Virgo Man Just Wants To Be Friends (About The Friend Zone)

There is nothing more crippling than hearing a Virgo man tell you that he just wants to be friends. Let’s talk about why this happens, and what you can do about it.

Virgo Man Just Wants To Be Friends (Here’s Why)

virgo man just wants to be friends

There is no mystery to a Virgo man, he wants to be friends. He’s not out to get you, and he’s not trying to play any games. He’s upfront and honest, and he’ll tell you exactly what he wants from the relationship.

If you’re looking for something more than friendship, then a Virgo man is not the right guy for you. Here’s why.

1) The Virgo Man Doesn’t Sense Stability

Virgos can be hard to date. This isn’t because they’re picky or anything, but it’s pretty common for a Virgo man to really want a relationship and not just a hookup.

Additionally, they need stability in their lives. That typically means that any new individual in their life must possess at least some of these qualities if the two start to date full-time.

A lot of this seems like good sense baseline stuff, but most people date casually before deciding what they want so that it might hit them as too much too soon.

Therefore, a Virgo man will be slow to commit. He has seen way too many casual daters who jump from one relationship to the next without ever really thinking about what they want or need from a partner.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t be interested in going out on all kinds of dates with you and getting to know you better. It just means that he won’t hurry to move things to the next level.

2) You Aren’t Comforting Enough For The Virgo Man

The Virgo man wants a woman that is calming and comforting. They want to be nurtured, supported, and cared for by their partner.

If you’re a high-stress and high-maintenance woman, then a Virgo man will not be attracted to you. He needs a woman who can put him at ease and make everything seem okay.

Suppose he’s put his flirty moves on you for years, but it always turns into an arm massage after a friendly hug except when he wanted a cuddle.

In that case, this may have been what spelled the end for all his innocent friend slippage requests because even though he was okay with just being friends, he didn’t want you to see him in that way.

This is because he had an instinct that if others saw things in a different light, they might not be interested in the same friendship he was thinking of.

3) The Virgo Man Simply Values You More As A Friend

The Virgo man is an exceptional breed of a nice guy. They tend to be incredibly loyal friends and partners once they have committed to a person romantically, but they can take a long time to achieve, often for a good reason.

They aren’t the type that likes casual hookups because it just doesn’t seem right to them. They need to get to know you before they can fall in love with you, and that isn’t an easy thing to do in today’s world of Tinder and dating apps.

We know that friendship is essential to Virgos and a central part of their lives. He loves having friends and probably doesn’t want you to be just another friend he talks with once in a while. The good news is that the other guy might have been a jerk- so not all hope may be lost.

Virgos can run away from conflict, but they always come back after some time has passed if they aren’t being pushed for an answer or committed too soon.

It sounds like he was too nervous to even start something with you as his friend first before trying it out as more than just friends, which would imply he values your friendship highly as well.

In addition, things seem a bit more severe for him when he’s expressed feelings for people he can’t have. So all in all, it looks like he does want to be friends with you and nothing more.

The Virgo man is very picky. This isn’t because they are judging you, but instead, this comes from them trying to make sure that they aren’t making a mistake.

As much as it may seem like he’s perfect for you, there might be a reason that he’s never committed to you in the past. This isn’t always because of someone else, but just because there is more to look into and consider before starting something serious.

4) The Virgo Man Just Might Be Overthinking

Maybe he wants to be friends with you because he feels like if you’re just friends, there aren’t any strings attached. Virgos are very independent and private people who don’t like to share too much information about themselves.

Plus, what you want might not always be the same as what someone else wants to keep in mind that it isn’t all about you.

Many people find male Virgos challenging to read because their natural tendency is introspection. They often withdraw, leading others to believe that they don’t care or are attentive or interested in conversations with them.

This level of reflection allows for a deep understanding of oneself and the subtle details/nuances within interpersonal interactions with others.

A female friend is likely more:

  • Supportive.
  • Understanding.
  • And less judgmental than a romantic partner.

This is why Virgos may find themselves more drawn to platonic relationships.

Virgos are often very emotional people. They don’t always show it. They will take their time processing their feelings and figuring out the best way to deal with them.

This can sometimes lead to them overthinking things, and in some cases, they may decide that it’s just easier to be friends with someone than to try and pursue a romantic relationship with them.

Virgo Man Friend Zone: Final Words

It’s time to take a stand and let him know how you feel. If he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, then it just may be time for the dreaded friend zone.

Remember that even if he is in love with someone else now or has other emotionally solid connections, his heart can still change over time. It takes patience, but there will come a day when the two of you are meant to be together.