What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear (Getting His Attention)

When it comes to telling the Scorpio man what he wants to hear, it’s not as challenging as you might think. Let’s talk more about how you can get his atttention.

What Does A Scorpio Man Like To Talk About?

what does a scorpio man like to talk about
The Scorpio man gets excited when you talk about his interests.

What Scorpios tend to be most interested in is themselves. They love talking about themselves. It’s what they do best.

That being said, they are also really into their work and goals. They will often tell you all about what they’re doing right now or have just finished doing even if you ask for something completely different.

Remember, these are people who care more about the process than the outcome of their actions.

One thing that might make them hesitant to talk is anything that involves emotions, feelings, or relationships with other people, which can sometimes seem too personal of a topic for some Scorpio men.

But make no mistake, there are Scorpios out there who LOVE talking about their significant others though that may not always come across at first.

If you’re not sure what to talk about, ask them. Scorpio men are pretty direct when it comes to asking for help, so don’t be afraid of speaking up and being honest with them if you need something or want some advice on something they might know more about.

A Scorpio man is not someone who will keep his emotions hidden very well, so if you’re hoping to find out what he’s thinking or feeling about something, ask. He’ll be happy to tell you.

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear

Scorpio men are all about the process, not the outcome. They love talking about themselves and their passions. A Scorpio man will often tell you even if you didn’t ask for it.

Here are a few more things that they want to hear.

1) Compliment The Scorpio Man For Being A Great Leader

Every Scorpio man wants most, whether he knows it or not, is to feel that he’s an excellent leader with a strong personality. A Scorpio man will love you more when you show his admiration and praise for running your life together.

When your Scorpio man has been going out of his way to make sure things are going smooth with you, doesn’t it make sense for him to know that he’s appreciated?

No matter how much care and responsibility a man puts into a relationship-just to be appreciated can work wonders on their self-esteem.

Tell them about all the hard work they’ve put in lately, so they don’t start doubting themselves. They’ll appreciate hearing about what an awesome guy they are.

A Scorpio man has an egotistical streak in him, so it’s always a good idea for a woman to compliment him on how great he is at getting stuff done.

After all, being able to succeed at something new or attempting something difficult takes guts-and the Scorpio man’s ego will love you for noticing.

Not only do they like hearing about their awesomeness, but a Scorpio Man also loves to feel appreciated in every way possible. So make sure to let him know how grateful you are that he takes care of business and keeps your relationship running smoothly.

If there is something he does that bothers you, talk to him about it in a loving way.

2) Acknowledge The Scorpio Man’s Hard Work

The truth is that every man wants to hear the same thing. Acknowledge their hard work, and affirm how much you value their commitment to you. Scorpios adore the approval of others.

Just be careful not to make them competitive or insecure because they could instantly become mean or territorial like a scorpion (pun intended).

Scorpio men are usually very good at keeping secrets and won’t tell their ladies what they’re up to, so it’s always a great idea to reward them with some praise now and then.

Not only does this flattery go straight into his ego (which loves that someone notices all the hard work he puts in), but these compliments will make him more motivated to do better in the future.

A Scorpio man’s hard work is not something you should ever take for granted. Although they usually show appreciation on their own, it never hurts to let them know that you’re grateful for what they’ve done.

A little encouragement goes a long way with this type of guy.

3) Compliment The Scorpio Man’s Confidence

A Scorpio man wants to hear what he is good at, not be reminded of what he’s not. A Scorpio man loves knowing what he’s good at, and it makes him feel powerful to know that everyone else knows too.

He has a big ego-and the more you compliment his confidence, the happier he will be with himself and your relationship.

You can tell them they’re doing something right, and they’ll be satisfied, but complimenting their confidence is the way to go if you’re trying to cheer them up after a hard day at work.

Scorpios are so sure about themselves that it would only serve as a slap in the face if they were complimented on something that they didn’t think was their best attribute.

They don’t want to be told, “you’re great at keeping promises,” if they just happened to break one promise with no intention of making up for it.

They don’t want to hear “you’re beautiful” if he doesn’t feel like wearing his favorite clothes today.

It might make them act tough, but honestly, anyone who has had someone crush their ego can tell you how exhausting it is (after all, there is nothing more exhausting than ego).

4) Tell The Scorpio Man That You Trust Him

A Scorpio man wants to hear that you trust him, as it is comforting for him. At the same time, however, he needs a challenge and an opportunity to make you happy.

A Scorpio Man doesn’t like too many words because he wants space, so don’t overthink anything. But what they love is when someone can read their unspoken thoughts and say things out loud. Be frank, then do something about it.

They might not even tell you that they need this level of closeness or expression most of the time. So expect that your Scorpio may keep mum. Don’t take silence personally, though. If they’re not ready to talk, give them time and space of their own.

What A Scorpio Man Loves To Head: Final Words

If you want to give your Scorpio some extra appreciation, try complimenting them for being a great leader. He will appreciate hearing that his hard work is acknowledged, and he needs to hear that you trust him.

No matter what type of business you’re in, it’s always good to show the person who sits at the head of the table some love, so they know how vital their role is