Scorpio Man Ghosting Me (Why It Happens And What To Do)

Unfortunately, the Scorpio man isn’t afraid to sting you through the act of Ghosting. Let’s talk about why he does this, and more importantly, what you can do.

Why Would A Scorpio Man Ghost You?

why would a scorpio man ghost you

The Scorpio man is notorious for ghosting. They can be so moody and temperamental that they will often disappear on you without warning.

Read the list on why a Scorpio might ghost you and the reasons why this happens.

1) The Scorpio Man Doesn’t Care

The Scorpio man doesn’t care because he already has what he came for. The woman’s heart.

If the Scorpio guy ghosted you, he was feeling uncommitted or unclear about his intentions with you and wanted time to think before getting in too deep. He won’t contact you unless he wants to make sure where your relationship is heading.

The Scorpio man doesn’t care because, fortunately, there are many reasons why the Scorpion will leave a woman alone abruptly. Still, all of them rely on an unauthentic intention towards her personhood and ours as women overall.

Ways that this man could ghost include:

  • He could use you only for hooking up.
  • He could keep you at arm’s length to avoid heartache.
  • Or he could become bored with you and your company.

There are so many reasons why a Scorpio man might ghost you, but one thing is for sure: it’s never to be mean.

2) The Scorpio Man Likes Having Space

The Scorpio Man likes having space. He has difficulty maintaining relationships, and eventually, ghosting is the only recourse he can think of to keep the space needed for himself.

This might be caused by problems early on in their lives that have made them insecure about being committed to someone who might not reciprocate.

Ghosting is just one of the ways he finds to get over people while still holding their presence close to him at all times, or maybe it’s just something that comes naturally when he meets someone knowing they don’t want anything serious with him.

Regardless, it’s ultimately harmless because you did nothing wrong, but if you’re feeling hurt by it, then this mystery may continue so long as no explanations are given.

3) The Scorpio Man Has Plenty Of Other Options

The Scorpio man has plenty of options, which is what makes them so confident in their decision.

With that said, the Scorpio man doesn’t want some girl to be his “one and only.” Instead, he wants someone who can also date others while he does the same for himself.

Just because you seem like a “good fit” on paper or are someone they have strong feelings for doesn’t mean they won’t ghost you.

Suppose you are being swept off your feet by the Scorpio man too quickly without having any evidence of commitment yet. In that case, there’s a good chance that soon enough, he’ll move onto another woman, metaphorically speaking.

Yes, you might stir something within him, but it is more likely that he will disappear if you cannot offer him something exciting and new.

For the Scorpio man, disappearing acts are all about preserving his options and those of others, so by ghosting someone, it’s not always a case where they don’t care, but relatively simply because they want what we might consider their freedom to do as they please.

What To Do When Scorpio Man Goes Ghost

Ghosting is a serious issue within the dating sphere, but when a Scorpio is ghosting you, it’s less about his feelings towards you and more related to what he thinks of himself.

Here’s what you can do to avoid him ghosting you.

1) Give Him Some Space Then Contact Him

If it’s evident in his social media or profile that he still checks it at all, he may need some space. Take note if this person seems like someone you want to pursue in the future because Scorpio’s energy can be intense.

The best thing to do is not to contact them repeatedly without progress in conversation or meeting up when they message back. If you have already done so, then wait a month or two before trying again.

It’s crucial to note that this is not a sign of rejection but rather an emotional need for time and space.

If you think the Scorpio man has moved on completely, don’t be surprised if he contacts you out of nowhere. He may ask how your life is going or why we stopped talking all together without explaining why he ghosted you.

This may seem like an opportunity to get some answers finally, but it’s probably best not to bother if there isn’t anything other than friendship happening between the two of you anymore.

Otherwise, this could result in more resentment towards his decision and ruin any future chances at reconciliation down the road.

If the Scorpio man did ghost you and then comes back around to try and get in touch with you again, this is a sign that he doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings or perhaps feels guilty about what happened.

If there’s no apology for disappearing on you, make sure they hear why such behavior is unacceptable from your mouth. If you let someone make you feel like crap for no reason, they’ll continue to do so in the future if it’s not addressed immediately.

2) Disappear

If it’s clear that the Scorpio man is ghosting you, don’t be afraid to disappear on him as well.

There is no reason for you to put up with this type of behavior unless there was a clear understanding between both parties, which seems unlikely if he has already disappeared once.

If his feelings towards you are unclear, it’s best not to bother and let him come back around when he is ready.

The Scorpio man needs an intense connection that can be felt throughout the universe, but this also means they may want someone who understands them as well as anyone else could along their journey of self-discovery.

If you don’t feel like you can be this person for him, it’s best to let the relationship go to find someone who fits his needs.

It is also possible that he wants drama or intensity to feel alive, someone with whom they can argue and fight without ever having any intention of ending up together. If this happens, ghosting is an acceptable option for the Scorpio man to avoid any further drama.

If you love someone, set them free. This age-old phrase has been around since time began, and it can apply here as well when trying to figure out what this person truly wants from you.

If they want more than friendship but are too afraid to tell you, give them space and let them come around when they are ready.

The Scorpio man ghosting syndrome is natural, but if you make sure not to put up with it or feed into the drama that comes with this behavior, your life will be much happier overall.

Scorpio Man Ghosting: Final Words

The Scorpio man ghosting syndrome is natural, but if you make sure not to put up with it or feed into the drama that comes with this behavior, your life will be much happier overall.

If you love someone, set them free, and don’t let yourself become a victim of ghosting.