Virgo Man Mood Swings: Is He Emotionally Unstable?

If you’ve got a special Virgo man in mind, then you’re going to want to know if he’s capable of having mood swings. Let’s talk more about this topic to further help you out.

Are Virgos Emotionally Unstable?

are virgos emotionally unstable

Virgos can be very unstable. Though one would never know that they’re unstable just by looking at them, they look like models and always have a lot of energy.

But on the inside, their feelings are torn between what they want and what is best for everyone they meet. They are very devoted to their loved ones and would do anything to keep them alive.

Some Virgos are so dedicated that they will harm themselves to save the person they love.

They overthink everything. They analyze everything to the point where it isn’t suitable for themselves or those around them because all their time is spent thinking.

Virgos do not like change, and it’s hard for them to adapt to new things, even if they’re good for them, which creates problems.

They judge themselves so harshly that sometimes it’s not suitable for themselves or those around them because all their time is spent thinking.

How To Deal With Virgo Man Mood Swings

A Virgo man is terrifying. He might not even show his emotions, but he’s about to explode.

When this happens, you’ve got to know how to deal with it because if you don’t, he’ll take it out on himself or the people around him. Here are a few ways to deal with him.

1) Kill The Virgo Man With Kindness

Virgo men are indecisive, picky, have mood swings, are analytical to be challenging people to love.

It’s easy for them to talk themselves out of any involvement because there is always something they don’t like about you. They can be so emotional on the one hand and so cold on another.

But if you want a true partner in life, ignore their faults and care.

Understand that this man needs constant reassurance that he is loved unconditionally or shut down entirely until he finds someone else who DOES love him unconditionally.

A Virgo man is very ‘by the book,’ analytical and critical.

He will point out your mistakes or habits that he doesn’t like without giving you a chance to fix them. He will eventually get fed up with you if you don’t transform into what he thinks would make him happy.

If you want to keep him around, don’t disagree or argue with him.

He’s very quick-witted, and if you attack him, he’ll come back at you twice as hard until he gets the upper hand in the argument. It’ll be over for you if this happens because there is no point trying to win against a Virgo.

Be kind and understanding.

Be sincere in your praise and avoid getting into arguments with him. He wants you to be understanding when he needs his alone time because this is how he recharges.

If you can’t kill him with kindness, let him be the one in control. This will make him feel like he’s the man in the relationship and that you trust him.

A Virgo man loves to be in control of everything, and he’ll appreciate it if you let him be the one who is in control.

He doesn’t like to feel like he’s not wanted or needed because he’ll start doubting himself and eventually lose interest in the relationship.

2) Be Optimistic With The Virgo Man

The Virgo man has a negative outlook on life. If you can’t change this, it will be hard to make the relationship work.

He’s always looking for the bad in people and situations, and if he can’t find it, he’ll make it up. This can be frustrating for those around him because they can never seem to please him no matter what they do.

It is best to stay out of his way when he’s in this mood because anything you say will be used against you. If you’re feeling down, he’ll amplify those feelings and make them worse.

He’s not the best person to be around when you’re feeling down.

On the other hand, if you can be optimistic around him, it will rub off on him, and he’ll start to see the good in people and situations.

This is what he needs in his life, someone who can help him know his interest in things.

He’ll be less critical of you when he’s in a better mood, but try to avoid the negativity if you can.

If this bothers you, it would be best not to be with him because he has a negative outlook on everything, and it will be hard to keep up with your emotions.

3) Throw Some Humor At The Virgo Man

The Virgo man takes life too seriously and doesn’t know how to have fun. He’s always working or studying, so he doesn’t have time for fun.

This can be frustrating because you want to spend time with him, and he’s not available.

He’s still critical and analytical, but he’s also funny and playful. He might not be the life of the party, but he can make you laugh when the situation calls for it.

If you can get him to laugh, then he’ll lighten up and be more fun to be with.

It’s hard to see the good side of the Virgo man because he takes life so seriously, so if you can get him to have some fun, then you’re lucky because not everyone can do that.

Virgo Man Very Moody: Final Words

It can be challenging to make a Virgo man happy. He is critical, analytical, and negative about everything.

But there are ways you can keep him around if he’s the one for you:

  • Don’t argue with him.
  • Be kind and understanding.
  • Let him take control of your relationship so he feels wanted and needed.

If these tips don’t work for you or sound too hard, it might be best not to pursue this relationship any further because his negativity will wear on you in time.