Why Do Capricorns Pull Away? (4 Reasons They Push Away)

Capricorns are certainly capable of pulling away, and when they do? You need to take notice. Let’s talk about some of the main reasons why Capricorns will push you away.

Why Do Capricorns Pull Away?

why do capricorns pull away

Capricorns can pull away from a relationship for many different reasons. There is no single reason that they will break up with their partner, but there are several common ones.

One of the most common reasons that Capricorn will pull away from their partner is because they don’t want to get too close. They know how quickly relationships can go wrong, and they’re afraid of getting hurt yet again.

Because it’s so hard for them to trust people after what has happened in previous relationships, many Capricorns will pull away from a new lover to avoid becoming too attached.

1) Capricorns See The Red Flags

Capricorns see red flags and push away because they like to know who they’re dealing with. To them, the early stages of a relationship are one big personality test.

It might seem like Capricorns break up easily, but they just want to be sure that any relationship is for real before committing anything else to it, mainly their time and energy.

For this reason, Capricorn prefers to take it slow and meet people in smaller doses so that there’s no chance of someone sneaking past unnoticed.

2) Capricorns Stick To Being Stubborn

Capricorns are stubborn and set in their ways. They tend to get annoyed when someone else tries to change them, so they will often push away someone who wants more of a commitment than they’re ready for.

If you want something serious with your Capricorn partner but it seems like everything is going too slow for you, then that’s probably why. They just need more time to get used to you before they can allow themselves to open up completely.

Capricorns might be stubborn, but it’s only because they want their relationship with you to last forever. This is what drives them when things are going well, the fear of losing something so good that they know won’t happen again.

They’re afraid of the future because they don’t want to screw it up, and that’s why they can come off as distant at times. When we feel like something good is coming our way then we tend to get nervous about what might go wrong in order to spoil everything.

Capricorns never pull away from a relationship without a valid reason. They are incredibly loyal partners, and they will only push you away if there is a very good reason for it that’s related to your relationship or their own personal life.

The reasons listed here are the two most common ones, but Capricorns can pull away from relationships for many different reasons, and some of them might surprise you.

3) Capricorns Just Aren’t Interested

Capricorns are born patient and don’t mind waiting for the perfect person to show up. But if their attention is turned too often, they’ll take off.

As life gets busier, many people are neglecting their relationships because of work or kids.

The more attention goes elsewhere, the less likely someone is to come back to them eventually. It’s also possible that your ideal match could be right in front of you but maybe on a different part on the zodiac wheel, and waiting for you might not be what they’re looking for at all!

The same goes for someone who is just not interested. If they’re already seeing other people, it’s possible that you’ll take their attention away from them and cause a breakup in the process.

We all have our priorities, and if your partner doesn’t see your relationship as being one of them, then they might be more likely to pull away.

If a Capricorn disappears on you for no apparent reason, then it’s likely that they’re just not interested in your relationship anymore, and there is nothing more to this than what meets the eye.

It might be hard to get over them because of how much time you’ve invested into the relationship already but if their interest has completely faded then there’s nothing you can do to keep them around.

4) Capricorns Feel Hurt In Some Way

Capricorns exert their power by always listening to the other person. Their job, at least in this respect is to be a mirror. If anything is said out loud that they don’t agree with, they will feel deeply hurt and take away any trust they once had for the speaker.

Once they’ve decided not to trust someone anymore it’s hard for them either way. They might stay partly connected just knowing there are some better days ahead or cut contacts for life because their risk of being disappointed again is too high.

The good news about Capricorns is that once they’re back on track emotionally, you’ll know because no one will be able to get close enough without them pushing them away first.

Their intuition by then becomes so strong that they can sense if someone is going to hurt them before anything gets started.

Capricorns might feel hurt in some way, which could be a result of something you did or said during the relationship. If this happens then it’s likely that your Capricorn partner will disappear from your life completely.

So try not to say anything that you might regret during this time.

Your partner is just trying to protect themselves from getting hurt, and it’s better for them to do so than remain connected with someone if they don’t trust their intentions.

5) Capricorns Just Want Some Alone Time

Capricorns often have a hard time staying in the moment with other people. They instead live for the future and yearn to build constructions they believe will make them happy.

That means lots of plans and grand designs might be floating around in their head (though they might not fully share those details with others).

It also means that any social situation becomes a lot more work than it’s worth, and there is no better way for Capricorn to end such an uncomfortably busy evening than by making oneself scarce for as long as possible.

So what can you do? Be understanding without prying; chances are good that your Capricorn friend would enjoy company again given some time and space, but they need to be the ones that choose when.

Capricorns just want some alone time and might disappear from your life if you try to force them into spending more time with you than they’re comfortable with.

Rather than trying too hard in this situation, it’s best for both of you to take a break from one another and then reconnect at a later date.

Capricorns will only come back to you if they feel ready, so don’t pressure them into anything! If there isn’t any communication between the two of you, it’s best for both of you to take some time apart until your Capricorn partner feels like speaking with you again.

Capricorn Man Withdraw: Closing Words

Capricorns are known for their stubbornness and despite what they might say, not following through on a promise or deal is one of the most common reasons why they will break up with someone.

If you’re dating a Capricorn who seems to be pulling away from your relationship but claims that it’s nothing personal, take them at their word and move on.

It’ll save both of you time in the long run.