7 Signs Coworkers Are Sleeping Together (It’s Obvious)

I’ve been in a work scenario where coworkers were sleeping together, and it was quite obvious to see based upon the signs that they constantly displayed.

They were suddenly more friendly with each other and always found time to be around each other, and almost everyone else noticed it (aside from other signs).

However, it might not always be so obvious based on only one or two signs, so let’s talk a little bit more about what you need to be on the lookout for.

How Can You Tell If Two Coworkers Have Slept Together?

signs coworkers are hooking up
Coworkers Constantly Touching? That’s A BIG Sign

It seems that this is a question that comes up more and more in the workplace. You can look for several signs to figure out if your coworkers have been sleeping together.

Typically, most people try to hide from their coworkers when they have been intimate with each other. However, there are specific ways to tell whether or not two coworkers have slept together.

1) The Coworkers Flirt With Each Other

One way to tell if two coworkers have slept together is by looking at their body language. If they are constantly flirting with each other and seem to enjoy being around each other, then it’s likely that they’ve crossed that line.

Sometimes, if two coworkers hide their relationship from others, they may try to talk privately.

When this happens, it could signify that they’ve had or are having some physical relationship. So if you see your coworkers acting suspiciously and talking privately, it might be time to investigate.

If one coworker always seems to be at the other coworker’s desk, then it’s likely that they’re doing the deed. While this can also mean that they are working on a project or have a friendly relationship, they are more likely to be sexually attracted to the other person.

Another sign is if they start getting along better than usual. When two people become intimate, often there is a bonding effect that takes place.

And so, if you see these two coworkers suddenly getting along really well, it might be because they’ve shared a unique intimacy between them.

2) The Coworkers Are Very Touchy-Feely

It can be pretty tricky to tell if two coworkers have slept together, but a few giveaways. If the two of them are always expressive with each other and always seem to be flirting, they’ve likely crossed the line from platonic friendship into something more.

If you notice that your coworker has become a lot more touchy-feely lately, this is a sign something might be going on between them.

For example, if they used to have their hands on their hips or crossed their arms when talking to one another and now they are always touching each other’s arms, there might be something there.

Another way to tell if your coworker has become more touchy-feely is by seeing how often they are bumping into each other or nearly touching each other’s arms while talking.

So, for example, you might notice one day that your female coworker bumps her thigh against the male coworker’s while standing, and there is no reason to do so.

If one or both of them start acting differently, they’ve been intimate. For example, one may start taking longer breaks or coming in late more often, while the other may become more protective of their work area and seem to avoid contact with their colleague.

3) They Often Take Lunch Break Together

If you notice that your coworkers take lunch together more often than usual, then there is a good chance they’ve been intimate.

If they are spending time away from work and hiding it, chances are something is going on, and the two of them always seem to be sneaking off somewhere.

If you notice that your coworkers take their lunches simultaneously, then it might be a sign that they’ve become closer with one another.

Some people happen to have the exact schedules, but if they’ve been spending more and more time with each other lately, they may be getting physical.

Another clue is if the two of them always go out for lunch simultaneously or even order food from the same restaurant. This is a common sign that they’re together outside of work and probably enjoying some physical intimacy as well.

4) The Coworkers Have Intense Eye Contact

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know specific unspoken signals that coworkers have slept together. When two coworkers have an illicit relationship, they tend to be more focused on each other than what is going on around them.

This often makes it so that they will look at one another and pay close attention. These intense stares can give you a clue as to what might be happening between the two of them.

When two coworkers have slept together, they often develop an intimate connection and feel a strong desire to connect on a deeper level. So they’ll often stare deeply into each others’ eyes as a way of communicating their feelings for each other.

5) They Spend A Lot Of Time Close To Each Other

Another sign is if they spend a lot of time near each other and often seem to be unintentionally touching one another. If your coworker has been spending more time than usual next to their coworker, this could be a sign that something’s going on between the two of them.

If you notice that one or both coworkers have been spending way more time than usually close to each other, then this is a sign your coworker may have been sleeping with one another.

Intimate people tend to be comfortable being so close they almost touch, so if you notice they always seem to bump into each other or brush against one another in the hallway, there’s probably something going on.

They’ll often find themselves gravitating toward each other. They’ll sit next to each other at lunch or pick the other person to play games with during meetings.

The person left out before will find themselves surrounded by their old friends all of a sudden, while the two coworkers who have slept together will spend an awful lot of time together.

6) Their Quality Of Work Declines Around Each Other

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with a lot of different people, it’s that when two people have something going on between them, their work will start to suffer.

They’ll make stupid mistakes they never used to create and fall behind on deadlines.

Don’t worry if this happens in your office. You aren’t going crazy, and you aren’t the only person who’s noticed. If two coworkers have slept together, their quality of work almost always declines around each other.

If there’s one thing people do when they’ve been sleeping together, it’s pretend nothing happened. Of course, they won’t tell anyone about it, they’re professional, sweet, and polite!

Signs Coworkers Are Hooking Up: Final Words

So if you suspect that coworkers are hooking up, keep an eye on their body language, if they spend a lot of time together, and their flirty nature.

You might even start to hear rumors if the coworkers are hooking up, so that’s also something to be aware of. After all, if you have seen potential signs that coworkers are hooking up, others have probably seen them those signs as well.