Aquarius Man Just Wants To Hook Up (FWB)

The Aquarius man is known to being very unpredictable, so if he’s ever told you that he just wants to hook up? Consider this a pretty common thing for the Aquarius man.

But what are the reasons as to why he just wants to be friends with benefits? Let’s talk about that in much more detail.

Aquarius Man Just Wants To Hook Up: Friends With Benefits

aquarius man just wants to hook up

The Aquarius man is very sexually charged, but at the same time, he is very detached from his emotions. The Aquarius male finds it difficult to commit to one woman romantically.

He has many years of “playing the field” under his belt before he finally settles down for good with a female who takes him on a more serious note.

Here are a few more reasons why an Aquarius man might just want to hook up.

1) The Aquarius Man Prefers Being Independent

The Aquarius man is a strong person who has a very active lifestyle. He does not want to be tied down with a woman that will require him to answer her every whim. He likes his freedom and independence too much to ever do such a thing.

This can be why the Aquarius male will only want to hook up with someone, never wanting to fully commit and settle down.

He is an open-minded person who enjoys the company of many people. He loves his freedom and will do anything to live it, even if that means being single for long periods.

The Aquarius male does not care much about what others think or say about his dating life. If he wants to be with someone, he will be with them.

If not, then that’s his choice, and he is going to do it anyway.

The Aquarius man does not like any type of emotional or needy person in their life. He doesn’t like insecure people because it makes him feel as if he has to take care of them.

He wants to have an equal relationship where he can go out and do things independently while still having someone behind him for support. This makes him a great person to date, but someone hard to keep a commitment with.

2) The Aquarius Man Is Very Unpredictable

Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Like water, they are fluid in their style and unpredictable in behavior. They are sometimes difficult to pin down, so you’ll have to be very flexible with them.

Few things are for certain with an Aquarius man, but one of those is that he wants space and lots of it. If you’re looking for a man who will be available to you at all times, an Aquarius is probably not the best choice.

They are very busy and need personal time alone or with other friends/interests to keep a healthy mental state.

Although he may appear self-centered to some people, rest assured that he is not. He just needs time to himself to recharge his batteries, so you’ll have to respect this need. Be patient with his need for space, if you really want to be with him, your patience will pay off.

Aquarius is very unpredictable. You can never guess what he’s thinking or feeling at any given time. This makes him intriguing to other people because they won’t know what you’re doing or how you’re acting.

When he engages in a conversation with someone else, it’s usually very interesting. He can talk about almost any subject, and often does. He has no problem being the center of attention and enjoys the spotlight.

His unpredictability makes him an interesting person that people are drawn to.

But it might make you feel insecure, how can you know what he’s thinking or feeling? Trust that when he gives you his attention, it’s genuine and sincere because he does want to be with you at that time.

How Do You Hook Up With An Aquarius Man?

An Aquarius likes to feel appreciated just as much as the next person does. What really makes them feel valued is when you take time out of your day to speak up for them without expecting anything in return.

When you do this, you’re telling them that their opinions matter to you and that they make a difference in your life too.

Being able to take the time out of our day to appreciate the needs of others is not easy. It takes great care and attention, but when you do it, not only will you be appreciated, but you’ll also create a bond with your Aquarius that will last for years.

Being with an Aquarius means enjoying the positive and interesting experiences they bring to your life. Participating in new and different activities with them gives you a chance to see the world as they do. As such, it’s important not to take this unique perspective for granted.

Often, we’ll belittle those things that we don’t understand or that are different from what we’re used to. Still, to maintain your relationship with an Aquarius, you need to be open-minded.

Help them learn something new and stop assuming that you already know everything about the world around you.

An Aquarius is normally pretty reserved for their emotions, so when they decide to show you how they feel, it’s best to marvel in the glory of that moment.

They won’t be quick to forget the moments you missed out on because you simply didn’t bother paying attention to your surroundings or what was going on right in front of you; don’t waste these opportunities.

How Do Aquarius Get Hooked?

Aquarius man never commits to anyone if he doesn’t feel the connection. He is looking for the right woman who can make him feel at ease. He can be very romantic on his own time, but if he doesn’t feel the love, he will not make an effort to get them hooked.

He needs someone caring and attentive but not too clingy. He doesn’t like too much affection in public, or in private for that matter.

If you want to get an Aquarius man hooked to you, the best thing is to lead him on but don’t commit just yet. He will come around when he realizes how great you are.

Show him your down-to-earth personality and how real you are. Never try to over-dramatize your emotions because his favorite movie is “Love Story,” and he loves the realism of it all.

Don’t give up on him because the Aquarius man can be very indecisive when choosing a woman. Even though he may take you for granted, never show him that you need something more than he can give.

He will always be there for you in the long run, no matter what happens. If you make him comfortable, he will take his time and choose you carefully.

Aquarius Man Hook Up: Closing Words

Aquarius men are one of the most unusual signs in the zodiac. They’re both strong and independent but also sensitive and intensely curious about their surroundings.

This is a man who prefers to be alone, exploring his world with curiosity.

He’ll do anything for love, whether that’s cooking dinner every night or picking up your groceries when you’re sick. You may not find an “ideal” match here, but it can’t hurt to give this guy a shot.