I Thought This Guy Likes Me But Now He Ignores Me (Explained)

It’s painful, not only to realize that he’s ignoring you but the fact that you wasted so much time on this specific guy.

However, there are quite a few reasons as to why he might be ignoring you, and some of them are very valid (in his defense).

First, let’s talk about if he can still like you if he ignores you.

Can A Man Who Likes You Ignore You?

can a man who likes you ignore you

Yes, it can certainly happen. It usually happens when the person you are interested in starts to show more interest in you.

For some reason though, he no longer takes the initiative to call or text you, and all of a sudden, he seems to disappear completely.

What is going on in his mind? Is he losing interest in you, or is it something else?

It could be that he thinks that he has done too much and now wants to take a step back. This happens very often because many men feel that they need to show more affection than women when it comes to relationships.

Other times, he might be looking for signs that you want to get closer to him.

Many men are shy, and they will always keep their girls guessing. This way, she will be thinking about him all the time, making it much easier for her to fall in love with him.

It could also be that he has noticed something terrible about you or no longer feels the chemistry between you two. But don’t take it too personally unless you know what went wrong and do your best to fix things.

Sometimes though, he has not lost his interest in you.

He may be shy when talking on the phone or texting. If he is the same person in real life as he seemed on previous dates, then there are good chances that this happened.

You can quickly get back into contact with him without even asking him the reason for his sudden coldness. Men are usually not very good at face-to-face communication, and they prefer texting over talking on the phone.

Just pick one of these methods and use it until he is comfortable with you again.

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me?

There are many reasons why a man might ignore you. Some are pretty obvious, but others are more subtle, yet they seem to be the main reasons behind the cold shoulder scenarios women experience with men.

You can never know his intention 100% or what he is thinking, but some clues make it easier to figure out his motive.

1) He Might Be Busy

Yes, sometimes a man might be busy, and he doesn’t have the time to let you know. This is not a good excuse for ignoring your texts or calls, but it is a reason he can use when you confront him about his behavior.

If this has been going on for more than two weeks, there must be another reason for his behavior.

If you think back to all the times he ignored you, was it:

  • During Super Bowl Sunday?
  • Right after he went out with his friends?
  • Was it when he had that big project at work that he was in charge of?
  • Did things pick up again when these situations were over or starting up again?

Maybe this man is just busy with something other than you. He might have a hectic life, but he also needs alone.

Respect this for what it is, and do not take it personally unless you are being ignored consistently for no reason at all.

2) He Might Have Noticed A Red Flag

This is a widespread reason why a man will ignore you after he seems to enjoy your company. A guy doesn’t call after the first date because he realizes that there wasn’t any chemistry between him and his date.

It could be that she was sort of rude to the waiter or that she told him about how she recently broke up with her boyfriend and is not looking for a relationship right now.

Whatever it might be that turned him off, he doesn’t like to explain himself, but he knows that seeing or speaking to this woman would be too uncomfortable for him.

He might also think you expect something from him while he doesn’t feel anything towards you.

Unfortunately, there is not much to do about this situation except to learn from it and move on. Don’t try contacting him again because he might recognize your name any time soon.

Delete him from social media, too, so you don’t see anything of what he is up to or who he’s dating. He doesn’t want to see you, and the only way to make him think otherwise is if you go away.

3) He Might Just Be Playing Mind Games

He might be ignoring you because he knows it’s going to make you more interested in him.

This is a manipulative technique used by men everywhere, and all women have been through this situation at least once before with a man who was attracted to them but didn’t want to seem too eager.

In his mind, if he ignores you, then you will be interested in him, and that is what he wants. He only wants the woman interested in him to stick around because it makes him feel like a bigger man.

Instead of calling this behavior manipulation, you can understand it as his way to find out if you are interested or not.

Some men do this without realizing it, and they usually get away with it because women fall for this more often than men think.

This is why you should get another guy’s opinion on whether he wants to date you or not if you feel like this is what’s going on with the man who is ignoring you.

4) He Might Have Just Wanted To Get With You

Men are very straightforward when they are interested in a woman. If he is looking to hook up, then this makes sense because you’re strangers, except when things got intimate for you two.

He might have just wanted to get in, get out, and then move on, especially if there was no emotional connection or the chemistry wasn’t there in the bedroom.

5) He Might Not Have Liked You From The Beginning

When you get ignored by the man you like, it’s easy to assume that it’s something about you that turned him off.

You want so badly for this scenario to work out in your favor, but sometimes men don’t feel a connection no matter how hard they try.

This is when being able to read between the lines comes in handy, because if he is ignoring you, there might be a pretty legitimate reason for it.

I Thought He Liked Me But Now He Avoids Me: Final Words

The main thing to remember here is that a man who likes you will always tell you. Never assume anything and leave it up to him.

By the time he starts ignoring you, things might already be over with between the two of you. If it’s hard for you not to text or call this man back right away, then it’s probably best to leave it alone.

Men enjoy having power over women, so don’t give in to that by chasing after him or begging for his attention, especially if he’s already let you know that he’s not interested.