Are Aquarius Freaky? Learn About Their Freaky Side

There’s a lot of great characteristics when it comes to an Aquarius.

Aside from being charismatic and confident, Aquarius can certainly have a freaky side to them, and they won’t be shy about letting you know either.

So let’s talk about what you need to know, not only when it comes to their freaky side, but important characteristics that are related to their bedroom behaviors.

Aquarius Freaky Side: What You Need To Know

aquarius freaky in bed

Aquarius is one of the unique signs in the zodiac, which makes it pretty fascinating.

Aquarius individuals are also known for being outspoken, creative, and eccentric, and yes, they certainly have a freaky side.

Here are some additional things you might not be aware of about the water-spouting star sign.

1) Aquarius Loves To Express Their Sexuality

The water bearer has a strong sexual nature that can sometimes get them into trouble with their partners. They love to experiment sexually, but they don’t always know what they want or how far they should go.

This means that if your partner isn’t open-minded enough to try new things, then this could cause problems down the line.

Aquarians Are Open About Sex And Love

They have an extremely liberal view on sex and relationships, so there aren’t any taboos for expressing themselves. If anything, they tend to overthink these topics rather than just enjoying life as it happens.

However, this doesn’t mean that they will do whatever they feel like doing at all times. Instead, they prefer to take time out from work to enjoy each other’s company.

2) Aquarius Loves Being In Charge

Aquarians take their approach to life and may be difficult to pin down. They’re unpredictable people who enjoy being in charge. If you know one, you can expect that they’ll never settle for just one thing as they’re always looking for the next big thing.

They’re also quite adventurous people who are constantly seeking new experiences, especially in bed.

Aquarius love being in charge. They may be a bit bossy and challenging to work with, but this is what makes them so successful and competent.

Aquarians are natural leaders and managers because they can see the big picture and manage details simultaneously. They have a mind for innovation and an eye for detail to help them thrive in any position that puts them in charge.

Here are a few of their leadership qualities (they come out with their freaky side):

  • They’re imaginative, innovative, and creative.
  • They’re confident individuals who aren’t afraid to take risks.
  • Aquarius are independent thinkers who break free from traditional mindsets.

Aquarius loves being self-confident, and if your partner doesn’t give you any leadership role, this could lead to a lot of arguments and tension. This is because they don’t always listen to their partners and take things into their own hands.

They Can Be A Little Bossy

You might have issues with Aquarius being bossy, but they can also be a little controlling as well. The problem with this is that other people might feel like they are taking control of a situation, making them uncomfortable.

This often shows itself as a kind of bossiness where they will take charge and make all the decisions for you even if you disagree with them.

3) Aquarius Is Open-Minded

Aquarius is an open-minded sign. They are intellectual, progressive, and original. Aquarius can see many different possibilities in any given situation. This means they are often the first to accept change, especially in bed.

Due to their openness, Aquarius may also be easily misunderstood by those who are closed-minded. These people may find it hard to understand why Aquarius can make decisions so quickly or why they are always trying new things.

It might be difficult for them to comprehend that not everyone craves stability. While being open-minded can mean being gullible, this quality also carries several positive attributes that allow you to explore new ways of living peacefully and joyously. Here are some ways that will help you become more open.

4) Aquarius Is Very Competitive

The water bearer loves being the best, and one of the ways that they do this is by competing against others. This is because they want to get to the top of their field, but this can get them into trouble when arguing with their partners about who is number one.

The water bearer can feel like they always have to be the best at something, which means they may be competitive with their partners. This can cause problems if their partner feels like they are always trying to do them out.

5) Aquarius Enjoy Their Alone Time

Aquarians, enjoy spending time by themselves because they love to get lost in their thoughts. Sometimes they will need to spend time alone to recharge.

This makes it vital for them to have a partner who respects them and their need for personal space. If you overstep the mark, they will quickly let you know, which is why it’s essential to understand where your relationship stands before asking them out on a date.

6) Aquarius Is Superstitious And They Can’t Stand Hanging Out With Negative People

The water bearer is very superstitious, and they also don’t like hanging out with people that aren’t as positive as them. This means that the person you choose as a partner should be as good as you are at having fun and enjoying life.

Aquarius Freaky In Bed: Closing Words

Aquarius can be a bit unusual when it comes to sex. Aquarians have a difficult time understanding the difference between love and infatuation. They are highly attracted to other Aquarians but will never fully explore their genuine feeling for them until they’re sure that this is true love.

To get to know someone better, Aquarius needs to have the freedom to explore the relationship. To have a truly intimate relationship with an Aquarian, you should be open about your feelings and give that person space from time to time.

You also need to take care of yourself and make decisions about what you want for yourself and your relationship. If you can do these things, there’s no limit to how far you can go with your Aquarian lover.