Why Are Guys So Shallow? (Easily Explained)

You’re not wrong, there are a ton of guys who only seem to care about what you look like, as opposed to caring about the more important things in life.

Let’s talk more about why they act like this.

Why Are Guys So Shallow? 5 Reasons Why

why are guys so shallow

Plenty of guys are shallow, and it comes from the fact they are visual creatures and care less about the important things when it comes to attraction and dating.

Have you ever seen guys people watching? There’s a good chance that they doing more than just looking, but judging and rating the various women that pass by.

These types of actions can vary from guy to guy (obviously), but let’s talk more about the rhymes and reasons when it comes to being so shallow in the first place.

1) Guys Put A Big Emphasis On Physical Appearance

One of the biggest as to why guys are so shallow is the fact that they are highly attracted to the physical appearance of women.

I know I know, saying that they put a big emphasis on physical appearance is almost like repeating the definition of being shallow.

However, the point that I want to make here is that it is almost hardwired into their system. For some guys, it’s as if they have no control over it, and I’ve sure you’ve seen examples of that too.

Usually, it also shouldn’t take too long to realize this, but it can be blatantly obvious as guys aren’t always great at hiding the fact good looks turn them on.

After all, there is a big difference when it comes to simply looking at a girl versus flat-out stalker staring at her. Talk about being a creeper.

All in all, guys put a huge emphasis on overall physical appearance, especially when it comes to a woman’s:

  • Age.
  • Teeth and smile.
  • Height and weight.
  • Face and overall beauty.
  • Overall level of physical fitness.
  • Don’t forget about their bust size as well.

It’s a turn-on for them, and it’s just the way that things work for most men. Just don’t expect that to be changing anytime soon.

2) Guys Are More Likely To Be Judgemental

Not only are guys picky, but they are also extremely judgmental when it comes to women and how interested they would (or would not be) in them.

Being judgemental and shallow go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

If you’ve ever been “fortunate” enough to browse around where guys can openly give their opinions about other women, you’ll notice that even the biggest critic wouldn’t go into that much detail. Examples include:

  • Not having big enough T&A.
  • Rating women on a scale from 1-10.
  • Saying that “their elbow is too pointy.”

Don’t forget about all of the bigger and newer social media platforms, the ones where guys get to be as thirsty as humanly possible.

One thing that you’ll notice about judgmental statements like this is that they all revolve around being shallow. They are never making any critical comments such as:

  • I heard that she’s got the best personality.
  • She seems like a great girl to hang around with.

Imagine how much crap a guy would get for stating something like that about a girl? The other guys would eat him alive because that’s not the cool way to act.

Don’t worry though, because every guy doesn’t act like this. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the sleaze.

3) Guys Care Less About Genuine Connection

Do you know those magical moments when a guy and girl finally make their first connection? Yeah, guys don’t seem to care about those magical moments.

This kind of goes back to many guys being visual creatures, where they put the highest priority on looks and physical appearance.

Plus, if many guys cared so much more about genuine connection, then don’t you think that genuine connections wouldn’t be so rare nowadays?

So for most guys, you can throw genuine connection out the window. There is a type of connection that they are genuinely interested in though. Let’s talk about that now.

4) Guys Care More About Hooking Up

Guys are looking for the beauty, the booty, and they are rating and judging their way to eventually making the ultimate form of connection; hooking up.

When you compare men to women in this scenario, guys are going to be the ones who care more about getting with you.

This aligns perfectly with being visual creatures, as they want someone to mate with who is going to be “as hot as possible.” As long as that box is ticked, everything else doesn’t matter as much.

Why Are Men So Shallow? Final Words

Men are so shallow because it’s just part of the way that they are. Ultimately, it’s something that you just have to understand and roll with.

Something I also want to bring up is that men aren’t the only ones guilty of acting shallow, women can have their time in the spotlight too.

In fact, I’ve spoken with a few guy friends who have stumbled upon quite a few shallow men on dating apps. I’m talking about girls who blatantly say things such as:

  • You need to be around 21-24 years old.
  • I won’t date you unless you are taller than 6 feet.
  • You need to have a certain size… “hand” (to keep it PG).
  • I only need a date for social media/family/status reasons (seriously).

I think that you get the idea. The fact of the matter is that both guys and girls can be guilty of being even more shallow than Hal.

I wanted to make that very clear so that I don’t sound like someone who is hating on guys. I don’t hate guys, I only sometimes get annoyed with a few of the things that they do.

At the end of the day though, guys tend to win the award for overdoing the shallowness a little bit too much.

Cosmopolitan agrees too, as they stated in a breaking study that men are shallow AF. The article discovered that no matter how old the guys were, they still wanted a woman in their early 20’s.

After reading this article though and having your very own life experiences, that shouldn’t be anything new to you anyway.