Should You Text A Guy When He’s On Vacation? (Explained)

Vacations are one of the best times for a guy to unwind, relax, and enjoy himself. So should you text him when he doesn’t have a care in the world? Let’s talk about it.

Why You Should Text A Guy When He’s On Vacation

should you text a guy when he's on vacation
He’d Love To See A Text From You On Vacation

If you’re interested in a guy, then I certainly don’t see any reason as to why you shouldn’t text him when he’s on vacation. Fire away… just not too quickly!

However, there are going to be quite a few factors when it comes to texting him in the first place. Let’s talk about all of the reasons as to why you should make his phone light up with your name.

1) You’re Really Into Each Other

This is the biggest reason why you should text him on vacation, and it’s because you’re really into each other.

Think of it this way. If you were on vacation and there was a guy that you really liked, would you want him to text you while you’re on vacation? Absolutely.

Plus, when you think about it, he’s most likely going to have some free time on his hands when he is on vacation. While he might be doing plenty of fun activities, I’m sure he’s going to have some time to text you, even if it’s at the end of the day before bed.

2) You’ve Been Texting Up To The Vacation

If you’ve been texting for some time before the guy goes on vacation, then you’ll most certainly also want to text him when he leaves.

When you really like each other, texting back and forth is most certainly not going to be a big deal. Unless, of course, he is vacationing in another country where texting costs an arm and a leg. That’s what WhatsApp is for though, right?

3) You Want To Continue To Strengthen Your Connection

What better way to strengthen your connection than by giving the guy that you really like a text on his vacation? Not only can this strengthen your connection, but he will also be looking forward to your texts.

If everything has been sunshine and rainbows when it comes to your conversations, just think about all of the extra great topics you’ll be able to talk about now given the fact that he’s on vacation.

You might even get a little “I miss you” text from him, even when he’s on vacation enjoying himself! I’ll talk more about that towards the end of the article.

Bonus: Text The Guy Sparingly

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that you should be texting him sparingly on vacation. There is a fine line between sending a few texts here and there and asking for updates every hour.

This is something that you can also adapt to as you text back and forth. Ask yourself:

  • Has he been flirting?
  • Does he sound excited to text you?
  • Does he seem like he’s interested (which you probably already know)?
  • Is he continuing on with the conversations, or just giving you annoying one-word answers?

At the end of the day, make sure that you gauge his interest when it comes to texting back and forth. Also, don’t be afraid to send him a text that sounds something like this:

Sounds like you’re having a great time, and I’ll let you get back to having fun. Be sure to tell me about swimming in the crystal clear waters tomorrow, or maybe even send me a picture 😉

Something like this is lighthearted, it shows that you care, and also puts the ball in his court to keep you updated.

By doing this, it allows him to initiate the texting as well so that you don’t come off as clingy. You can thank me later 🙂

Why You Shouldn’t Text A Guy When He’s On Vacation

On the other hand, there are going to be some reasons or instances where you don’t want to text him. For example, you barely know each other or there hasn’t been a big connection yet.

In fact, let’s talk more about those reasons in more detail.

1) You Barely Know The Guy

So yes, you usually want to text a guy that you like when he’s not on vacation, but not if you barely know him.

The process of texting him when he’s on vacation is going to become much challenging when you don’t know him. Here are a few reasons why I say this:

  • How will you know what he likes?
  • How will you know if he likes being sarcastic, or flirty, etc?
  • How will you be able to know if you’re not going to creep him out or not?

The fact of the matter is that you don’t have a lot to work with if you don’t know the guy yet. Also, if you feel like you could also just text him and ask him what he likes, do you think that he has better things to do?

It’s a much easier process when you’ve at least known him for some time now, and there’s been a real connection. Speaking of that, let’s move on to that next.

2) There Hasn’t Been A Real Connection Yet

If you haven’t had a real connection with the guy yet, then certainly hold off on texting him while he is on vacation.

Some of the best connections are done in person, as it allows you a much better idea of what the guy likes and if he’s interested in you, and so on and so forth.

Also, without a connection, you run the risk of him flat-out ghosting you. If he doesn’t like you or isn’t that interested in you, the chances are much higher that he’s going to enjoy his vacation, as opposed to texting someone of little interest.

So if there hasn’t been one of those connections yet, just wait until he gets back from vacation and connect with him then in person.

3) You Don’t Want To Creep The Guy Out

This works with the previous reasons, but if you barely know him and there hasn’t been a real connection yet, then the chances are high that you’ll come off as a bit creepy.

Put yourself in the guy’s shoes for a quick moment:

  • You barely know each other.
  • You don’t even know if he’s interested in you.
  • And you’re looking to get to know him when he finally gets a vacation?

This not only comes off as creepy, but the guy will most likely be able to sense clinginess as well. That’s most certainly not how you want to start the connection with the guy, especially if you really like him.

This comes down to a timing issue, and when all of the reasons match up, it’s definitely best to wait until he gets back from vacation to start building the connection and bond with the guy.

How Do You Make Him Miss You When He’s On Vacation?

If you’re into each other and the texting has been on point, you’re going to want to spice things up a little bit.

Here are a few great ways to make him miss you, even when he’s vacationing:

  • Send him some cute pictures or videos of you.
  • Don’t always respond immediately when he texts you.
  • Talk about fun activities that you could be doing if he wasn’t on vacation.
  • Let him know that you have a nice surprise for him when he gets back home.

For the last tip, just make sure that you have a nice surprise for him. It could be a gift, an outing, or even something really romantic that he would appreciate.

He Hasn’t Texted Me While On Vacation: Final Words

If he hasn’t texted you while he’s on vacation, then you shouldn’t worry about it too much, especially if you haven’t formed a real connection yet.

At the time same, it’s always a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of the guy on vacation. Sometimes he might just want to disconnect, unwind, and enjoy himself. When he’s back from living the good life, there’s always the time to reconnect with him.