Virgo Man Manipulative: Can He Be Toxic?

If you’re not big into being manipulative, then you better keep an eye out when it comes to the Virgo man. Let’s talk more about this sensitive topic.

Can Virgos Be Manipulative?

can virgos be manipulative

Given that Mercury rules them, the planet of intelligence. Virgos are pretty clever when it comes to manipulating others.

They can twist words in a way that makes them seem honest, but in reality, they know what outcome they want and will do whatever is needed to reach it.

The motivation behind manipulation is control. Virgos are highly analytical and driven by perfectionism. If they feel their vision is threatened, they will use whatever means necessary to regain some semblance of control over the situation.

They can also turn their intelligence against themselves, using guilt and shame to draw the perfect reaction out of others.

The sign is associated with an air element, so Virgos can be very chatty when they want something. They will spin a story with enough detail to keep their target engaged but not enough to the source.

Before dropping the manipulative bomb, they may even throw in some compliments to make their victim feel good about themselves.

All of this is rooted in insecurity which leads Virgos to be deceptive about who they are. Deep down inside, they worry about being disliked or unappreciated for themselves. Manipulation becomes their only false sense of security and purpose of worth.

This behavior is potentially toxic in any relationship, but it can be incredibly destructive in romantic partnerships. If you’re dating a Virgo, it’s essential to be aware of their manipulative tendencies and stay on your toes.

Why Are Virgos Manipulative?

As mentioned earlier, Virgos are highly analytical and perfectionistic. This can lead to a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. They may feel like they’re not good enough or that their vision isn’t good enough.

So, they try to take control of the situation to feel better about themselves. There are a few reasons why Virgos might be manipulative. Some key reasons include the following.

1) The Virgo Man Is A Control Freak

Virgos are generally perfectionists and can’t tolerate anything less than expected of them. Virgos are manipulative because they’re control freaks.

They feel deep insecurity that they aren’t good enough and try to control everything else. Virgos may use manipulation tactics for a job interview or climb the ladder at work. They will deceive you to get what they want out of life.

Control is comforting for the Virgo man. If he doesn’t have complete control over his life, then that means there are things out of his control that could rile him up, physically or mentally.

So it’s all about self-soothing to reduce stress levels with someone high in neuroticism. The Virgo man doesn’t want to feel anxious or stressed, so he welcomes whatever it takes to keep him in the zone.

This might mean over-managing his work, controlling what he eats and who he hangs out with during the day. He’ll likely be a sort of perfectionist at whatever job he does and won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Control freakery can also extend to relationships. He may want to be in control of how much time his partner spends with family and friends, what they wear, and where they go.

For some Virgos, manipulation is a survival mechanism.

They grew up in a household with one or more controlling parents. This might be because their parents were covertly manipulating them to get what they wanted, so now being manipulative is just second nature.

A Virgo male who grew up around this kind of behavior has probably felt helpless at some point in his life. He may have experienced physical or mental abuse or been yelled at and criticized a lot.

As a result, he learned that the only way to get through life was to control everything and everyone around him.

2) The Virgo Man Assumes He Is Always Right

Virgos are natural-born controllers, and they will go to great lengths to manipulate people. They’ll even try to use anyone who suspects them of being manipulative to keep their secrets under wraps.

What’s more is that they’ll often see themselves as “always right,” which gives them personal license to be forceful with others whenever it suits their needs.

For centuries, leaders have recognized the power of the Virgo sign because they’re good at delegating responsibility, yet not so hands-on that it takes too much time or energy on their part.

Virgos are manipulative because they are conscientious to the point of being stubborn. Though this can result in them being inflexible, it can often also mean that Virgos have very clearly defined notions about what they’re fighting for and whose side they’re on.

This is good for birth order or just general relationships with family or close friends. Still, it might lead to some difficulties when dealing with strangers–particularly people that require a bit more charm than confrontation.

3) The Virgo Man Knows How To Lie

The Virgo man is a skilled liar. He’s able to weave webs of deceit that can sometimes be difficult to unravel. This is because he’s very strategic in the way that he lies. He’ll often choose his words carefully to not raise any red flags.

He may also try to make himself look good in the process by lying about what he’s done to counteract any harmful decisions he’s made. Virgos are also excellent at covering up their tracks, so it’s often difficult to know when they’re lying.

This might be because the Virgo man is insecure. He doesn’t want people to know that he’s not perfect, so he’ll often lie about his accomplishments or say whatever he thinks the other person wants to hear.

He may also be a pathological liar, a type of liar who lies compulsively and for no reason whatsoever.

Virgo Man Manipulative: Closing Words

The Virgo man is the most manipulative zodiac sign and the one who will put in just enough effort to get what they want.

They are incredibly patient and precise with their words and actions so that they can achieve their desired outcome without any resistance on behalf of others.

If you’re looking for a partner or colleague who’s capable of getting things done right the first time, then this may be your ideal candidate.