Libra Man Goes Quiet: How To Respond To The Silent Treatment

There’s no doubt about it, it’s very annoying when a Libran man gives you the silent treatment.

This is something that you’re going to have to deal with when it comes to many men. However, there are specific reasons as to why the Libran man goes quiet.

Let’s talk more about the Libra man and what it means when he goes quiet.

What Does It Mean When A Libra Man Goes Quiet?

what does it mean when a libra man goes quiet

Libra men are often quiet, and they can communicate their emotions through actions, not words. They want to be treated with love and respect. So if you don’t care for them, they will likely leave you or ignore you.

They also may need time to balance themselves when they feel unbalanced in their lives.

At the same time, a Libra man may be manipulating you not because he doesn’t respect his relationship, but rather because he thinks it’s the best way to maintain balance in your relationship.

If he sees something is wrong and that you’re unhappy (caused by him or someone else), he will try to fix the problem. This is why he may seem like he doesn’t care and that his actions don’t match his words.

Libra men are sometimes referred to as “the romantic,” and they embody this title in many ways. The Libra man can be:

  • Cocky.
  • Charming.
  • As well as very outgoing

…Until something happens which makes them appear quiet or upset.

When a Libra man is sad, it can be challenging for his friends to tell what exactly has happened because he may not want to talk about it.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and its symbol is the scales. The scales represent decision-making and justice, which are traits also associated with Libra men.

Libra men also make decisions based on how they feel. It can be frustrating because they may decide to do something simply because they like someone else or because not doing so would upset them.

Libra men are friendly individuals, but their mood changes quickly when they have been alone for too long. If nobody has been around them for a prolonged period, they can become introverted and reserved.

This is because their energy level drops without the presence of others – which triggers their quiet moods. They may also be sad and go silent if they feel like people aren’t sticking by them through thick and thin.

Like most other Libra traits, this one can be endearing to their friends while driving them crazy.

What To Do When A Libra Man Goes Quiet

If a Libra man goes quiet, the best thing to do is ask him what’s wrong. He will appreciate the gesture and may be willing to tell you if he doesn’t feel comfortable.

If he does open up about it, listen without judgment and try your best not to disagree with him, even if you don’t agree with his point of view.

Libra men are very sensitive, so knowing that they have your support will cheer them up. Here are some things you can also do.

1) Give The Libra Man His Space

Firstly, imagine the Libra man. He’s sensitive, affectionate, and loves deeply. His emotions can change faster than he can control them. He is naturally gentle and kind to everyone.

However, his sensitivity sometimes makes him feel like he needs more space than other people do. When he feels like he doesn’t have enough space (physical or emotional), it’s easy for him to shut down. He might not want to engage with anyone.

Libra men need time to process their emotions without pressure from others. They need time alone to explore themselves before they can share themselves emotionally with anyone else. In other words, they need their lives to be balanced.

Depending on how much space they need (emotionally or physically), this may be a few hours or many days. Once they’ve processed their feelings, they will be able to give a lot more of themselves and feel a lot closer to you.

If he’s not allowed the space he needs emotionally/physically, it’s effortless for him to shut down and retreat from contact with others. And if he feels like you’re not respecting his boundaries (especially if someone else has done it to him), he will hold a grudge against you for much longer than he would normally.

Giving the Libra man space when he needs it is very important in keeping his love and respect. Another thing about the Libra man is his sensitivity. He’s so sensitive that if someone close to him is angry, he will pick up on it and become angry himself.

His anger is very apparent but won’t last long, at least not with the people close to him. However, if someone else acts angry around him (again like another ex-lover), he’ll hold onto that anger for much longer than usual.

2) Give The Libra Man Some Proper Attention

The Libra man loves to feel loved. He wants people around him who are devoted to him. And ultimately, he wants nothing more than for everyone around him to be happy together.

However, the problem with this is that sometimes, no one notices when the Libra man is unhappy or needs some attention because he never outright asks. He’s too afraid of appearing “needy” and will bottle his feelings up inside and seem to be acceptable in front of others.

If giving him space makes him more aloof and distant, then this is an alternative: Give the Libra man more attention. You must notify the signs when he needs some love and affection – even when all seems well with him.

He will never ask you to give him the attention he needs (he’s too proud) and will bottle up his feelings and appear like everything is fine.

At times like this, you must take the initiative and shower him with love and attention before he has time to bottle anything up. He’ll be grateful for your efforts and will be a lot happier around you.

The downside is, this asking for attention might be a way for the Libra man to manipulate you. He easily manipulates people to give him attention.

3) Consider That This Libra Man Might Not Be For You

Finally, just because the Libra man is charming and alluring doesn’t mean that he’s the only one for you. The Libra man likes to be surrounded by people who are in harmony with him, but if your way of life/thinking is too unaligned with his, it might make things between you difficult.

If this is the case, consider ending things with this Libra man seriously. It’s not fair for either of you if he has to try so hard to make you happy while you’re too busy trying to be different from him.

If you know that your lifestyles are ultimately going in two different directions, it will do you both good if you end things with the Libra man before he gets too attached to you. It might be tough for him to let go, but sometimes it’s the only way to end the relationship on good terms and still be friends.

Libra Man Silent Treatment: Closing Words

If you’re with a Libra man, it is essential to be aware that he might not always speak his mind. He may not tell you when something bothers him or if there’s something in your relationship that needs work.

Instead of arguing about things and letting the tension build up, try communicating with him directly by asking questions and listening carefully for any clues on how best to proceed.

You can also use this as an opportunity to get closer and learn more about each other through communication so together you both know what makes the other person happy.