When A Guy Says Talk To You Soon (What It Means)

When a guy says talk to you soon, there are quite a few things that he can mean.

On one end of the spectrum, he truly means that he will talk to you soon. On the other end though, it’s just a kind way of saying that he won’t talk to you soon.

Let’s talk more about this as well as how you can respond.

Talk To You Soon Meanings (From A Guy)

when a guy says talk to you soon

What does a guy mean when he says “Talk to you soon”? It’s a simple statement, but it has quite a few meanings.

There are many possibilities to rule out one or the other, so rather than try, let’s look at all of them.

1) When A Guy Says Talk To You Soon, It Means Exactly That

He’s going to get back to you soon. He will contact you when he has a moment and can give you his full attention to the subject of this conversation, which is you.

This doesn’t always mean a phone call or a text message but something along those lines, whatever works best for him in his busy schedule. There is no need to overthink anything here.

If you are interested in the guy, then he will contact you. Just be patient and give it time because most likely, if he’s gotten this far with you, then he’ll eventually get back to you.

2) It Was The First Thing That Came To His Mind

Sometimes when a guy says “Talk to you soon,” it means precisely that, but most of the time, this is what you get when he doesn’t know how to end the conversation.

It’s along the lines of “I’ll call you later – bye.” You can take it seriously and wait for him to do it (which he may or may not), or you can take it for what it is, the easy way out.

He might also be nervous about saying something too forward because he isn’t sure how you would take it. He might be hesitant to say:

I want to see you again…

…or whatever his true intentions are, so instead, he’ll use the easy out and hope for the best.

3) It Can Mean That He’s Not That Interested

Given that men and women do not communicate the same way, what a man means as something casual is taken by a woman to be something serious.

If you know that he’s not that into you or has told you how he feels about things, his actions might lead you to think otherwise. Keep in mind that if he is not calling you, it’s probably because he doesn’t want to lead you on.

This may sound harsh, but again, if he has told you how he feels about things and his intentions towards you, those actions should fall in line with what he has said.

If they don’t, then it’s something that you should pay attention to because there is a chance that he might not be interested in you anymore and if so, it would be best to move on.

His actions mean a lot more than just his words because even though he might tell you that he likes you, it doesn’t mean anything if his actions say otherwise.

How Do You Respond To Talk To You Soon?

If it’s the first time he has talked to you and wondering how you respond to talk to you soon, then make sure that you don’t give it too much thought.

First of all, what does this mean? It could mean several things, and not knowing what he means can make it worse because now you’re thinking about what he could have been trying to say.

The chances are that it’s not a big deal, and it doesn’t mean anything because if it were, he would have made sure to clarify what he meant by this.

If you find yourself overthinking things, then focus on the fact that you talked to him, and instead of going into how long it took for him to reply, focus on the fact that you got to talk to him at all.

If he initiated contact, then why not just take it as a good sign and think about how happy it makes you that he’s interested in getting to know you?

You can also ask him what he meant by saying this but make sure that you’re not trying to come off as desperate. Don’t get too pushy, or it might show him that you care even more than you do, and he might want to back away from the conversation altogether.

If you don’t bother him with asking what this means, then the chances are that he will get in touch with you again after a couple of days, and then you can ask him this question.

He may have a lot on his mind, or something important comes up, so of course, it’s essential to be patient with him. If you feel like this guy might not be as into you as much as he says, then don’t even bother asking what the last text meant.

Getting to know him is essential, but don’t let it consume you because if he doesn’t care about being in a relationship with you, it’s best not to go there.

How Long Is Soon?

When someone says that they will get in touch with you soon, you need to know how long it is soon. This will entirely depend on the context of your relationship.

If you two are still getting the hang of things, then more quickly could mean a couple of days or maybe even weeks. If it’s been months, that might indicate that he is losing interest in continuing to get to know you better.

If this is someone you’ve known for years and never given him any signs that you’re interested in him, then the chances are that he might take a little longer to get in touch with you again.

For example: If you two were friends for years and even though he had feelings for you back then but never made his move, then it’s possible that those feelings have not changed over time or if they did, it wasn’t enough to make him say something or ask you out.

If he is really into you, then the chances are that if it’s essential, he will let you know and text you at the very least.

Just remember that he might be busy with other things, so for now, focus on the fact that you got to talk to him and not overthink anything else because it will only lead to unnecessary drama.

This will be something that you can avoid altogether.

When A Guy Says Talk To You Soon: Final Words

When a guy says, “talk to you soon,” there’s no reason to hit the delete button in your contact list frantically.

This is one of those phrases that can mean, “I’ll talk to you when I want,” which usually implies tomorrow, next week, or maybe never if he doesn’t feel like talking to you.