When A Taurus Man Says He Loves You: Does He Mean It?

It’s really hard to tell if a man truly loves you, especially right after he tells you.

But what about the Taurus man? Could it be possible that he says that he loves you, with sincerity? Let’s find out right now.

When A Taurus Man Says He Loves You, Does He Mean It?

when a taurus man says he loves you

In a word, Yes. In two words, Absolutely yes. One of the things people love about Taurus men is their sincerity. They live and they die with an open heart and mind.

A Taurus man who loves you is likely to show it in many ways, usually by doing things for you that he doesn’t do for anyone else, like cooking meals or skipping golf games with the guys.

He’s attentive, and if you mean enough to him, he’ll be early at your door every morning with fresh coffee and breakfast waiting on you.

When he says “he loves you,” it’s not said casually nor without thought. Rather, the world will know he means it because of what he does behind your back.

He makes life easier for both of you even when his workload ramps up to deafening levels thanks to his preoccupation with “getting it done.” He’s that protective.

How Do You Know If A Taurus Man Really Loves You?

When a Taurus man says he loves you, believe him as he doesn’t take these words lightly. This zodiac is an earth sign, which means he’s patient and grounded.

He’ll never show you off to the world but will be proud of your accomplishments in private. And while his love for you may not always be expressed with flowery words or gestures, it will still be there every day.

1) The Taurus Man Spends More Time With You

As he utters the words “I love you,” it displays that he is confident and secure with you. He feels fulfilled by spending time with you and feels a sense of security when the two of you are together.

Spending more time with you increases his love for you because he gets used to your presence.

The prolonged exposure to your presence makes him fall in love all over again. The little things you do for him, like cooking his favorite meal or simply being there when he needs you the most, can make your Taurus man very happy.

In return, he will shower you with love and affection.

However, understand that he doesn’t say “I Love You” as often as other men. This isn’t because of a lack of feelings but rather the way this earth sign expresses himself. He falls in love easily and can even fall out of love just as quickly, depending on how you treat him.

The Taurus man is very practical, and he bases his love on what you can offer him. He’s not a believer of words but rather actions.

So if you say you love him too, show that you actually mean it by doing something for them such as cooking their favorite meal or simply just being there when he needs you the most.

2) The Taurus Man Will Be Protective Of You

When a Taurus man falls in love with you, he will want to protect and support you. He’s fiercely protective of his loved ones and will stand up for anyone who tries to hurt them, even if it is his own family. He will go to great lengths for you.

At some point, he’ll even want to move in with you and provide for you financially and emotionally. He’s a man of integrity, and he will not want to let you down.

This doesn’t mean that this zodiac is controlling or possessive. Instead, it means that he wants the best for you, even if that involves sacrificing his own happiness. He likes to focus on taking care of the people he loves and hates sharing them with anyone else.

3) The Taurus Man Will Get Romantic

A Taurus man is a romantic at heart. He likes to shower his loved ones with gestures of affection and love, which will make him happy too.

When he says “I love you”, he means it because he believes in the value of showing his feelings through actions rather than words.

Additionally, he’s a true traditionalist and believes in the idea of “till death do us part.” He wants to be with you for as long as he lives, and he sees love as a lifetime commitment.

This zodiac is very family-oriented too so if you decide to get married, you and this Taurus man will be a perfect match. He will be faithful and loyal to you for the rest of your life. He’s not the type that cheats on his partner or gets into one-night stands.

The Taurus man is slow in letting go of relationships. However, once he’s over you, he’ll move on with his life and will eventually forget about this breakup. You won’t hear him lamenting the end of your relationship because that would mean losing face in front of others.

4) The Taurus Man Will Get Jealous

Every once in a while, you’ll notice that your Taurus man gets jealous of the attention you give to others.

But try not to take it personally because this is just a sign he’s insecure about your feelings for him and doesn’t want to lose you. Often, this zodiac fears being abandoned by the people closest to them.

However, a Taurus man would never be jealous in front of his partner because that will make him look bad in your eyes and undermine his authority as a male figure.

He’s not controlling or possessive but he does want you all for himself. In order to keep him attached to you, be attentive and open with your feelings.

He’s also very possessive of you. If he notices that you are flirting with other men, even if it is just for fun, then expect him to get upset about this behavior because he does not want any man trying to take away what belongs only to him, which includes your heart.

He will definitely confront anyone who tries stealing you away from him.

Taurus Man Saying He Loves You: Final Words

As you can see, the Taurus man is not really an open book. If he says that he loves you then it’s because he actually means it but doesn’t expect him to say this phrase often just like any other zodiac out there.

This earth sign believes in actions and not words so it’s best to be patient and let him take his time.

His romantic gestures, clinginess, and jealousy are all ways of expressing his deep feelings for you. He will protect you and show you that he loves and cares for you more than anything in this world.