Aquarius Heartbroken: Do They Move On Quickly After Breakup?

Everyone handles heartbreak differently, especially when it comes to the Aquarius man.

While the Aquarius man can feel the sting of being heartbroken, he can usually quickly recover from that pain.

Let’s talk more about the Aquarius man and how he feels post-breakup.

How Does Aquarius Feel After Breakup?

aquarius after heartbreak

Usually, Aquarius will get over a loss very quickly. They get on with their lives and don’t get too caught up in the past, often because they feel like they need to move on and experience life in its full richness.

They’ll quickly find that there is plenty of new love just around the corner. It’s just that they don’t need anyone to complete them. They’re complete by themselves, and this sense of independence is what makes them so attractive to others.

Breakups can be tricky for Aquarius, though. They get caught up in the emotional fallout and may suffer from depression and self-doubt. Breakups can seem like a sign that they’ve done something wrong, to the point where they might even feel it’s their responsibility to make everyone else happy all of a sudden.

Aquarius is occasionally known as the ‘Water Bearer,’ and this trait shows itself after breakups, when they may become overly sentimental and start making others feel blue too. They may cry out for attention and feel very needful, but usually, Aquarius is pretty good at handling their feelings. They’ll be back to normal soon enough.

The Aquarius-born might also find it difficult to see the good things in a relationship after a breakup. They think it wouldn’t be worth going through all that heartache again because they’re sure they could never trust another person quite as much as the previous one. They can be hypercritical of relationships now, looking for all the things to criticize about the other person.

Sometimes, Aquarius may start questioning themselves too. They might not have been fair because they mistreated a previous lover, making them feel upset and self-hurt. Remorse is very rare in Aquarians, though – it just doesn’t happen with them. But a guilty conscience can get to them at times.

Aquarius is the sign of the future, and they want to keep moving forward. They may have been with a partner for a long time, and they wonder how much more the relationship could have developed if it had carried on for longer. Their biggest fear is that they’ll get stuck in a rut with someone who won’t give them the freedom they crave.

Aquarius has a concise memory and often doesn’t remember that previous breakups have been a real pain. One of the reasons they don’t is because Aquarius isn’t interested in the past too much. They’re more focused on the future and what they can do now. Messages from their history can be viewed as an inconvenience rather than something to consider seriously, so they usually ignore them.

How Does Aquarius Deal With Heartbreak?

An Aquarius is a free-spirited and very independent soul. They may not be overly emotional or sentimental, and they may choose their independence over a relationship every time.

A breakup with an Aquarius can be surprising and may even leave them feeling more than a little hollow and confused. The difference is, an Aquarius has friends to lean on if they need it.

They may even seek out the company of loved ones, but they are much more likely to use their friends as sounding boards for ideas if needed. Here are some strategies Aquarius use for coping with a breakup.

1) Aquarius Continues To Seek Freedom

An Aquarius is not the same as other zodiac signs and will rarely be happy in an unhappy relationship. The Aquarius personality type can be described as calm and aloof, and independence is one of the most important values.

They feel independent and strong, not having to rely on anyone for anything. When a relationship ends, an Aquarius may try to work through it with a friend or a close family member, but most will use that time as a way to reassess their life and decide what they want.

This may mean moving on to another relationship, or it could mean that they are finally ready to start living their life on their terms.

2) Aquarius Remains Distant

Aquarians, don’t get involved emotionally with anyone unless they know exactly how they fit into their lives. An Aquarian won’t let emotions cloud his judgment, which means he might avoid getting hurt by being distant.

He also tends to keep things lighthearted whenever possible, making him less vulnerable to heartache. This is the Aquarius way of dealing with a breakup, but sometimes they may have trouble expressing their feelings.

This can take time for them to get used to, but it will become easier for them to open up after a few weeks.

3) Aquarius Pretend It Never Happened

When an Aquarius breaks up with someone, they tend to act as if nothing happened. They may act cold toward the person, but this isn’t always true. If they have feelings for someone, they will eventually show them.

However, when they realize there is no future between them, they will move on quickly without any regrets. They understand how important it is to keep moving forward, and they will act as though this heartbreak never happened.

4) Aquarius Is Willing To Move On

An Aquarian is not particularly dependent on anyone for any reason, so they are just fine if their heart has already been broken. They are just resistant to getting into another relationship then until they are ready.

An Aquarius will never be clingy or needy in a relationship, but they are capable of giving their all. The more time they have to sit back and think about what they want, the more confident they are that moving on is the right decision.

If you know an Aquarius, you know that there is more to them than meets the eye. The fact is, they may be more than a little out of touch with their emotions at times, and they also have no problem playing the role of the independent and robust partner.

This can cause problems when it comes to getting through a relationship breakup. Still, if they are willing to take the time to think about their options and be open and honest with themselves, they will be able to learn what works for them and how they feel most comfortable living.

Aquarius Heartbreak: Closing Words

Aquarius is a sign that will do anything for fun and freedom. And if they break up with someone, they don’t care much about the relationship. But an Aquarius will start to remember and understand they made a mistake and may regret this decision one day.

They don’t want to feel sad or guilty, but they will feel guilty not knowing how to make things better for this person. So, the best way to help your Aquarius is to try and cheer them up and give them some company.

This person will be tough to deal with, but they will eventually understand they made a mistake and be happy again.