Aquarius Man Emotions: Can He Be Emotionally Immature?

Is it possible that the Aquarius man can be hot and cold? And is it also possible that the Aquarius man has quite an emotional side?

Both of these scenarios are perfectly possible, so let’s talk about these topics a little bit more.

Can An Aquarius Be Emotional?

aquarius man emotions

While an Aquarius can indeed be emotional, it usually manifests in ways you wouldn’t expect. Aquarius men can be emotionally inaccessible to people they haven’t accepted into their inner circle.

By that same token, they do let those who are close to them see their vulnerable side.

Aquarius men will show their negative emotions most readily because these emotions do not cause them to feel vulnerable. Anger, pessimism, and hatred are shown far more often than love and fear are. If you want him to show his vulnerable side, you’ll need to get him to trust you first.

If you are expecting an Aquarius to be explicit and straightforward in their emotional communication with you, you may want to reconsider your assumptions.

Often times it takes an Aquarius a while to feel comfortable sharing how they feel. However, when it comes to expressing their ideas, they practically trip over their own legs to do so.

Can An Aquarius Be Emotionally Immature?

Yes, Aquarius men can be extremely emotionally immature at times, particularly when he decides to start playing mind games with you.

Sometimes, he decides to test your loyalty by manipulating your conversations, rather than just asking you outright. At other times he may just be stroking his ego with the knowledge that he’s making you feel inferior with.

Aquarius men also tend to lack control over their emotions. This is evident by the fact that you can tell what an Aquarius is feeling just by looking at their face.

When prompted about their emotional state, they’ll quickly mask their face and retreat behind the wall they’ve carefully built around their emotions.

Aquarius men typically go through the cycle of opening up with each new person that comes into their lives. Aquarians who will open up to you upon first meeting them are few and far between, and it’s because they don’t trust people they’ve just met.

Eventually, once they’ve weeded through the fakes and held onto the people they trust, they’ll open up.

What Are Aquarius Known For Emotionally?

Aquarius men are known for either being emotionally closed-off or for their anger. It is very easy to make an Aquarius man angry, as he does not like being confronted, particularly without cause.

Aquarius men are notoriously stubborn as well, so trying too hard to change their methods or mindset can send them into a spiral of fury.

Aquarius men are also known for being emotionally inaccessible, though this isn’t entirely true, It can be hard to break through the walls they put up, that’s for certain, but it is not impossible by any means.

Aquarius men will eventually let their guard down around people they have come to trust, and when they do, there is often a well of very deep and intimate emotion buried in there.

It’s a common misconception that Aquarius men prefer to pursue intellectual interests rather than their emotions. While this may be true to their observable sides, it’s quite a different situation inside their heads.

People believe Aquarians to be cold and distant when really they just trust their own consultation more than anybody else’s.

How Do You Make An Aquarius Man Emotional?

As mentioned briefly above, you can make an Aquarius man show his emotional side most easily by angering him, You can do this by trying to impose change upon him, particularly in regards to things he is passionate about.

Aquarius men will also get irrationally angry when they are confronted about their behavior or actions without a reasonable cause.

This anger does not equate to hatred, however. While the Aquarius man is quick to display his anger, he knows that his anger stems from his own beliefs, and not the rest of the world. His keen intellect keeps him based and grounded even when he’s lost his grip on his emotions.

If you’ve made an Aquarius man angry, or are present in the midst of a tantrum, don’t respond with anger. Instead, try to rationalize his anger with him. You’ll find this appeals to his intellect and yields faster, better results.

Aquarius men are very set in their ways, and this is due to their high level of intellect and critical thinking. They know that they are smart, so there couldn’t possibly be a better way to do things than the way they already do, right?

They are one of the most stubborn Zodiac signs, so trying to change their ways is a recipe for an outburst.

An Aquarius man will show his emotions to people that he knows and trusts, so if you are seeking his deepest emotions, nurture your relationship with him. After some time, he will likely open up to you and when he does, you’ll be surprised to find how complex his emotions are.

You’ll learn very quickly that he is not as robotic as he appears but in fact a far more interesting and puzzling creature than you were aware of.

Aquarius Man Emotions: Final Words

In conclusion, Aquarius men will more often than not appear emotionally indifferent. When provoked, you can see the emotions on their face, but you’ll have a hard time getting them to talk about it.

Don’t worry, though – the talking will come with time.

If you push too hard too soon, you may find that an Aquarius man is angry with you, and that’s something to worry about. At times, when emotions have been bottled up and pressure has been building for some time, angering an Aquarius man can have devastating consequences.

When dealing with Aquarius men, it’s important to remember that they typically prefer keeping their emotions to themselves, so let them decide to talk to you on their own terms.

Finally, don’t let the mask they wear fool you. Aquarius men can harbor some powerful, complicated emotions behind those carefully constructed masks of theirs, and quite often they care about things far more than they let on.

Stay vigilant, and when the time comes when he wants to talk about it, you’ll be ready.