How To Tell If A Cashier Is Flirting With You (It’s Easy To See)

It’s not the most professional thing in the world for a cashier to flirt, but it’s something that they do.

To notice if a cashier is flirting with you, it’s important that you pay attention to their body language and what they say to you.

After all, you don’t get a lot of time in line to figure out if they are flirting with you. Let’s talk much more about the signs that a cashier will demonstrate if they are flirting with you.

How To Tell If Cashiers Flirt With Customers

how to tell if a cashier is flirting with you

A cashier is flirting with you if they hold a lot of contact with you, they often lightly touch you, they make it clear that they are single, and they act differently around you.

There are plenty more hints that the cashier will drop if they are single, but you need to take note of the cashier’s natural tendencies.

Let’s talk more about that first, along with plenty of other signs that easily give away the fact that the cashier is flirting hard with you.

1) Notice The Cashier’s Natural Tendencies

This is the most important step when it comes to figuring out if a cashier is flirting with you, or not.

When it comes to their natural tendencies, keep in mind what they are doing with customers (or others) before you:

  • Are they naturally excited and friendly?
  • Are they naturally asking a lot of questions?
  • Are they naturally commenting on items that you buy?
  • Or maybe, are they usually quiet and reserved with other customers?

A good rule of thumb is that the more opposite they act with you, the higher the chances are that they are flirting with you.

Here are a few examples of when it comes to acting opposite with you:

  • They never ask other customers questions, but they do with you.
  • Being chatty with others but then they get nervous and tongue-tied around you.
  • They aren’t complimenting anyone else, but they have no problem complimenting you.

The fact of the matter is that the more you see those opposing signals, the higher the chances are that the cashier is flirting with you.

It’s their way of not being able to hide the fact that they like you.

So now that you have to understand how this cashier normally operates, now let’s take a look at some of the obvious signs that they are flirting with you.

2) The Cashier Holds Eye Contact

There’s a fine line between holding eye contact and flat-out staring, and that’s something that you should be able to notice about the cashier.

Have you ever been able to keep your eyes off of something that you were attracted to? Neither could the cashier, and it’s usually a clear-cut sign that they are flirting with you (and are at the very least, interested in you).

If you’re with a friend when talking to the cashier, you can have them be an “extra set of eyes” when it comes to not only holding eye contact with you but checking you out if you happen to turn for a moment or two.

Lastly, if you want to flirt back, make sure that you lock eyes with them as well and throw in a friendly smile every now and then.

It’s a great way to demonstrate that you really appreciate their flirtiness.

3) The Cashier Touches You While Speaking

This is a very BIG sign that someone is flirting with you, and it’s the fact they will lightly touch you in some way, shape, or form, during a conversation.

These are very friendly taps too, and not to be compared to any type of rubbing or heavy grabbing. It’s light, it’s friendly, and it’s a very big sign that someone is flirting with you.

After all, would you want to make contact with someone if you weren’t interested in them? Neither would I, and neither would the cashier (most likely).

There are plenty of easy ways that the cashier can break the touch barrier with you too, and a few of them include:

  • Giving you a high five.
  • A playful touch on the arm.
  • Giving you change and then covering the change with their hand (so it doesn’t fall).

At the end of the day, you can equate being lightly touched to flirting, as it’s a great sign that the cashier is into you.

4) The Cashier Makes It Clear That They Are Single

If the cashier goes out of their way to blatantly let you know that they are single? Then that is a HUGE sign that they are flirting with you.

After all, let’s look at two possible scenarios as an example:

  • When would a cashier tell you that they aren’t single? When they aren’t available.
  • When would a cashier tell you that they are single? When they are interested.

It’s usually a subtle way of letting you know that you don’t have to proceed with caution and a very big sign that the cashier is flirting with you.

Plus, do you think that it’s normally work-appropriate for a cahier to be talking about if they are single? Most likely not. So if they make the effort to say so, you need to consider it as big-time flirting.

5) The Cashier Gives You All Of The Attention In The World

Lastly, if the cashier focuses mostly on you and gives you way more attention than you need? It’s a great sign that they are flirting with you.

Being a cashier isn’t the most difficult job in the world, as I’ve personally had a lot of experience with it. However, it’s important that the cashier stay focused as they do have to manage the money that they receive.

With that being said, it’s certainly a sign that the cashier is flirting with you when they take their focus away from other important aspects of the job such as:

  • Counting and managing money.
  • Answering questions from other customers.
  • Bagging, wrapping or preparing what you purchased (if applicable).

So if the cashier makes you feel like you are the center of their attention? That’s the perfect setup for being able to flirt and mingle with you even more. Keep an eye on that!

Is It Okay To Flirt With A Cashier? Final Words

It is perfectly okay to flirt with a cashier, especially if they flirted with you first. Aside from that scenario, sometimes you want to proceed with caution.

If the cashier has demonstrated many signs (as talked about in this article) that they are flirting with you, then certainly reciprocate the process and flirt back:

  • If they lightly touch you when talking, find a way to do the same.
  • If they hold eye contact with you, don’t be the first to lose eye contact.
  • If they mention that they are single, you can joke about how you are too.

On the other hand, if they aren’t flirting with you first, then just proceed slowly as not every cashier is going to want to be flirted with, especially if they are already taken and unavailable.

Plus, a cashier flirting isn’t the most professional thing in the world to do, so make sure that you don’t put them in a weird spot. But if all signs are a go, then give flirting with the cashier a shot.

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