When Scorpio Man Touches You (He Really Likes You)

Scorpios are capable of stinging, so they should be completely fine with touching as well, right? Let’s talk about the art of touch when it comes to the Scorpio man.

Are Scorpios Touchy?

are scorpios touchy

Scorpios are described as being notoriously touchy. One of their standards for measuring friendship is the level of physical contact each person enjoys when they are together.

Scorpios are supremely tactile. They like to touch, hold hands or put an arm around their date. At one point in Scorpio’s life, he will discuss with his partner how much touching is acceptable between them before they move on to more romantic touching.

Although each Scorpio is different in how he expresses his affection, there are some things you can count on when it comes to their behavior around a potential love interest or mate.

The Scorpio has a profoundly intimate nature combined with an intense willfulness, which can create enormous difficulties in any relationship or situation that does not recognize this character trait and respect it accordingly.

Be careful not to insult them, for this could be considered abuse to them. The Scorpio is usually straightforward about the desires and needs they bring into bed, so if you’re looking for “mush,” don’t choose someone born under this sign.

You will either get scorched or get exactly what you asked for, only to regret it later.

When Scorpio Man Touches You (Other Signs Of Him Liking You)

Scorpios are known to be intense, so, likely, they would not want to waste any time with someone who does not genuinely interest them.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of his irritable behavior when he likes you, it is a good sign of him being attracted to you. While there are many things to learn about this sign, here are some other signs of him liking you.

1) The Scorpio Man Becomes Possessive

They are very possessive of what is theirs. If you notice your Scorpio man becoming more and more territorial about his things (you included), then it could be a sign that he’s beginning to fall for you.

The possessiveness should not become overwhelming, just along the lines of him wanting to spend time with or have access to ONLY you.

If he becomes more and more protective of you, this is a good sign that he’s starting to like you as well. When the Scorpio man gets possessive over someone, it usually means they do not want anyone else but them around that person or thing (you).

So if your Scorpio boyfriend acts in such a way when somebody else is around you, it could be a good sign of him liking you.

If he doesn’t get too upset about other guys looking at or flirting with you in his presence, this may not mean much to the Scorpio man. But if he lets on that these things bother him, then there’s something deeper going on between the two of you.

2) The Scorpio Man Opens Up More To You

Scorpios tend to keep a lot of secrets and can be very guarded with their emotions. While some Scorpio men may never open up fully, those who do so will usually only show this side of them to someone they genuinely care about, which is another sign he likes you.

When the Scorpio man begins opening up more and more to you, it is only a sign that he trusts and likes you enough to let his guard down.

This can be an exciting time for the Scorpio man because they finally open up all their emotions to someone else (if they ever do) but also very scary.

This usually means that this person has become important enough to the Scorpio man for him to let his guard down and show all of himself, no matter how vulnerable it might make them feel at that moment.

The openness means he trusts you and is willing to open up his heart if your relationship progresses, which can be an extraordinary thing in any personal/romantic relationship. This can be a critical point in any relationship with the Scorpio man.

If he has never opened up to you before, this could mean that it is too early on for him or that there are trust issues present between yourself and your partner which need to be resolved first.

If he does open up but then shuts down, later on, this could also mean that he is not yet ready to open up to you or even trust you.

But if he trusts and feelings for you enough, the Scorpio man will open himself entirely up to a person who can be a significant moment in any relationship. It’s just going to take some time before this happens.

So don’t give up on the Scorpio man who may seem a little distant.

3) The Scorpio Man Will Compliment And Respect You

Scorpios are very honest, deep, and intense people, which means that they will not give false or empty compliments.

The Scorpio man has no problem telling things how it is, so if he says something nice about you, then you can be sure that there’s some truth to what he’s saying.

When the Scorpio man likes someone, he doesn’t compliment them on getting something out of it, so if he praises you, then take this as a good sign.

The Scorpio man will not be able to keep their intense feelings towards someone locked inside. So if the Scorpio man is feeling anything positive for you, expect him to show it.

He may not always be the best at showing his emotions to you, but they will be there, even if he can’t verbally express them.

Scorpio men are intense and complex people, so their dating lives do not typically run smoothly. They tend to have problems with trust, which prevents them from opening up fully or quickly.

If your Scorpio man is trying to open up and be more vulnerable with you, this will mean the world to them, so don’t take it for granted.

Scorpios love being appreciated by others because they often feel as though nobody else does. So if your Scorpio boyfriend compliments you or treats you well, make sure that he knows how much you appreciate and respect him in return.

Do Scorpios Like To Be Touched?

Scorpios love to be touched, but it’s essential to do so in a way that meets their expectations.

People often want to connect with them just because they have the impulse or come up behind them without being acknowledged first. That doesn’t work.

Someone who likes being touched actually needs special encouragement, and someone who doesn’t like being touched will usually give other cues.

So if you’re keen on trying this, outset your intentions and start with the basics (a handshake), then build from there based on feedback from your Scorpio friend (if you can tell they like it, then go for a hug).

Patting would be better than nothing, but try coming up behind them and touching their back without looking at them first. See how they react.

If you get a light touchback, then perhaps go in for an arm or shoulder massage next time, but if there is no response at all, it’s probably best not to proceed any further.

Scorpio Man Touchy-Feely: Final Words

Scorpios are notoriously touchy. Aside from touching, he might show that he likes someone if he compliments them, respects them, and opens up to them.

If you’re not sure how a Scorpio is feeling about you or if they like you at all, then ask him out on a date. You’ll find out pretty quickly what his feelings for you are.