Married Boss Flirting With Me (What To Do When It Happens)

Your boss is married yet still flirting with you, talk about a slippery slope.

While you can certainly take this as a very nice compliment, you’re going to want to proceed with caution in a scenario like this.

First, you need to be 100% sure that your boss is, in fact, flirting with you. Let’s talk about that first and then we’ll get into the juicy details.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Flirting With You?

how do you know if your boss is flirting with you
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A few signs that your boss is flirting with you include a change in how they act around you, complimenting you, as well as spending more time with you.

Let’s talk more about these signs in more detail, as well as a few other tell-tale signs that you need to keep a lookout for.

1) Your Boss Acts Differently Around You

One of the biggest giveaways that a boss is flirting with you is the fact that they act completely different around you. It’s as if they do a complete 180 when seeing you.

This is the first sign because it’s a combination of many other signs that your boss is flirting with you. Here are a few examples of how your boss can act differently around you:

  • Your boss rarely compliments others, but they compliment you.
  • Your boss is always busy but finds time to hold eye contact with you.
  • Your boss usually eats alone but asks you to go to lunch with them instead.

These are usually clear-cut signs that your boss is not only flirting with you but more so is interested in you. I know, it can certainly be weird especially for the fact that they are married.

Let’s talk a little bit more about other signs that your boss is flirting with you.

2) Your Boss Often Compliments You

The more compliments that you get from your boss, the higher the chances are that your boss is certainly flirting with you.

Whatever it is, your boss will almost always be the first one to let you know about something that recently occurred, or simply came up.

Speaking of jobs, this can also be one of the big signs that a cashier is flirting with you. A few random examples include:

  • A new haircut.
  • A new pair of shoes.
  • Your great sense of humor.
  • How smart you are (and your great ideas).

As talked about previously, if you feel like your boss rarely ever compliments anyone else, yet your boss always seems to compliment you? Then your boss is 100% flirting with you.

3) Your Boss Holds Eye Contact With You

There’s a fine line between holding eye contact with you and staring, and your boss does a great job of knowing that they paying attention to what you have to say.

Face it, your boss has a lot to deal with when on the job. Nevertheless, they find a way to take time of the day not only to talk to you but hold eye contact in the process.

When thinking about it, most of the bosses that I ever had could barely hold eye contact with me for a very long time. To them, I was just another worker doing their job.

So once you start to realize that your boss isn’t averting eyes when speaking to you, it’s a good sign that you’ve captured their attention and are certainly in the process of flirting with you.

4) Your Boss Offers To Get Lunch With You

If your boss only offers to get lunch with you (and you only)? Then take this as a big sign that they are flirting with you.

Not only is this a sign of being interested in you, but taking you to lunch is another great opportunity to get alone time and flirt even more with you.

In other words, this is a great way for your boss to give you a lot more attention.

Now, there are going to be exceptions when it comes to taking you to lunch. A few of them might include:

  • Talking about a raise.
  • Rewarding you for a job well done.
  • Congratulating you for a specific amount of years worked there.
  • Or maybe they have bad news to give you, and that’s their way of telling you.

Either way, if you do end up going out to lunch with your boss, it shouldn’t take too long to notice if your boss is interested in flirting with you even more.

You’ll also be able to know if your married boss is flirting with you by one more big sign. Let’s talk about it.

5) Your Boss Finds Ways To Lightly Touch You

This is one of the biggest signs of flirting with someone and has nothing to do with speaking any words. It’s all about being lightly touched.

So if you discover that your boss has found many covert ways of lightly touching you? Then this is a huge sign that they are flirting with you.

Here are a few examples of how a boss can lightly (and appropriately) touch you:

  • Giving you a high five.
  • Sitting next to you, instead of across from you.
  • Lightly patting you on the back, in a “good job” kind of way.
  • Lightly touching you when demonstrating how to do something.

So this is something that you need to keep in mind when it comes to if your boss is flirting with you or not. The more touching that your boss does, the more they are flirting with you.

All in all, it can be very awkward when you discover that your married boss is, in fact, flirting with you and might even be interested in you.

Let’s now focus on what you can do when it comes to this specific situation.

What Do You Do When Your Married Boss Flirts With You?

When you figure out that your married boss is flirting with you, you can go along with it, or you can tell your boss that you don’t approve of it.

These are ultimately the two biggest scenarios that you’ll be faced with when it comes to your married boss flirting with you.

First, you want to be 100% sure that your married boss is flirting with you. After all, if you tell them to stop flirting with you and they truly weren’t? Things could get pretty awkward.

Either way, let’s talk more about the two big options here.

1) Flirt Back With Your Boss

If your married boss is flirting back with you, you always have the option of reciprocating and flirting back with them.

After all, your boss has clearly shown that they like flirting with you. So as long as it doesn’t get too awkward or uncomfortable, or lead into a conversation that you don’t want to have, why not?

At the end of the day, your boss just might be interested in flirting with you and enjoys the process. There might not be any other hidden agendas.

To give your boss a little bit more credit, they might also be very friendly with everyone that they speak with, and it might come off as flirting even though he’s not interested.

To better explain, what you and I might consider being flirting, wouldn’t be flirting for your boss, and your boss would only do that with their married partner.

2) Tell Your Boss That You Don’t Approve Of Their Actions

On the other hand, you have the option of telling your boss that you don’t approve of their flirting and overall actions.

The good thing about this is that you don’t always have to state that verbally. While you can, you can also let your body language do all of the talking. For example:

  • Don’t hold eye contact when your boss does.
  • Decline going out to lunch with your boss when they ask.
  • When your boss compliments you, don’t disagree with them.
  • Move away from your boss when your boss gets closer to you.

If your boss is smart enough, they should realize that you are not interested in many of the messages you are sending their way.

Then again, they are married and flirting with you and possibly many others, so they might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer as that’s usually a big no-no.

If it comes down to it, you’ll ultimately have to let them know that you don’t approve of their flirtiness.

How Do I Flirt With My Married Boss?

If you do decide to flirt with your married boss, you want to be around your boss more often. This leads to more conversation, eye contact, as well as compliments, and banter.

It actually becomes much easier if your boss has already been flirting with you, which you should be able to know now after reading through some of the tell-tale signs.

Here is also how you can flirt with your married boss:

  • Compliment your boss.
  • Add some light touching in conversation.
  • Offer to get lunch together with your boss.
  • Carefully listen and make eye contact when speaking to your boss.

Plus, you can always be curious about what your boss is doing when not working. Adding in a genuine curiosity opens up more doors for more banter and flirting.

Just keep in mind that there can be consequences for flirting with your married boss.

In my opinion, it’s not an option that I would recommend, as it can always backfire and at the end of the day, it’s your boss that you are attempting to flirt with.

There are certainly better options when it comes to people with who you can flirt up. Most specifically people who don’t have an influence on your job, your pay, and if you stick around.

Married Boss Flirting With Me: Final Words

Your married boss flirting with you can get awkward, but it’s very important to completely understand if they are truly flirting with you in the first place.

From then on out, the ball is in your court when it comes to continuing on with flirting or letting your boss know that you don’t approve of their flirty ways.

Regardless of how things go, be sure to listen to your gut instinct. After all, it’s something that will never steer you wrong.