk more about this topic, so you can figure out the truth once and for all.

How Do You Know If Your Boyfriend’s Friend Likes You?

signs your boyfriend's friend likes you
He’s Always Finding A Way To Touch You

You know if your boyfriend’s friend likes you by the many signs he shows. The funny thing is that the more he likes you, the harder it will be for him to hide that.

It can be quite a weird scenario to discover that your boyfriend’s friend is into you. After all, that’s one of the easiest ways to complicate things for you and your boyfriend.

So you need to make sure that he is actually into you, and blatantly asking him won’t work as it will always be very easy for him to deny it.

Here are some of the biggest signs that he is, in fact, into you. The more signs that you see, the higher the odds are that he secretly wants you to be his girlfriend.

1) He Complements You

Complementing you is mostly going to be your boyfriend’s job, but leave it to his friend to tell you exactly what you want to hear, at the perfect time.

It’s one thing to receive a compliment here and there, but he will go out of his way to make you feel special for almost every decision that you make. For example:

  • He’ll quickly notice (and complement) that new haircut.
  • He won’t be able to get over the fragrance that you’re wearing.
  • Heck, he’ll complement your new dress before you even ask for his opinion.

He can’t tell you how much he’s into you, given the fact that you’re dating his friend. Rather instead, he will have no problem showering you with compliments. It’s a better alternative for him.

2) He’s Always Touching You

You have a boyfriend, and he knows that you’re off-limits, but that’s not going to stop him from getting a few touches here and there.

Not in a creepy or perverted way, either. Here are a few examples of how your boyfriend’s friend can be constantly breaking the touch barrier:

  • A simple high-five.
  • A hug before he leaves for the day.
  • Removing a piece of lint or hair from your shirt.
  • A slight touch of his foot on yours when sitting across from him.
  • Creating your own secret handshake (that’s a HUGE sign he likes you).
  • Lightly placing his hand on your back when he has you going through the doors first.

It’s usually a common sign that when a guy makes more light contact with a girl, the more he likes her. After all, would you want to be that close to someone that you didn’t like in the first place?

This fact becomes even more magnified when it’s your boyfriend’s friend because he knows for a fact that he should be so touchy-feely with you.

3) He’s Becomes More Energetic Around You

If he seems to be much more energetic around you, and only around you specifically? Then the chances are high that your boyfriend’s friend likes you.

You can’t always blame him though, can you?

He’s heard all of the juicy details from his friend about how great of a girl you are, and he might even know about your wonderful adventures together.

With the combination of knowing a lot about you as well as being attracted to you, you can expect him to light up like a Christmas tree when he sees you.

Something else that you might notice is that he speaks a little faster around you. That’s him not being able to contain the energy that he feels when he’s around you.

4) He Tries To “One Up” Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s friend most certainly likes you if he’s always trying to “one-up” your boyfriend. In other words, he’s always trying to do better than your boyfriend.

Something else that you can look for is when your boyfriend’s friend starts showing the more competitive side of himself.

This is one of the scenarios where it becomes:

Anything you can do, I can do better.

This type of competitive thinking can take the form of almost anything. In fact, there will be times where he tries to make your boyfriend look foolish. A few examples include:

  • Scoring higher on a test.
  • Making more money at a job.
  • Correcting your boyfriend whenever he is wrong.
  • Being a better athlete or having more achievements/trophies.

Heck, if it’s hard to be with your boyfriend thanks to strict parents, he might mention how cool his parents are and how they let him do whatever he wants. In other words, he offers more freedom.

It’s his way of saying that he can do much better things than your boyfriend, hopefully allowing you to see that so that you’ll give him a chance in the future (or possibly really soon).

5) He Remembers Every Single Little Detail About You

Try to limit the secrets that you share with him because he remembers every single little detail about you and will, most likely, never forget what you tell him.

This is actually a very big sign when it comes to your boyfriend’s friend liking you. After all, who is going to remember every single little detail about you?

It’s most certainly going to be your boyfriend or someone else who is infatuated with you (which would be your boyfriend’s friend).

Not only that, but he’s most likely always ready to hear what you have to tell him as he’s also a great listener.

It’s hard to find a guy that will genuinely care and be interested in what you have to say. So when he actually does that? Take that as a very big sign that he’s into you.

6) He Laughs (Too Much) At Your Jokes

Have you ever felt like you told a joke and it wasn’t THAT funny, yet he couldn’t stop laughing at it? Yup, he probably likes you.

Your boyfriend’s friend will make you feel like you’re doing a stand-up comedy show, where every bit is an award-winning hit.

It’s one thing to laugh at a joke here and there, but you’ll most likely quickly figure out that is the easiest audience that you’ve ever come across.

Heck, maybe you should do your own stand-up comedy show. If you do, then you certainly know who will be first in line to buy tickets for it. Spoiler alert: It most likely won’t be your boyfriend.

7) He Tries To Impress You

Have you ever felt as if your boyfriend’s friend is always trying to impress you? Then he most certainly wants your approval, and also most certainly likes you.

This goes hand-in-hand with him trying to always one-up your boyfriend. Even if it requires your boyfriend to look bad, he will impress you whenever he gets the chance:

  • Have you heard about his big dreams and goals?
  • Have you also heard about how great of a person he is?

Yes, you also need to keep in mind that he might be talking a lot about himself here. It’s a common occurrence when it comes to trying to get your approval, and ultimately impressing you.

8) He’s The Third Wheel

Being the third wheel can be as awkward as can be, but not when it comes to your boyfriend’s friend!

He loves everything about it as it allows him to spend more time with you, even if your boyfriend happens to be around.

This happening once might be by accident, but anything more than that? Expect it to be because he wants to be around you more often, and you know what that means.

9) You Run Into Him Frequently

If for some odd reason you keep bumping into him frequently, then it’s certainly not a coincidence. This is a sign that your boyfriend’s friend likes you.

There are plenty of places where this can happen too:

  • It could be at work.
  • It could also be during extracurricular activities.
  • If in school, it could be between classes, in the hallways, and even at lunch.

You need to keep in mind though, that there is a fine line when it comes to bumping into him, and him actually seeming like he’s a stalker.

You might be wondering how he could possibly bump into you so much as well. Let’s take a look at yet another big sign that your boyfriend’s good friend likes you.

10) He Engages (Quite A Lot) With Your Social Media Posts

A like here, a comment there, and don’t forget about the secret direct messages. The more he engages with you on social media, the higher the chances are that he likes you.

In fact, you might believe that he’s one of your top fans. Common actions that he might take include:

  • Being one of the first to like your latest pictures.
  • Watching almost every single one of your stories.
  • Complimenting you (one again, another sign that he likes you).
  • And don’t forget about sending you secret messages through DM.

Why would he need to send you so many direct messages in the first place, and would a guy be doing this if he didn’t like you?

As the signs start to pile up, you have to realize that your boyfriend’s friend doesn’t like you, but rather instead, just might be crushing hard on you.

11) He Holds Eye Contact For A Very Long Time

The eyes are the gateway to the soul, and your boyfriend’s friend has no problem locking eyes with you while either one of you is speaking.

It’s not only a way of being present and listening to everything that you have to say, but it’s also another great way to keep his eyes on you.

Plus, it shows that you have his complete attention. That’s not an easy thing to do, especially in a world where he can be distracted by:

  • TikTok.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Other women.

And don’t forget about his phone where thousands upon thousands of distractions wait for him at his fingertips, dating apps being another big example.

Speaking of cell phones, let’s look at the last (and very obvious) sign that he’s into you.

12) He Text Messages You Frequently

Here’s a great rule of thumb; the more he texts you, the higher the chances are that he really likes you.

You also have to consider the fact that the more he text messages you, even when you’re dating his good friend, the more he’s moving into dangerous territory.

Why else would he be sending you so many text messages? The biggest reason is that he really likes you. Otherwise, he is risking many things happening such as:

  • Losing trust.
  • Stress between you and your boyfriend.
  • Risking the potential future of the friendship.
  • Planting seeds of doubt in your boyfriend’s mind.

If your boyfriend’s friend keeps blowing up your phone, then the chances are high that he really likes you.

All in all, these signs make for a very sticky situation, so you will need to proceed with caution if you are damn sure that your boyfriend’s friend is more than interested in you.

Do I Have To Like My Boyfriend’s Friend?

Ironically enough, you do not have to like your boyfriend’s friend, especially if you feel like he has the hots for you.

Just because you like your boyfriend, doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to like everyone that he hangs out with, whether it be friends or family.

I’ve dated men who had friends who were the complete opposite of the guy. While I didn’t like them in general, I put up with them when they were around.

Most importantly, I was never rude to them unless they said or did something that crossed the line (which very rarely ever happened).

So at the end of the day, you certainly do not have to like your boyfriend’s friend. Think of it on the bright side, you’re not ice cream, and everyone isn’t going to like you either.

How To Tell If A Man Secretly Likes You? Final Words

There are so many signs that a man secretly likes you. Some include frequently touching you, texting you, complimenting you, as well as always wanting to be around you.

The more signs that he shows he likes you, the higher the chances that he actually does.

As the popular quote states:

When someone acts like they don’t care, believe them.

On the opposite side of that quote, you need to also believe someone when they DO act like they care, and most especially when they show a lot of interest in you.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out if a guy is secretly into you.

I guess some of these signs just aren’t so secret, especially if you just finished reading through this entire article 😉