Libra Man Hot And Cold: Mood Swings (Explained)

Have you ever met a Libra man and felt like he was so unpredictable?

It’s not just you, the Libra man is notorious for being hot and cold, and it’s certainly not one of his best characteristics.

Let’s talk more about the Libra man and why he gets so hot and cold.

Libra Man Hot And Cold: What You Need To Know

libra man hot and cold

The Libra man can be warm, charismatic, and have such a sense of romance and adventure that never allows for a dull moment. He is considerate of his partners and makes friends easily. Heck, he’s even sure to charm your parents.

When he is passionate about you and the relationship, there’ll be no end to flirting, romantic outings, and tender loving.

But a Libra is notorious for quick changes and your Libra man may go from hot to cold and indifferent for seemingly no reason. leaving you wondering what happened.

Let’s talk more about this.

Why Does A Libra Man Go Hot And Cold?

There are a couple of reasons your Libra Man may go from hot to cold:

  • He’s focusing on something else.
  • He’s uncomfortable or unconfident.
  • He’s unsure if the relationship is right.
  • Or he feels like something needs to be addressed that he doesn’t want to bring up.

A Libra man feels things deeply, and that includes others’ feelings. Even if he feels like there is an issue that needs to be addressed he may avoid bringing it up in order not to hurt your feeling or create conflict.

Because of this, when something is on his mind, whether it’s a work project or an issue he wants to bring up with you, he may withdraw from you, cut you off, or seem angry and irritable all the time instead.

When he’s moody, life gets difficult and two major issues stand in the way of resolving his moodiness: his hate for confrontation and drama.

1) The Libra Man Doesn’t Like Confrontation

If it’s one thing a Libra Man will avoid at all costs, it’s confrontation. Whether it’s with the boss, you, or his friends, he will keep ignoring the issue until forced to address it.

Why bring up an uncomfortable topic when everything is going more or less ok as it is? This is the Libra man’s reasoning.

Unfortunately, this avoidant behavior can lead to him shutting down, avoiding certain topics or activities with you, and creating gaps in the relationship as the issue becomes harder and harder for him to ignore.

As he goes about life doing his best to avoid whatever issue it is, he may become more withdrawn and irritable. If you stumble across the topic he’s avoiding, he may snap at you. Of course, he will tell you everything is fine when you ask him if something is wrong.

2) The Libra Man Doesn’t Like Drama

Closely related to their hatred of confrontation is Libra men’s hatred for drama of any kind. They dislike the excess show of emotion and all the attention it attracts to themselves and those around them.

They are easy, going laid-back people who don’t enjoy chaotic, negative spaces created by drama. If you are a drama queen or drama is attracted to you, this may also be a reason the Libra man is pulling back.

If he feels like you’re constantly drawing him into situations where there is conflict, he may resent that or begin questioning whether you are the right woman for him.

While he worries about this, he may begin shutting you and your friends out and avoiding any type of interaction with you. He may even be avoiding all of the drama that is related to you and your friends.

How To Deal With A Moody Libra Man

It’s no fun when your Libra Man is cold and moody, whether it’s a couple of hours or lasts for days. Now that we have gone over some of the reasons he may be feeling like that, here are some tips for bringing back the Libra man you know and love.

When he has a sudden mood change, give him space and offer a warm, listening ear. He may not accept either, but knowing they are there can help.

Other ways that can cheer him up include surprising him, teasing him, and making yourself appealing to him. A nice surprise can help pull your Libra man out of his head and get him to focus on other things.

The same goes for teasing him; if you know how to tease him well this shows more affection than anything else. It’s a gentle reminder that he’s loved and you genuinely care for him and want him to feel better.

Another way to help your Libra man out of his moodiness is to dress up in an outfit you know he likes, wear makeup or a new perfume on a day or time you typically wouldn’t. Be attractive for him, especially when he’s not expecting it.

Remember; your Libra man is romantic and small, unexpected gestures like this will go a long way with him.

Libra Man Mood Swings: Final Words

If dating a Libra man has you feeling like you’re stuck in a Katy Perry song, don’t worry you’re not alone. Libra men are notorious for quick, unexpected mood changes.

He is sweet and romantic, generally cheerful but suddenly, you can feel him withdrawing or become angry. As a Libra, he feels things deeply and if something is preoccupying him, it may take up all his concentration especially if it revolves around his feelings for you or something he is uncomfortable with regarding you.

Even if a simple reminder of something that bothers him occurs, his mood may shift. He hates drama and confrontation so will avoid it which likely will involve him shutting you out, being irritable or angry, and seemingly not interested in you anymore.

If you want your Libra man back, gentle reminders of your affection, listening to him, and space can help. Sweet, unexpected gestures like wearing his favorite perfume or outfit on a normal day can also help bring him back from his moodiness.

As much as negative emotions and doubts affect Libra man, the sweet, positive gestures will be felt as strongly and bring him right back to you.