Pisces Man Toxic? How He Is In A Relationship

If you feel like the Pisces man is a bit too toxic, think again. It’s important to not take everything at face value, as there are plenty of reasons why the Pisces man appears to be this way.

Are Pisces Known To Be Toxic In Relationships?

pisces man toxic

Overall, no, Pisces aren’t known to be toxic in relationships. But like any other sign in the zodiac, they have moments when they can demonstrate toxic behaviors. It’s not always warranted, though.

When you meet Pisces, they’re likely to be the most excellent person ever. They will shower their partner with gifts and compliments to win them over.

Partners need to understand that when one element of the zodiac does this, it’s not out of genuine affection or even actual consideration for their needs, but an effort to control.

Pisces are known for their gentle nature and easy-going attitude, but this doesn’t mean they can be quickly taken advantage of. They know how to assertively stand up for themselves when the moment calls for it, even if that means losing someone toxic in a relationship.

Pisces men are sensitive individuals who are often given to deep daydreams and fantasies to escape from reality. This is because, in society, they are seen as the least in tune with everyday life.

This means that for them to cope many times, their ‘escape routes’ will be limited to daydreams or drug-induced ones too. Pisces’ innocence also becomes a kind of affliction for them because, over time, this naivete bites them square on the behind with unintended consequences.

Do Pisces Like Toxic Relationships?

Yes and no. Pisces love intensely and want to be loved in return, and they can be hurt by those feelings of unreciprocated love as much as any other sign would.

But they typically don’t do so well at realizing when a relationship is toxic until the damage has been done, at which point it’s usually too late for fixing things with another person.

Pisces are as capable as any sign of loving brutally and yet surviving; they are masters at holding on to what they know. If they’re confronted with the truth about a harmful or abusive situation, they often refuse to believe it or cut themselves off from others who want to help.

They are known for being daydreamers who can become lost in their world.

This means they may be oblivious to the behavior of others around them, and this is what makes Pisceans are particularly toxic when it comes to relationships because even though they can be naive to the conduct of others. They are also capable of some pretty malicious actions that can hurt those around them.

He may not always realize when their relationship is toxic unless it finally ends on its own, but this doesn’t mean Pisceans aren’t aware of what’s going on. They just usually choose to ignore reality rather than confront it because doing so is too painful.

What Makes A Pisces Seem Toxic?

Pisces can sometimes be both the victim and perpetrator in toxic relationships, so it’s challenging to determine exactly what makes them seem ‘toxic’ because they constantly shift between these two roles.

When Pisceans feel unappreciated or neglected by those around them, they tend to withdraw from others as a means of self-preservation.

This can be perceived as toxic behavior by others because it makes them seem aloof and uncaring when in reality, they’re trying to protect themselves from further hurt or disappointment.

1) Pisces Man Can Be Passive Aggressive

Pisces men usually show their toxicity through passive aggression. They’re not often openly toxic because it’s contrary to their nature, but if pushed far enough, they will stop playing the game and retaliate the only way they know-how.

If you’re used to dealing with straightforward and honest people, Pisces can often throw you off balance because he might not be saying what he actually means at the time or what comes so naturally for someone who’s less emotional than him.

He doesn’t do it often, but when he does, it’ll feel like a thousand-pound weight hanging over your head until it either goes away or is lifted by him, finally making his feelings known to you.

And even then, don’t expect an explanation of all the whys and wherefores involved in giving in to these feelings he has pent up inside himself because if one thing that stands out about Pisces is their ability to hold things in, it’d be the depths of how they truly feel about you.

This can lead to some people believing that Pisces are toxic because even though they might not do anything outwardly harmful. There’s always this underlying feeling that something could happen at any given moment if pushed hard enough.

It’s this feeling that makes some people think they’re toxic.

Pisces are known for their intense mood swings. Still, again these aren’t always harmful to those around them unless you happen to be the person who triggers it by doing or saying something wrong (like not responding quickly enough when he needs someone to talk about his problems).

Piscean men are the kind of people who don’t need constant affirmation from those around them to know that they’re loved and wanted, but if you, as his partner, do not show him this enough, he will become insecure about your feelings toward them him.

They tend to absorb any negative emotions or thoughts like a sponge because they feel unworthy of love and affection deep down.

This causes them to be very sensitive and insecure about themselves, so if you don’t make him feel loved every day, he’ll begin doubting your feelings toward him even though it’s never been a problem before.

And this insecurity can then lead to some pretty intense mood swings that are more than likely to take their toll on you as well.

2) Pisces Man Self Isolates Often

Pisces men can sometimes seem toxic because they’re often self-isolating and introspective. They don’t make themselves readily available to others, but it’s not usually a quick social outing when they do come out of their shell.

Pisces men are happiest in relationships where they feel like all of their needs are being met. When an introverted Piscean man doesn’t feel this way, he quickly withdraws from his partner and relationship.

This tendency is also exacerbated by the fact that many types of expressed emotion seem to be triggering for them, whether it’s:

  • Anger.
  • A fight.
  • Or complaining.

So he’ll often shut down before the drama even has a chance to start. When a Pisces feels loved and appreciated by his partner, he’s more than capable of being the most fantastic guy to be around.

But if you don’t make him feel special, every day-in small ways-he’ll retreat into himself and become even less communicative or receptive to your advances.

Pisces are known for their selflessness, which seems counterintuitive when they withdraw and isolate themselves. But it’s a way for them to recharge their batteries to give even more of themselves later on in the relationship when they feel like that intimacy is restored.

But don’t wait around forever because Pisces men will not let you back into his life if he decides (and this happens quickly) that he’s over the relationship and wants to move on.

Pisces Toxic Behavior? Closing Words

Pisces guys are often seen as the victims in toxic relationships, but sometimes they can be both victims and perpetrators. The ultimate lesson is not to take anything at face value.

Be mindful of your actions when you’re with a Pisces guy because he might need more attention than what you give him; if it’s too much for him to handle, then he will start acting out or withdrawing from his friends and family.

If this sounds like something that could happen in your relationship, try communicating about how each person feels before things get any worse.