Aquarius Man Just Wants To Be Friends (What It Means)

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when that Aquarius man says that he just wants to be friends. However, it’s not always as bad as it seems. Let’s talk about why he might say that.

Aquarius Man Just Wants To Be Friends

aquarius man just wants to be friends

The Aquarius man is a charming and intelligent individual capable of thoughtful and considerate actions. He is also mysterious and can come off as aloof and distant to those who don’t know him well. Some women find this attractive; others find it annoying.

The good news is he really wants to be friends with you. He probably even told you this within the first five minutes of meeting you:

We should be friends!

That’s his way of saying he’d like to date but not necessarily have a full-fledged relationship with you or anyone else right now. So what else can his reasons be to just stay friends?

1) The Aquarius Man Got Bored Too Easily

The Aquarius man is often bored for his own good, bringing the relationship to an end way before it could even begin. He has unusual interests that most women wouldn’t be happy about sharing.

It’s not just that he gets bored quickly, the woman who tries to share her life with him will actually bore him to death. In general, he may have a hard time finding a woman who can keep up with his lifestyle and the things that interest him.

The Aquarius guy is fun. He can be a good friend and a good companion for anyone, but the problem with him is that he gets easily bored. You may have to take things slow with him, or you will end up losing his interest sooner than expected if you aren’t careful enough.

He loves nature and wants to keep his mind and body active, so any kind of monotonous routine will be a total turn-off for him. He will appreciate it if you let him in on your world and take the time to decipher his complicated personality.

2) The Aquarius Man Truly Isn’t Into You

Wait, what? Does he say he doesn’t want to be exclusive with you but then goes on that date with that girl? It’s time for me to explain how men work.

We all know that women are emotional creatures and have a hard time separating sex from love. Well, men are entirely different in this regard. Men separate love and sex.

The Aquarius guy you’re talking to is only interested in having fun and spending time with you. If he doesn’t want to take things further, then let him go.

Suppose he says he doesn’t want a relationship yet wants to spend all his free time with you or have phone sex. In that case, you should never forget that he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone.

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He just wants to have fun, and if you’re a part of it, significant! If there’s a possibility that he will be in the same place as you during his day off, then he won’t hesitate to ask you out for a date or two.

If he doesn’t call you for, say, two weeks, don’t take it personally because it’s definitely not personal. He just has a lot of other things on his mind, and one of them is definitely not you. It’s not worth the hassle, and you will only end up getting hurt in the long run.

Aquarius men will never be mean on purpose, and if they do, you should talk to them because they don’t realize what they’re doing. They can unintentionally hurt your feelings, but they’ll never consciously try to do so.

Should I Be Friends With The Aquarius?

If you find an Aquarius man the perfect match, the one with whom you connect on all levels and share everything in common, then, of course, there’s nothing wrong with being friends first.

But if you don’t want to be just friends with him because he hasn’t shown that he wants more or because you have a hunch that he doesn’t want to take things further, you should forget him.

Just as with any other sign of the zodiac, some negative traits are associated with Aquarius men. They can be a bit irresponsible at times and tend to over-analyze everything before deciding or doing something.

They may seem cold-hearted at times, but their heart is actually made of gold. They are very kind people once you get to know them well. I would advise you not to let appearances deceive you because if you do, it’s unlikely that things will work out between the two of you.

Who Are Aquarius Usually Friends With?

Aquarius men are usually loners, and they don’t like to be tied down with someone who doesn’t share their free spirit. Aquarian guys look for people with the same beliefs and interests as theirs.

They like to surround themselves with friends who can make them laugh and keep them entertained. They love making new friends and try to find out as much as they can about them.

An Aquarius man is more of a friend with whom you go out and enjoy an evening of laughs and good conversation, rather than someone you can lean on in hard times.

If he’s your best friend, make sure to give him space when he needs it because he will always come back with even more stories to tell. It won’t be easy to win an Aquarius man’s heart, but if you manage to do so, then hold on tight because he’ll never leave your side!

How Do You Know If An Aquarius Man Wants More Than Friendship?

Aquarius men are known for being unpredictable. They can sit next to you one day and ignore you completely the next. This is because they’re usually preoccupied with their own work or quite simply don’t feel like socializing.

However, suppose he suddenly starts flirting with you or paying attention to other things apart from studying or working. In that case, he may be interested in you.

Aquarius men appreciate what women do for them, and they always remember to return a favor. If he does something nice for you, it means that he’s definitely interested and wants to get closer to you.

He may not realize what his flirting glances or touches mean, but if he starts feeling uncomfortable, he’ll leave you alone.

As with any other sign of the zodiac, once you get to know an Aquarius man well, you will be able to tell what he likes and dislikes. You’ll find out that he hates exposing his emotions because he wants to appear harsh and distant from everyone else.

While it may seem as if he’s not interested in you, you should try going out on a limb and ask him out. He may say no, but you won’t regret it if he does because at least you’ll know where you stand. If he says yes, then hold on to your seat because your relationship is about to start.