The Dark Side Of Capricorn Woman: Can She Be Evil?

Capricorn women are very misunderstood, especially when it comes to their dark side. Let’s talk more about their ‘flaws’ and why they aren’t such a big deal after all.

What Are The Flaws Of A Capricorn Woman?

what are the flaws of a capricorn woman

When it comes to the flaws of a Capricorn woman, the first thing you will notice is how selective she can be, so it may take her some time to show interest in you.

And even if this happens, do not expect any reciprocity right away because they focus on work more than anything.

In her eyes, everything seems logical because she thinks logically, but the truth is that they can get revenge when you least expect it, even if this means waiting for years until the time comes.

They also have secret desires which remain hidden from others all of their lives, and they live in constant fear of rejection.

1) The Capricorn Woman Is Super Stubborn

The Capricorn woman is stubborn. A lot of the reason for this has to do with them being so focused on achieving their goals, but there’s also a very rational part about the Capricorn woman always wanting to be in control.

This means not just planning out what she needs to do to accomplish her goals but thinking things through and figuring out ways to meet those goals most efficiently.

It might seem wise at first. Sure, it’s actually really logical, since picking a more straightforward route is sometimes better than pushing yourself too hard, but it also means that they’ll find any way possible not to show vulnerability.

It’s not that they’re hiding their emotions because the Capricorn woman is very open and honest. It just means that she won’t let you in on all of her feelings.

2) The Capricorn Woman Likes To Be Controlling

There’s a difference between being independent and controlling, of course. The Capricorn woman certainly likes to have some influence over her life.

She wants to know what’s going on at all times, but there are certain things that the Capricorn woman won’t be able to control.

To have a strong sense of self, the Capricorn woman needs to be the one in control. If you go out, she will disapprove of any decisions other than those made by her. She does not like to be criticized too much and is very sensitive about these things.

This makes it difficult for her to accept critiques from anyone other than herself. She has difficulty trusting other people and organizing others because they may do better than her at reaching a particular goal or task assigned to them.

The key is how often the compliment comes from an undeserving source rather than high standards all around, which can create a misconception of trustworthiness and credibility with others who are constantly being told they are doing a great job.

3) The Capricorn Woman Can Be Secretive And Sneaky

The Capricorn woman can be sneaky. This is because they like to do things their way and keep all of the secrets hidden deep inside them, even if this means playing games with you or other people to get what she wants.

Many Capricorn women don’t know when to open up and do their animated whirlwind. This may be because they’re naturally reserved by nature and don’t want to deal with emotional vulnerability in their self-proclaimed ‘quiet storm.’

But make them comfortable enough, and they will reveal a confident take-charge woman skillset that is revered by many.

They are also shrewd businesswomen who make a fortune off of you without you even realizing it.

So if anyone accuses her of being sneaky or secretive for an extended period, there’s probably some weight at play. One thing’s for sure, she’s been known to get your attention which she needs from time to time from

Can Capricorns Be Evil?

Yes, Capricorns can be evil. However, it’s usually a misunderstanding on their behalf.

Capricorns are dependable people who are more content with the stability of their earthy lifestyle than they are with being restless or goal-driven.

They have a strong sense of responsibility. Some might even say to extreme not many other zodiac signs have ever experienced before. So everything gets done, no matter what it is.

This self-adhering nature causes them to feel that the rules apply only to them, especially if someone tells them that they’re incapable or can’t do something.

When someone more lively tries to tell this grounded soul about their worries first-hand without understanding how much of a downer they’re being, the Capricorn woman might not be able to handle it and start acting in a way that seems evil or controlling.

Most of this behavior is because she thinks you don’t understand her due to your more lively nature. If anything happens in her life, she will let you know once she has processed it and can talk about it without getting upset.

This trait makes her the best friend you could ever have because she will always be there for you. When you need a shoulder to cry on or someone who can set your world straight again after a rough day at work, she will be there.

If anyone tries to say that she needs help in any way, she will go on her own before asking for assistance.

The Capricorn woman is a highly reliable person who doesn’t let people help them unless they are in a situation where it’s almost impossible not to ask. This characteristic means that if you have problems with your relationship or some other issue that many would

What Is The Evil Side Of Capricorn?

Capricorn’s controlling and bossy side is the power-hungry and overprotective rebel who can’t go with the flow.

While they may be viewed as somewhat evil in astrology, their desire to control others is often just an unconscious reflex to protect themselves from self-loathing because they secretly harbor selfish tendencies that remind them that they’re not perfect.

It’s not hard to remember how our perfectionism seemed like a strength when we were in school and trying so desperately (and in vain) to make us worthy of the praise – and affection – missing from home life.

Capricorns are very independent people who can look at their weaknesses but still maintain a higher level of self-respect than most other signs. They believe in doing what’s right, and they’re always going to be on your side no matter how hard it gets.

In other words, Capricorns are very intuitive people who can sense when someone has been through the worst kinds of things, which is why it’s nearly impossible to pull one over on them.

They’re also highly reliable people who don’t let people help them unless they’re in a situation where it’s almost impossible not to ask.

This characteristic means that if you have problems with your relationship or some other issue that many would consider downright horrible, your Capricorn friend will be the first one you’ll turn to for advice.

Are Female Capricorns Crazy?

Female Capricorns are certainly not crazy. They are mysterious and intelligent, with a dry wit to their personalities.

Keeping all options open is in their nature, though they may tend towards pessimistic ways of thinking when giving up on something they’re passionate about achieving.

When it comes to relationships, they’re good intuitive listeners and can always see two views from one situation when trusted by another individual.

They tend to want to befriend everyone from all walks of life because they love every person equally and don’t raise barriers between different types or classes of people, thanks to their egalitarian way of life.

Being able to see the best in people always, they can sometimes miss out on a few things, and it’s easy for them to become overly devoted and faithful to those who don’t return the favor.

They’re not as popular as other zodiac signs because of their mysterious nature and tendency towards being loners, which is why every person that gets to know them well considers them a loyal and dedicated friend.

They may be seen as shy, but they’re just picky about the people they allow into their inner circle, which means that you’ll have to earn your spot among those who are closest to her.

It’s not impossible, though, if you can find common ground with this type of woman, she’ll do everything to make sure you’re happy.

The Dark Side Of Capricorn Woman: Closing Words

The dark side of the Capricorn woman is not something that many people know about since they’re mostly seen as a positive and rational influence in other people’s lives.

They don’t like to make enemies out of anyone because it makes them feel bad, but if you get on their wrong side, prepare yourself for some serious consequences – especially when they’re in a bad mood.

Even then, though, they never lower themselves to the same level as others and will always be able to find a middle ground with people who have wronged them.

When you’re involved with a Capricorn woman, there’s no doubt that she’ll be loyal and faithful to you. She may not show this side of her personality too often, but it will always exist if your relationship goes well enough for her to know that you care about her.