Aquarius Man Ghosting: Why Does He Do It?

As if being attracted to the Aquarius man couldn’t get any more confusing, now you have to deal with the annoying act of being ghosted.

So let’s talk about everything related to the Aquarius man and this childish act.

Will An Aquarius Man Ghost You?

aquarius man ghosting you

An Aquarius man can ghost you. The Aquarius guy is the epitome of a casual relationship. He is not very big on emotions or feelings and he definitely doesn’t show that much interest in his partners after the initial high has worn off.

He usually prefers to stay away from commitment, so when there is someone he really likes, an Aquarius man will try everything in his power to keep it casual and fun.

He will flirt a lot, but deep down, he is never sure if the girl likes him that way or only wants to get into his pants.

He knows that you can’t force feelings and physical attraction, so no matter how much he might like you and want things to progress between you two, he will be nervous about pushing too hard and scaring you away.

Why Do Aquarius Men Ghost You?

It’s natural to want to try things that are new or different. It’s also natural to feel the initial thrill when that thing is a hot, super-attractive guy who seems interested in you.

But sometimes being with someone new isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Unfortunately, there are signs the person you’ve been seeing might not be the loving, concerned partner you’d like to believe.

If you’re wondering why your Aquarius man keeps disappearing and reappearing in your life, here are some reasons why.

1) The Aquarius Man Gets Bored Easily

The Aquarius man is a fun-loving guy, at times childish and silly but gets bored easily. He’s very much like a little kid who does not want to grow up and will go out of his way to avoid responsibility.

His sense of humor can be goofy and offbeat. After all, he has the charm and novelty value that makes him fun and attractive in companionship.

For an Aquarius man to commit to one woman, he needs to feel that she’s the only girl for him, that she understands him and his need for freedom and space.

The Aquarius man can’t stand:

  • Clingy.
  • Possessive.
  • Or demanding women who will suffocate his air unless they give him complete autonomy.

He’s quick to recognize his boundaries, but he will lose interest (or ghost) if the woman doesn’t understand or respect them.

The Aquarius man is generous, unpredictable, and always the center of attention; he has an enviable zest for life that makes him seem older than his years.

He can be very charming, sometimes pretentious, and usually full of ideas, but he’s very much aware of his image; he likes to be perceived as the life and soul of the party.

2) The Aquarius Man Just Isn’t Into You

The Aquarius man is very hard to read. He has the most complex personality of all the zodiac men. You never know what he’s thinking or how he feels, so you keep asking yourself:

Does this guy like me?

This guy isn’t into anyone unless they are interesting. If you are just another pretty face with a decent body, he won’t be impressed. He needs someone who can challenge his mind and stimulate him intellectually.

He’s the independent type… remote, aloof, detached. If you are looking for a man that will take care of all your needs 24/7, then this guy isn’t it.

The Aquarius man is the opposite of needy. He doesn’t need anyone to complete him. He is sometimes too smart for his good, which can be annoying to some women.

3) The Aquarius Man Wants Nothing To Do With You

The first thing to understand about the Aquarius man is that he just might not want a relationship with you. He wants a good time, and he enjoys his freedom and loves having fun with women.

Much like how he likes to have fun, he doesn’t want to be pinned down. He would much rather go out and party with his friends or fly off on a whim for a short trip somewhere, instead of having to answer any questions about where he’s going.

Aquarius is the sign of the friend and the group. They enjoy being around people, but they also need a lot of time for themselves to recharge their batteries.

This can be very hard if you’re an Aquarius man because your love for socializing might cause tension in the relationship with someone who needs more space than you.

If an Aquarius man wants you, he will be very straightforward about it. He isn’t one to play games, and if he likes you, he will tell you in no uncertain terms why. If the problem is that he doesn’t want anything at all with you, expect cold behavior or even complete avoidance.

What Happens When You Ghost An Aquarius?

When you’re dating an Aquarius man, he can be a dream come true. He’s supremely intelligent and super intuitive. His eyes will mesmerize you as he reveals his heart to you.

In his company, you’ll feel as though anything is possible, as long as the two of you are together.

But, there’s a catch: he can be a little difficult to pin down. Sure, it seems like the time you spend with him is quality time, but what about when things get the phone?

It can be incredibly frustrating when he won’t reply to your text messages or doesn’t seem to make an effort to plan another date. You mean to say he’s interested. Right?

In this case, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. To figure out what exactly is going on in his mind and why he won’t commit, you’ll need to put yourself in his shoes as a self-diagnosed Aquarius male sufferer myself, of course.

If you were with an Aquarius man before, you’d know what I’m talking about. He will be gone for days, sometimes weeks at a time, without having any explanation or giving any sign that he’s still alive.

That’s because to the Aquarius man, these things are normal, and if they become aware of it, they will think you’re too demanding.

This doesn’t mean it’s fine for you to be ghosting him. If you disappear, and he doesn’t hear from you for a few days, the Aquarius man will assume that you are not worth his time.

Put it this way, if you ghost him, there’s a good chance that he’ll be thinking something like:

If she can’t handle me, then she isn’t the one.

Talk about the Aquarius man having quite the ego. It’s also safe to say that the Aquarius man can move on very easily.

Aquarius Man Ghosting: Closing Words

At the end of the day, the Aquarius man is certainly capable of ghosting you. While there are a lot of reasons as to why he might do it, just know that the Aquarius man is very hard to read.

His ghosting might be a bad thing, and it also might be a good thing, where he’s trying to see if you will continue to chase him.

So make the best decision possible, and if worst comes to worst, there are always plenty of other Aquarius fish in the sea.