How To Respond To Unwanted Flirty Texts (Simple Solutions)

You open up your phone, only to realize that the text was something flirty and unwanted.

The good news is that there are a few great ways that you can use to defuse the situation, and you can even be polite about it too.

Let’s talk more about how to respond to these awkward and unwanted flirty text messages.

How Do You Respond To Unwanted Flirty Texts?

how to respond to unwanted flirty texts
It’s flirty. It’s confusing. It’s unwanted. It’s uncool.

One of the best responses to unwanted and flirty texts is going to be little to no response. After all, they aren’t going to keep texting you if you don’t say much.

Then again, on the other hand, some people can be very persistent (and also creepy) when it comes to sending flirty text messages to someone that they like.

Let’s talk more about getting them to stop, as long as a couple of other methods that you can use to get this person to stop blowing up your phone with unwanted and uncool text messages.

1) Tell Them To Stop Sending These Texts

You’re going to need them to know that you don’t approve of these unwanted flirty texts, and the easiest way to do that is to tell them to stop sending them.

Depending on well you know the person (or don’t know the person), your responses may certainly vary. Here are a few responses that you can use if you happen to know the person:

  • Please stop with the flirting.
  • I’m not interested in flirting with you.
  • You’re cool and all but I’m not interested in flirting with you.

I understand that this kind of makes it seem like you’re being rude, but just remember that they started this by sending you these unwanted texts.

It’s important that they understand your stance on this.

On the other hand, if someone texts you and you don’t know who it is? Then you might just be better off asking who it is first, as that’s kind of creepy for someone to do.

Continuing on though. If you tell them to stop and they respond with more flirting, there are a few steps that you can take from here:

  1. Be more strict about getting them to stop (they might think you are joking).
  2. Move on to the next strategy when it comes to your response.

Well, it’s actually a real response, but it can certainly get the job done.

2) Don’t Respond To Unwanted And Flirty Texts

Sometimes, the best response is no response, and that’s certainly an option when it comes to receiving unwanted flirty texts.

This might not be the best solution, but it’s something that you are going to want to consider if:

  • Telling them to stop, isn’t working.
  • You have no interest in this person at all.
  • You’re tired of explaining yourself (or texting this person in general).

This is also a great solution if they start spamming your text messages with these flirty types of responses. In fact, if it gets that far, there is one more fitting solution that you should utilize.

3) Block Whoever Is Sending These Unwanted Texts

If the person ends up taking the flirty and unwanted texts way too far, then you might want to consider just blocking them on the spot.

This doesn’t make you a bad person either, as they shouldn’t have been taking those actions in the first place.

Plus, it will be one less thing to worry about when you block them because they won’t be able to send you these text messages again.

Actually, they will be able to send you these text messages, but they will have no idea that you never saw them (or that you blocked them in the first place).

In other words, they will continue wasting their time by sending text messages, and you will never have to even see them. Sounds like a win-win scenario for you.

Should I Reply Stop To Unwanted Text Messages?

Yes, you can reply “STOP” to unwanted text messages if you want to quickly (and clearly) get your message across.

I completely understand that responding with a one-word text message isn’t exactly the best response in the world, but it’s perfectly fine to use in this specific scenario.

From then on out, it’s up to you if you want to respond to their further texts. Who knows, maybe they will say that they are sorry for doing that and life will continue on how it was.

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However, there are other responses that you might hear from them which might include:

  • Why do I have to stop?
  • But you don’t like that?
  • Why is it such a big deal to you?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to this person, and any responses like the ones above should probably warrant this person being ignored or blocked, on the spot.

On the other hand, though, there are some responses that you can use to politely turn down a flirty text. Let’s talk about those now.

How Do You Politely Turn Down A Flirty Text?

If you want to politely turn down a flirty text, then you’re going to need to use a few more words and a little bit more finesse to your responses.

So instead of just saying STOP, you’re going to want to (obviously) be more polite about it. Here are a few examples of responses that you can use to turn down a flirty text.

  • Hey, I like texting with you, but I’m not interested in flirting at the time.
  • Hey, I’m seeing someone right now, so for obvious reasons, I can’t flirt with you.
  • Hey, let’s get back to what we were talking about, as flirting makes me uncomfortable.

As you can see from the examples above, all of these are much nicer responses and give some type of reason as to why you don’t want to flirt with the person at the time.

Keep in mind though, that despite how polite you are in the process of turning down their flirty text, they might respond with an angry text. Let cooler heads prevail.

How Do You Respond To An Unwanted Text? Final Words

Sometimes the best response is no response, and I believe that one of the best options here is going to be to not respond at all.

Treat these types of text messages like spam messages, and simply delete them and move on.

And if they happen to get worse? Feel free to block the number so that they can never text you again in the future.

Actually, they can still text you, but they will never know that and you will never see the unwanted text messages. Does it get any better than that? Onwards and upwards!