Aquarius Man Eye Contact: What Does An Intense Stare Mean?

If you’ve ever locked eyes with an Aquarius man, then you’ll probably already know that it can be quite a special moment.

But is there a reason for it? Does he really like you? Or did you have lipstick on your teeth and he was doing anything possible to avoid looking at that? Let’s talk about it now.

Aquarius Man Eye Contact: What It Means

aquarius man stares in my eyes

An Aquarius man making eye contact could mean many things, but it’s usually a positive sign. Because the Aquarius man is so independent, eye contact with him can be a very intimate form of body language for them.

They also tend to live inside their own heads, forgetting about their surroundings, so when an Aquarius man is paying special notice to you, take note.

If an Aquarius man made eye contact with you, or continually makes eye contact with you, think about why.

  • Did you say something witty or interesting?
  • Were you having a conversation about the current state of the world?

Aquarius men are particularly attracted to people with big ideas and free-thinking.

Maybe you were just having a conversation about work or school, in which case, an Aquarius man could just like who you are as a person or your presence.

Don’t forget that Aquarius is the sign of innovation and big dreams. Aquarius men have a strong sense of freedom and don’t often like being tied down to other people, but when they do like someone, they really commit to them.

All in all, keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about Aquarius men.

What Does It Mean When An Aquarius Man Stares At You?

If an Aquarius man stares at you, it probably means that you caught his eye, a very hard thing to do. Because the Aquarius man tends to see the idealized version of the world, it’s not often that something will catch his eye.

If you do catch their eye, take special note. When was he staring at you? Why? Keeping in mind how an Aquarius sees the world, these things can help you determine why he’s staring at you.

For example:

  • Did you wear an outfit that you don’t usually wear, or was your hair different?
  • Did you have on a bold color of lipstick?

Anything new or bold could have caught an Aquarius man’s eye.

Or maybe you said something during work or in passing that intrigued them? Aquarius are keen on people that talk about atypical, intellectual things like politics, activism, or technology.

They might also just have noticed your natural aura. While Aquarians might not be in touch with their own feelings all the time, being too wrapped up in their own heads, they definitely have an innate ability to feel people out.

Aquarius men are not good at expressing their emotions, them being an air sign, so body language is a good way for you to gauge how they actually feel about you.

Regardless, catching the eye of an Aquarius man is no easy feat, and something to feel accomplished for.

What Does An Aquarius Man Think?

Aquarius men don’t think about ordinary things. They’re visionaries, usually very concerned about current events and activism.

Aquarians are dreamers, with their brains set on thinking about how they could change the world, or what they could do to make it better.

Aquarius men might seem to have an independent streak, but they’re constantly searching for new people to talk to.

They love hearing the perspectives of everyone around them, because people can be fascinating, with fantastical new ideas, something that speaks to the heart of the visionary Aquarius.

Aquarius men, usually set on their goals and their ideals, don’t like being controlled, but they also don’t like controlling other people. They have a need for people in their lives that keep them grounded and down to earth.

One thing can be said for sure: Aquarius men don’t think like a lot of other men do. Their goals, needs, and communication style is very reliant on their ideas, instead of things like money or emotions.

Aquarians tend to be stubborn, them being one of the four “fixed” signs of the zodiac, but that means that whatever they commit to, they usually commit to for life.

One of the most important things with Aquarius men is that they constantly need to be themselves, however weird or uncanny, and they need people in their lives that match that energy.

Are Aquarius Men Dreamers?

Yes, the Aquarius man is certainly a dreamer. Unlike Pisces, though, who tend to be daydreamers, Aquarius tend to jump into action.

Their dreams are always a part of the physical world, and how we can better our world. They don’t like to stay idle on these dreams, either, so instead of sitting inside and ruminating, they’re usually outside, bringing their dreams to fruition with their own two hands.

Aquarius is the sign ruled by Uranus, which is one of our generational planets that dictates our technological innovation, worldly new ideas, and historical events.

Aquarius men are especially drawn to these aspects of life, always being drawn to fields of activism or to places where they can implement their beliefs.

When it comes to their love lives, Aquarius men dream of having someone that has either the same free spirit as they do or someone that can keep them grounded.

Because Aquarius has a tendency to get lost in their dreams, it’s important for them to have a support system that helps them remember their everyday lives in their quest to change the world.

Aquarius Man Stares Into Your Eyes: Closing Words

Aquarius men are truly different and unique, and the body language that they give you can be a key sign about how they feel about you.

Aquarius is not always good at expressing their feelings verbally, so an Aquarius man staring at you or making eye contact could be their way of showing you how they feel.

Aquarius men are dreamers and usually too wrapped up in their visions to notice the physical world, but the things they do notice are usually very important to them.

Remember, with Aquarius men, sometimes being able to remind them about day-to-day aspects of life can be difficult, but if they are making the effort to convey their feelings, whether it be through body language or otherwise, it’s probably on purpose.