Scorpio Man Inconsistent And Unpredictable? (What You Need To Know)

You’re not wrong. The Scorpio man comes with a flair of unpredictability, but does that also make him inconsistent? Let’s talk more about that.

Are Scorpios Inconsistent?

are scorpios inconsistent

Scorpios are very passionate people, so there’s inconsistency in the way they make decisions.

The two things that a Scorpio can’t resist, which affects their decision-making process, are:

  1. Intimacy.
  2. Money.

As long as one gets involved or is an option, it can completely change how one act or think.

Also, some may often see inconsistent behavior as simply some overthinking on his part. Everyone has different but similar opinions based on their own experiences and backgrounds.

Having expectations for someone you don’t know is just generalizing them because you think all people should be the same with no variety whatsoever. It doesn’t help to question why he’s changed his mind. Just go with it and see what happens.

Are Scorpios Unpredictable?

Scorpios are unpredictable. They won’t say what they’re thinking and will keep it to themselves until the right time.

They only want those closest to them, such as family or friends, to know their true thoughts. This is why there are some days when a Scorpio’s behavior seems unpredictable because you don’t quite get all of his feelings on specific topics like others might.

They can be moody, passionate, and intense. But they’re honest, tenderhearted, and secretive too. Some people might think they’re standoff-ish or tough to get to know once you do know them better because of their mysterious air about them.

The thing is that Scorpios need a lot of freedom and space for themselves mentally. That means not trying to force a friendship on them by inviting them over every night for dinner or partying together every weekend.

Scorpio is an inconsistent sign because they can be described as someone who has an air of mystery about them, making it hard to figure them out quickly. They’re also compassionate with their feelings, even though most people will never know that until later.

Scorpio Man Inconsistent: Here’s What It Can Mean

Men inconsistent with their love language will clearly state their desires, but they will also give mixed signals. This is because they want to keep the power in a relationship, which means doing things on their own time.

It’s not unusual for men who don’t believe love should be chased down but showed through actions instead of words. Read on to find out more on what it means when the Scorpio man is inconsistent.

1) The Scorpio Man Craves Freedom

Scorpio men are known for being mysterious and inconsistent. It’s an issue that the same man might not treat you the same way each time, and it ends up causing confusion and hurt feelings.

But Scorpios want to be free people as they don’t like to feel shackled and constrained or even held down by others’ feelings or expectations. That’s too rough for them. So if their personality is inconsistent, rest assured that they generally have a good reason.

When a Scorpio is being inconsistent, it’s because they’re willing to test the boundaries of your relationship. They want to see how much you can handle and if you have enough patience for their moods, which vary from time to time depending on what goes on inside them.

This doesn’t mean that this man isn’t into you or that he’s flirting with other women behind your back . It just means that you should try to be more understanding of his personality.

Women, don’t think this man is being weird or playing hard to get. The Scorpio man craves freedom and independence too much for him to commit himself fully unless there’s no doubt about how good the relationship is for him.

2) The Scorpio Man Gets Easily Bored

The Scorpio man is a complex, intense and passionate lover. He has a lot going on in his life:

  • He’s always working hard.
  • Taking care of responsibilities.
  • And making sure everyone around him is taken care of…

Which can make it challenging to be consistently vulnerable with anyone. Furthermore, the intensity of another person may overwhelm the Scorpio man unconsciously because of how deep they get inside their head.

The best way to deal with this? If your love interest seems like he isn’t all there at times or doesn’t recognize you, stop giving up on him if you’re trying to get into an emotional relationship with him.

The answer needs to come from within him. He must be willing to go the extra mile no matter how long it takes us to become closer.

And don’t push too hard or pressure him into opening up. Scorpio men have a strong sense of pride, and they need their space, so let them breathe instead of suffocating them with your needs.

3) The Scorpio Man Has A Serious Temper

Scorpio men are complicated creatures. One day they may be sweet to you, and the next, they will disappear for three weeks without even returning phone calls to tell you why or when they’ll reappear.

This doesn’t mean that he has set out on a revenge mission because of something you did, nor is it his way of punishing you.

Their inconsistency lies in how different parts of this man’s personality have other desires, which at times clash with one another, causing the scorpion tattooed male to vacillate between urges until he finally decides what course of action to take.

One of the reasons he might be acting this way is because a mighty temper has undermined his need for stability and consistency. He may get furious at you if he feels that you’ve done something to him or someone close to him, but don’t worry about it too much.

Remember that scorpions have robust defenses and a long lifespan. Hence, it’s likely that he’ll get over whatever caused him to blow up at you quickly.

Scorpio Man Unpredictable: Closing Words

Scorpio men are compassionate creatures, but they don’t show it. They can be extremely moody or exciting and energetic at times.

This means that the personality of this man is not set in stone like other men you may have dated before him. If he disappears for months without an explanation, try to understand his desire for freedom and his fear of commitment.

He may not be ready for a relationship just yet, but if you’re willing to wait until he is- then go ahead and give him all your love because it’s likely that this man will reciprocate most of the time when he feels safe enough with you.