Aquarius Man Blocked Me: Will He Ever Unblock You?

There’s nothing worse than stumbling upon that special Aquarius man’s social media profile, only to realize that he blocked you.

The Aquarius man is certainly capable of doing this, as there are a few reasons why he might do it as well. Let’s talk about it.

Aquarius Man Blocked You: Why He Did It And What It Means

aquarius man blocked me

Aquarius men are usually very silent when they have a problem and they prefer to deal with things all alone. When an Aquarius man blocked you, it means that he doesn’t want to see or deal with anything about you. If a relationship isn’t serving well or doesn’t make them happy, they will simply leave.

An Aquarius man is very independent and it is uncommon for them to pursue a romantic relationship because they are more concerned about their careers, the future, and other more important things to him than having a partner or being in a relationship.

Aquarius is a sign that favors platonic relationships. that’s why they prefer more close friendships rather than being in a serious relationship.

It is important for them to have friendship-based dating and when he is interested in you, he will make it very obvious that he’ll communicate or try to spend time more with you. Here are the possible reasons why an Aquarius man blocked you.

1) The Aquarius Man Is Not Very Happy With You

Naturally, an Aquarius man is hard to read but they are obviously passionate about the things that matter and eventually become serious when they enter a romantic relationship.

When an Aquarius man becomes cold and distant, it simply means that he is considering the things that are very important to pursue in his life that will make him happy.

From that point moving forward an Aquarius man’s natural trait of being cold and condescending will naturally be felt.

An Aquarius man will go with the things that make them happy and they do it with sense and passion so when they are not happy, they just leave anyone out cold.

2) The Aquarius Man Doesn’t Want To Deal With You

An Aquarius man values their time and they understand their worth as a person so they tend to focus on their desires to succeed.

Whenever they obsess on something, they completely put themselves in especially when it is regarding the future and when they commit themselves to a relationship, they are all in.

They aren’t going to stay in a relationship if they know that it will not serve them well. If an Aquarius man doesn’t want to deal with things, they will become very distant as they naturally are and would prefer to be only with themselves and focus on the things that matter.

Blocking you will be his best option if an Aquarius man doesn’t want to deal with you because there will be no conversation and explanations, he simply doesn’t want to deal with things that will put him through you.

Will Aquarius Unblock Me?

The chances are high that he won’t be unblocking you because he will not be making an effort to speak things out if it doesn’t make him happy.

Unblocking you will take much of his valued time and will give him discomfort that will distract him from doing the things that he passionately loves.

They are natural perfectionists and they dedicate themselves to their work and their career.

Aquarius men can be emotional (but not always) and when you upset them, they aren’t going to handle it well because they are not the type of people that will forgive and forget.

Begging for their forgiveness won’t work and they will cut you out of their life if they feel betrayed or they are not happy. They are the type that will never want to see you again and won’t miss you if you’re gone.

Unblocking you will most likely not happen. They are loners that need space and alone time as they have a life of their own.

The Aquarius man wants to be with someone independent and not too needy because they know that there are more important things than being focused on a relationship.

What Happens When You Block An Aquarius Man?

Blocking an Aquarius man will make him feel emotionally disconnected and deeply hurt as it leaves him to wonder what he did wrong.

They can become hurt in silence as they like to keep things to themselves. Aquarius is an air sign that’s why they love to share their thoughts and ideas.

If he is stuck on you, he will not believe that it’s over without a fight. At some point, an Aquarius man would do everything not to lose you because it is an effort for them to prioritize someone in a relationship that ultimately becomes the biggest part of his life.

If you don’t want to be in his life, better tell him directly because blocking him won’t make him go away. An Aquarius man will try everything to keep you, and if all of his attempts failed to win you back, he will completely be out of your life and move on.

Aquarius Man Blocked Me For No Reason: Closing Words

There usually is a reason an Aquarius man blocking you, as he naturally does what he believes is best for him.

Blocking you could be in the best interest of both parties because Aquarius man doesn’t want to deal with things that will make him feel uncomfortable.

Aquarius man wouldn’t put any effort if they didn’t care and that’s the reason behind him blocking you. They simply don’t want to waste time with someone who annoys them and they aren’t going to do anything that they reject to do.

If they’re spending time with you, it means that you’re a priority to them and they like you but if not, expect things to be experienced in reverse.

It will be better to move on and focus on yourself to get better. Take it as a learning experience and note the attributes of an Aquarius man to prepare yourself in the future if ever you get across with another one.

Everybody has their way of dealing with things and for sure it’s for the best of everyone to move on and be happy on their own.