Hello, my name is Laura Aston, and welcome to my website, Attraction Keys.

I created this website due to my interest in astrology and dating in college. With all of the ups and downs that I had in my dating life, I started to dig deeper into why many men acted the way they did.

  • Why did he ghost me?
  • Am I being too clingy for him?
  • As well as, was I just not good enough for him?

These were only a few of the big questions that often went through my mind during my time in college, and continued on after as well.

I hope that I help you get a better understanding of men, as well as help with your overall dating life to help you avoid any disappointment (like I have many times in my life).

Even better, I have a few hand-picked writers who will also be able to share their experiences with you as well. Either way, I hope that by visiting my website, you end up leaving with more knowledge than you started with. Thank you for stopping by.