Aquarius Man Lies: Is He A Liar And Can He Be Trusted?

Have you been worrying about an Aquarius man telling lies? Or maybe you’re wondering if he’s the type of man who can be trusted?

Either way, you’re in the right spot. Let’s talk about the Aquarius man and if he’s capable of lying, or being trusted.

Is Aquarius Man A Liar?

is aquarius man a liar

They can be. It depends on what they’re talking about, though. Aquarius men have problems with emotional intimacy, so they might struggle to verbalize their feelings.

However, but with most things, Aquarians are honest to a fault. The Aquarius man is really rooted in morality and activism, so lying usually goes against their inherent moral code.

Aquarians are aware, however, how their words and verbiage affect others, so if they are liars, they’re very efficient at it. Aquarius men that lie are dangerous because they do have the ability to give surface-level statements that feel genuine.

Again, they struggle to make genuine emotional connections with people sometimes, always being too wrapped up in their grand schemes and goals to truly connect to people on a base level.

This being paired with masculinity, could indicate a lot of smoke and mirrors in the communication department, although it can be difficult to tell for sure.

If you want to know if an Aquarius man is a liar, pay specific attention to what you think they’re lying about. Context is key when figuring out if an Aquarius man is a liar or not.

Do Aquarius Like To Lie?

Aquarius men don’t like lying, most of the time. Remember, Aquarians are always vying to make the world a better place.

Aquarius men aren’t the biggest liars in the zodiac, but they are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of common liars, because, again, they are very aware of the power that their words hold over other people.

Aquarians are visionaries, often lacking the ability to really connect to others, Aquarius men often exaggerate their feelings, fake similarities, or say what you want to appeal to you.

Aquarius are some of the best liars, though, because they are so good at derailing arguments through logic or bringing up points that seem like they’re telling the truth but are often diversion tactics.

I think it’s less about this wanting to lie, and more about the fact that Aquarian men are so good at it that makes them more prone to lying.

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Lies To You?

When an Aquarius man is lying, it’s usually about his feelings. Make sure to take note of any conversations about feelings or emotions, because that’s the element that Aquarius men are most likely to lie about.

Aquarius men, being so good at rationalizing, often take the “passive answering” directive, where they halfway answer questions or they answer them in a way that circles the question.

They like giving answers that are short and will quickly end the conversation because lying does make them uncomfortable.

Aquarius lies are almost always half-truths, because of their discomfort in deception and how open they are with everything else on their mind, so if an Aquarius man is lying, make sure to check for inconsistencies in statements.

Aquarius men also tend to be kind of fidgety when lying. While their words and tone might be cool, calm, and collected, their body language definitely won’t be.

  • Are they making eye contact?
  • Messing with their hair or hands?
  • Not looking you in the eyes while still casually answering you like it’s no big deal?

Also, pay special attention to tone. Aquarius are usually passionate. Most things are a big deal.

So when your Aquarius male is acting nonchalant or doesn’t really have an opinion, on things that they usually would, like to tell you about or about their work, it can be a good indicator that something is amiss.

All of these clues together can help you figure out when Aquarius men are lying.

Can Aquarius Man Be Trusted?

Broadly speaking, yes, but within their own personal lives, they tend to neglect the ones around them. It’s not like they purposefully are aloof and deceitful, but honestly speaking, they have a bad track record with the relationships of the people around them.

Aquarius men are strongly opinionated, with goals and ambitions to change the world, but sometimes they get lost in that perspective, even leading them to lie or playing to people’s emotions to get to what they think is right.

Again, it isn’t like Aquarius men purposefully hurt the people around them, but they have a tendency for working on the world instead of working on their own homes or relationships.

In terms of reliability or work-related things, Aquarius men can almost always be trusted, but in terms of emotional vulnerability, there’s something left to be desired.

Aquarians also have a deep want to keep everyone happy. It’s part of their mission to do the right thing or make the world a better place, so they may lie about their true feelings or intentions because they don’t want to be the one to emotionally wound someone else.

Instead of saying “I don’t love you,” they’re more likely to distance themselves non-verbally or to stay unhappy and never say what they really feel.

Aquarius Man Lies: Closing Words

Aquarius men are definitely hard to feel out. They’re very work-focused, with little to no appreciation for home life. They also feel a strong sense of obligation towards other people, making them more prone to lying if they feel like someone’s feelings will get hurt.

Not only that, but they’re very convincing, competent liars, running on logic and intelligence to keep you off their tracks.

While they, in no way, are intentional liars, or liars in pursuit of their own goals and ambitions, they often lie if they think it’s in the name of the greater good.

It’s important to remember, as with anything, that Aquarius men aren’t always liars, and can make their own choice. However, keep in mind that they do have lying tendencies that are important to look out for.

The most important thing to keep in mind when wondering if Aquarius men are lying is to look at the circumstances and keep their morality in mind.