Scorpio Man Stalking (Keeping Tabs On You)

The Scorpio man has no problem locking eyes with you, but can he take it one step further and keep tabs on you? It’s not as bad as you might think.

Let’s talk more about the Scorpio man when it comes to stalking.

Do Scorpios Stalk You?

do scorpios stalk you

Yes, Scorpios can stalk you in an emotional sense. Their way of expressing their deep attachment is to feel that they own or possess the object of their affection.

In other words, they fixate on you.

Scorpios are loyal and devoted to the ones they love. But Scorpio is a sign ruled by power, which means that once they get attached to someone, either physically or emotionally, their feelings about that person may never change.

They want a partner who will reciprocate their loyalty, but if they don’t get one, they may become possessive and jealous.

Scorpio Man Keeping Tabs On You: Why This Happens

Scorpios keep tabs on you because they couldn’t care less about anything else, it’s all for your benefit.

To them, you are the most important person in their life, and nothing will make them happier than to know that you’ll be there to stay around them forever.

Scorpios are afraid of being left alone and that’s why they feel the need to keep tabs on you. They have a very strong survival instinct, so if they sense any danger from their surroundings, even from you, they’ll be watching your every move just in case something bad happens to them.

Scorpios want your love and adoration. They need to be around someone who cares enough to stick with them through thick and thin because they feel insecure without a partner’s attention.

He likes to keep tabs on you because he’s afraid you won’t give him enough time or attention, so he stalks you with over-the-top gestures of affection.

1) The Scorpio Man Is Jealous

The Scorpio man’s jealousy is a cornerstone of his stalking behavior. At the beginning of the relationship, it may be a pleasurable experience.

He will always be with you and makes sure that nobody else gets close to you. But once he becomes possessive, that’s when things may feel uncomfortable for you.

Scorpios are very intuitive by nature, which is why they’re always jealous of things. They see danger in every corner and will either tell themselves that their partner is cheating or go out of their way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

This is where they become overprotective.

When things become difficult and seemingly impossible, the Scorpio man will go out of his way to keep you all to himself. He will never let go of you even if he knows that the relationship is over.

He will always keep tabs on your whereabouts and any man who approaches you. This possessiveness can be a real problem because the Scorpio man doesn’t understand why he feels this way towards his partner.

2) The Scorpio Man Is Possessive

The Scorpio man is extremely possessive and jealous, which is why he will go to great lengths to control the woman in his life. When this happens, you can’t help but feel like you’re suffocating.

He feels the need to know where you go, who you talk to, who you see, down to the minute details of your life. They’ll do the extremes and check on who calls your phone or what messages there are in any of your social media accounts to make sure that everything is alright.

He needs constant reassurance from you that you’re not going anywhere and that nothing will happen to the relationship. He’s always suspicious of people who may come into your life, which can be a real problem if he starts getting paranoid about how other men look at you.

With all that possessiveness, he might seem a little too attached to you, but that’s just his way of showing love and affection.

3) The Scorpio Man Likes To Stare

The Scorpio man is well-known for his potent stare. He likes to look at you as if he’s trying to see right through your soul.

He will not be deterred from looking at you even when you try to avoid eye contact. For some women, this potent stare can seem like stalking because it actually is.

Staring is a form of control, which is why he does it in the first place. Scorpio men like to make a point when they stare at people, and they won’t stop until you acknowledge their presence or give them that same intense stare back.

He will want to know what you wear, memorize your smile, how your eyes dim when you’re angry. He obsesses over every detail of your life and wishes that he could be a part of it all.

He will ask a lot of questions about what you did and who you were with, which can be a little bit annoying at times.

4) The Scorpio Man Has Trust Issues

The Scorpio man is much more mature than the other signs. However, he has trust issues to maintain this maturity. He will have a hard time believing that you can love him because of his distrust for women in general.

Can you really blame him? From what he’s seen or experienced before, women are mean and unfaithful. So you have to prove yourself to him by being as loyal as he is. If you give him a reason to mistrust you, this may cause a lot of tension in the relationship.

These issues stem from the fact that he’s so passionate and intense. He will always see the negative side of things because that’s just how he is. He will be suspicious of your every move, and it will be difficult for him to break out of this habit.

Getting a Scorpio man to trust you is challenging. It’s possible, but you will need to work hard. After all, he may need constant prodding and reassurance to believe in your love for him.

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man, then be prepared to go through these stages. You will need to know how to handle each of them or risk losing him.

Scorpio Man Stalking: Final Words

The Scorpio man is intense and intuitive. This makes him a challenging partner for women who may not know what they’re getting into when entering a relationship with this sign.

He’s possessive, jealous, suspicious of any man that comes into your life. He has trust issues with the opposite gender in general.

To keep his love alive:

  • Be loyal to him.
  • Work hard to earn his trust.
  • Don’t give him reason to mistrust you.
  • But most importantly, remember that he is passionate and intense.

This can be a positive thing for some women because it means they will be loyal, devoted, and passionate about you as well. Just make sure that you know how to handle his intensity or you may have to risk losing him.