Scorpio Man Hates Me (Here Are The Reasons Why)

The bad news; the Scorpio man hates you. The good news? There are quite a few reasons as to why he expresses this hatred towards you.

Let’s talk about why he doesn’t like you, and how you can potentially fix things.

Why Scorpio Man Doesn’t Like You

why scorpio man doesn't like you

Most people think that there is no reason for a Scorpio man not to like you, but they couldn’t be more wrong. You see, the male psyche is complex and mysterious.

Find out more about why the Scorpio man doesn’t like you and what you can do about it.

1) The Scorpio Man Hates Lies

First of all, Scorpio men hate being lied to. They are very straightforward people who expect the same from others.

If you are not open with your feelings and intentions, that will be a big turn-off for any man, especially if it’s a Scorpio man. You have no idea how much they can hold in their emotions when someone is not honest with them.

So, make sure you are always open and share your feelings. If you don’t want to talk about it, just say that directly instead of lying through omission. Make yourself clear from the start so there will be no misunderstandings later on down the road.

Keep in mind that Scorpio men can sniff out a lie even if you try to hide it.

They will take action if they find out someone is trying to deceive them. That’s why it is so essential for your relationship with a Scorpio man that all the information flows both ways between you two.

If there are any secrets or things you don’t feel comfortable sharing right now, wait until the time is right. Otherwise, it will be a disaster.

The Scorpio man is very honest, and if you want to keep him in your life, make sure he feels like you are trustworthy. If they don’t think that way, it’s over before the relationship even begins.

Make an excellent first impression and try building trust, thereby being open with them about everything, no matter how hard it is to talk about it.

2) The Scorpio Man Hates Criticism

Scorpio men are very self-assured, but they have their insecurities just like everyone else. Criticism can be challenging for them to hear because it has the power to hurt their feelings deeply and bring out some of those old childhood wounds.

It may seem harsh if you criticize a Scorpio man, even though you are just being honest. However, that will not help your relationship at all.

He has a big ego, and criticizing him will hurt his ego. You will need to learn how to balance honesty with positive remarks not to hurt his feelings.

He is sensitive, and this can be beneficial if you use it in your favor.

If he ever criticizes you, do not get defensive. Take a moment of pause before reacting so that you can choose the best possible response for the conversation at hand.

Instead of criticizing them for their shortcomings, try to find what they do well and praise it instead. That way, you can get through any insecurity he may have without hurting him because Scorpio men hate feeling belittled or insulted by anyone.

Be especially careful about what you say around Scorpio men because they will remember it forever.

If something bothers them, the best way to deal with it is to address it as soon as possible so things can go back to normal.

Scorpio men are very emotional and sensitive, so keep that in mind when dealing with them. They will be hurt if you criticize them or lie to them.

If they show their emotions, it’s a sign of vulnerability that Scorpios hates showing off because this makes them feel weak. You need to know all of this and use it in your favor.

3) The Scorpio Man Hates Clinginess

Scorpio men are very guarded and private, which means they hate clinginess. They don’t like people who try to take away their freedom or bind them down in any way.

If you do that, the Scorpio man will start losing interest because he hates feeling trapped by anyone. He wants his space and privacy, and if you invade that, he will think of you as a threat.

The Scorpio man is very goal-oriented, which means everyone in his life needs to fit into the way he plans things. If you do not share these same values, it’s time for him to move on because there can be no compromise.

He doesn’t want clinginess, he wants a partner who is independent and robust. If you are always by his side, he will think that there is no reason for him to stay around because this means you do not have your own life.

If you want a serious relationship with him, you need to understand that Scorpio men don’t like clinginess. They need their space, but they also love intense emotional connections that can turn into something more romantic if both people are open about their feelings.

On the other hand, if you allow him to keep some of himself hidden from you, he will stick around more likely. Even though he doesn’t like to be vulnerable, a Scorpio man can still open up to you if he trusts you completely and feels that it’s safe for him to do so.

4) The Scorpio Man Hates Dominance

Scorpio men are dominant by nature, but they don’t like people who try to control them. They will do anything possible not to be dominated, and if you push too hard, he will back away.

This doesn’t mean that you can act submissive around him because it’s just the opposite, Scorpios think this is a sign of weakness and hate feeling weak around others.

You need to know that Scorpio men have a hard time committing to anyone, so if you feel like he is playing games with your heart, it’s probably because he doesn’t want anything serious at the moment.

But don’t be scared because this could also mean that when he does decide to commit, he will be fully dedicated and loyal.

Scorpio men hate feeling judged and controlled, which is why they avoid people who try to do this at all costs. They want someone who knows how to keep boundaries and allows them their space without trying too hard.

If you can find a way for your personalities to mesh, the Scorpio man will be happy with you.

He will never be excited about a clingy or controlling woman who doesn’t respect his boundaries. He can’t stand this, and if you don’t change your ways, it’s time for him to move on because there can be no compromise.

The best way to make the Scorpio man stick around is by being an independent woman who doesn’t want too much from him. This means you should not try to control the relationship or make it into something serious if he isn’t ready for that.

Scorpio Man Love Hate: Final Words

They need their space and privacy because this is what makes them feel safe and secure.

If they sense that someone wants to take away their freedom or bind them down in any way, then it will be time for them to move on because there can be no compromise.

Scorpio men can be very confusing because they are so different from other people in their nature. However, if you learn to read them and understand their behavior, you will make the relationship work.