Aquarius Man Ego: Can He Be Egotistical? (What You Need To Know)

The Aquarius man has quite a lot of desirable characteristics. However, the are some traits of the Aquarius man that you’re not exactly going to be happy about.

Yup, the Aquarius man can certainly come with quite the ego. Keep in mind though that it might not be as bad as you could imagine.

Let’s further talk about this topic.

Do Aquarius Men Have Egos?

aquarius man ego

Oh yes, Aquarius men have egos like you wouldn’t believe. Aquarius men tend to be powerfully intellectual and aware of that fact, so you can expect an Aquarius man to be certain, almost prideful of his beliefs and ways.

It can be very difficult to change an Aquarius man, at least without formidable resistance.

Being an Aquarius does not necessarily mean that he is an egotistical maniac, but it often means that he is very self-assured and hard to sway.

There are, in fact, many Aquarius men whose intellect allows them to see through their own egocentrism, or at least recognize its presence.

These men are perfect partners for long-term relationships, and very valuable friends to have in your life. Their intellect might save you any number of times, and putting up with the arrogance can be well worth it.

What Drives An Aquarius Man Crazy?

Aquarius men lose their minds when you try to change them. It’s not that they resent you for trying; the problem (in his mind) is that you think there are better ways to do things than the way he already does them.

This ties into his ego which, as stated above, is quite rigid.

Another thing that drives an Aquarius man crazy is to be confrontational. He won’t understand why you feel the need to be emotional, and he certainly won’t appreciate the confrontation without proper cause.

Above all else, Aquarius men are rebellious to the bone. In fact, they are one of the most rebellious Zodiac signs out there. If you seek to drive an Aquarius man crazy, simply tell him what he can’t do, and sit back as he works himself into a frenzy doing exactly what you told him not to.

His overwhelming compulsion to act against what he is told stems from his belief that he knows best. If you tell him not to buy the newest, most expensive laptop because he can’t afford it, he’ll work overtime the next week and sell his old laptop just to prove you wrong.

Why? Because you challenged him, and he knew that he could do it, so he did.

What Are The Negative Traits Of An Aquarius Man?

While not all traits of Aquarius men are negative (in fact, there can be some very positive benefits of knowing an Aquarius man), there certainly are some downsides.

His ego, his temperament, and his pessimism are the primary traits you’ll have to worry about.

1) The Aquarius Man’s Ego

As was mentioned earlier in this article, the Aquarius man is prone to rigidly sticking to his guns, so to speak, and can be very hard to manipulate or change.

His intellect only empowers his belief that his methods are best, because if he’s right about everything else, how could he be wrong about that?

It’s important to remember that his sense of self-importance is not a reflection of how he views others in his life.

His rigidity can be attributed to the way he views the workings of the world itself, which can often be strange or confusing. Let him convince himself of what’s right, and go from there.

2) The Aquarius Man’s Anger Issues

The Aquarius man is typically mild-mannered, but when he is wronged or unjustly served, his anger can shake the world around you.

Aquarius men will not stand for wrongdoing against them or the people they care about. His anger can get out of control if not carefully checked, so exercise caution when handling an angered Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man often finds himself angry and aggressive when someone tries to change him or his ways, or when someone challenges his views without proper reasoning.

He also may occasionally find himself spiraling from impatience to rage if he isn’t careful. You will not need to guess when an Aquarius man is angry; he will not know how to hide it, nor will he want to.

3) The Aquarius Man Can Be Pessimistic

The Aquarius man’s critical mind will cause him to search for every negative aspect of something in his life, to the point where he forgets about the potential good. He clings to negatives stubbornly, and sometimes this causes him to miss out on the best parts of his life.

Aquarius men will spend more time wondering “What if something goes wrong” than “What if everything goes right?” Because of this, his pessimism is the main thing holding him back. When he can learn to see past his anxiety, nothing can stand in his way.

When trying to talk an Aquarius man into doing something with potential hiccups, be sure to appeal to his intellectual side. Present the flaws in the plan as though they were problems to solve, as opposed to anchors to hold him back.

An Aquarius man’s mind is extremely valuable, so approaching obstacles in this way allows him to convince himself that everything is all right.

Aquarius Man Big Ego: Closing Words

Aquarius men can be ideal life partners and friends, but one must be aware of his ego before engaging. His ego does not make him a bad person, nor does it make him unsuitable for companionship. In fact, his intellect can be a valuable asset to many if you’re careful when navigating conversations with him.

When in a relationship with an Aquarius man, be sure to confront him only with good cause. If the conversation goes awry and he shows signs of frustration, let the situation cool off before engaging again.

This will be to both of your benefits and often will yield the most fruitful results, regardless of the issue the confrontation stemmed from.

Finally, despite his pessimism, the Aquarius man can do great things in his life and in the lives of those he surrounds himself with.

His intellect and sharp understanding of the world can pave roads where no road was before, and those he chooses to walk down that road with him are some of the most fortunate people alive.