Scorpio Man Rejection (How He Handles It And More)

So what exactly would happen if you rejected a Scorpio man, and how would he handle it? Let’s talk about that in this article.

What Happens If You Reject A Scorpio Man?

what happens if you reject a scorpio man

Scorpio men are said to have a hard time expressing their feelings. They can hold grudges for years, and it’s not easy getting them over the hurt they feel when someone rejects them.

Do you still want to try leaving him if this is what might happen? Well then, here are the signs that will give you a hint on how he’ll react when you tell him no.

You’ll know if he’s mad when you see his cold, steely eyes. This is not the Scorpio man that will smile at you even if it’s fake to please or appease others, especially those who are women.

If there were no emotions involved in your relationship, this should be easier for him to handle, but don’t assume that he doesn’t have feelings since you can never know what’s inside his heart.

But if it were the other way around, do you want to be on the receiving end of that look?

You’ll feel like running away from him or getting into a fight with him just because this is how scary he looks when he gets mad.

You’ll know that he’s trying to hold back his tears if you see him run away from you and into a room. He might lock himself there or stay for as long as it takes before the pain in his chest subsides.

If this happens, don’t even try telling yourself that he doesn’t care about you. He can’t bear to see you leave him. That’s why he wants to be alone so he can cry it out without having anyone staring at him while doing so.

You’ll know that he doesn’t care anymore when you see his cold expression and the way he looks away from your direction as soon as you’re within sight of each other.

Before, if there were feelings involved in your relationship, you’ll see him looking at you with love in his eyes. The Scorpio man who doesn’t care anymore will not even bother doing this because it’s pointless to do so when the person he cares about is gone.

Can Scorpio Take Rejection? How He Handles Rejection

If you reject a Scorpio man, he will feel hurt and might even get angry. Scorpios have difficulty expressing emotions, but they have a strong desire not to be rejected.

If you forsake him, he might feel like it is his fault and spend many hours figuring out what the issue was. Here is a list of what else can happen if you reject a Scorpio man.

1) The Scorpio Man Can’t Take No For An Answer

A Scorpio man can’t take no for an answer. If you don’t want to commit yourself, he will question your motives and continue pursuing you until he wins your heart.

Scorpios have very little tolerance for the word “No.” They will go to great lengths to get their way. Their adherence is complemented by a strong intuition about what other people may be feeling, giving them the skill set it takes to outwit anyone who stands in their way.

Even if you do reject him, the odds are high that this’s not the last time he’ll approach you with his love and affection.

Rejecting a Scorpio man can cause him to get angry. If you leave him, he might feel like it is his fault and spend many hours figuring out what the issue was. He will want an explanation for why you rejected him so that he understands where he went wrong.

The best course of action is probably to avoid complete contact with them at all costs, but alas, it’s not that easy.

2) The Scorpio Man Can Hold A Grudge

If you reject a Scorpio man, he will hold a grudge. However, if you can win him over and treat him like royalty, he will make an excellent boyfriend and future husband. He is loyal and devoted to those who care for him.

They also enjoy intense relationships and won’t settle for anything less than their perfectionistic standards. He’s the type of person who may be reserved, but once genuinely opened up, they’re all in.

The Scorpio man loves deeply but expects the same in return. If you love them, they’ll follow through with everything they say they’ll do even when it drives you mad sometimes. How seriously this little guy takes life (he means well).

This man is likely to speak his mind, which can be a relief if you’re tired of those who play games with your heart. Scorpios are deeply emotional and sensitive but not overly dramatic.

These men aren’t afraid to speak their mind-which can also drive you mad sometimes. They take life very seriously. If this guy loves you too, then he will follow through with everything he says he’ll do.

3) The Scorpio Man Has A Big Ego

Scorpios have strong egos and usually need approval from others around them and themselves to feel good about life.

They’re likely the type of person who needs constant love and attention or may become resentful towards those who give it to them. You might find yourself becoming miserable due to the constant need for attention.

However, another Scorpio won’t make you feel this way. This type of individual will show up in your life when you least expect it and sweep you off your feet before you know what’s happening. If only all men were like Scorpios.

Scorpio Man Rejection: Final Words

The Scorpio man is not accustomed to rejection. He expects his female counterpart to be so in awe of him that she’ll fall in love on sight.

It’s simply unreasonable to think the Scorpio man will have any idea what rejection means unless he encounters it head-first.

Furthermore, knowing Scorpio men, they would not only understand the term “rejection,” but they would find brilliant ways to exploit it for their satisfaction.