Sagittarius Man Keeps Coming Back: Is He Using You?

The Sagittarius can keep coming back to you, and is it because he is actually using you? Let’s talk more about this topic.

Why Does Sagittarius Man Keep Coming Back? 3 Reasons Why

why does sagittarius man keep coming back

The Sagittarius man is a complicated creature. He’s hard to read and even harder to predict. You can’t tell if he likes you for who you are or just wants the challenge of winning your heart.

What makes him so irresistible? How do we keep his interest long enough to make it last?

1) The Sagittarius Man Likes Adventure And Risk

The Sagittarius man likes adventure and risk. A domesticated environment might bore him, and he needs to feel like he has a certain degree of control.

The reason this Sagittarius man keeps coming back is that he must feel like you’re giving him control, not taking it away. It’s somewhat seductive; it creates an aura of power that pulls you in.

You might tell him what to do or keep trying to get close over and over again without letting him genuinely get turned on. Then the manipulation starts feeling stifling.

He loves women who can tug at his heartstrings enough for him to feel safe but also challenge his need for independence. By putting their demands in place firmly when needed, but if you’re not careful, you might be facing a Sagittarius man who likes to play the field.

The reason this Sagittarius man keeps coming back is that he’s constantly testing his limits and boundaries with women; if he can’t get what he needs from one woman, in particular, there are plenty more where she came from.

It becomes a game of cat and mouse: he’s the hunter, but you’re playing hard to get. He might feel like there is a challenge in making his interest stay long-term.

It gives him something fun and exciting to do while keeping himself occupied from dealing with other responsibilities that come with being an adult.

2) The Sagittarius Man Is Still Interested

Sagittarius men have a free spirit and perpetually wanderlust. They love to explore the world, and many times that means exploring new people as well.

If you give your Sagittarius man his freedom, he will always come back home to make sure you know where he stands because, at heart, they don’t want to hurt you even if they aren’t physically by your side.

Because of their natural explorer spirit, they like variety and like to think there’s something better waiting beyond the horizon.

So if given small tastes of what is out there without making any commitments or return visits, then those men will naturally come back for more over time because it tasted better than the familiar territory presented as home.

Pressuring them to do otherwise will push them away even more.

The reason this Sagittarius man keeps coming back is that he’d want to get his fix. He might play the field, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on him right away.

It means there are plenty of other women who may be interested in keeping him around for their selfish reasons.

3) The Sagittarius Man Is Selfish

Sagittarius men are selfish jerks who exploit, lie to, scold, and abuse their partners. They’ll flatter you just enough to get you interested in them.

Still, once they have your attention, they will show their true colors by embarking on an emotionally treacherous journey that includes periods of sweet-talking followed by periods of short rage.

Sagittarius men feel the need to be needed by everyone, and yet he never stays put long enough for you to get used to him because his instability always keeps him running from place to place.

He’ll say he wants nothing more than a partner but what he wants is:

  • Chaos.
  • Drama.
  • “Fun” without commitment.
  • Validation through perpetually changing relationships…

Everything BUT stability because it’s what he needs.

The reason this Sagittarius man keeps coming back is that he loves to see what you’re going to do next. He’s a puzzle that needs solving, and the only way it seems like he can solve your riddles are through drama, chaos, fights, all of which distract him from his problems in life.

You might be playing a game with him just as much as he’s playing one with you.

How Do You Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Using You?

You know you’re being used if he doesn’t make an effort to make you feel special by listening to your feelings and ideas. If he’s fully engaged with his stuff all the time, then it’s probably just a game.

He doesn’t care about whether or not your friend is angry with him for some reason, he wants what he wants, when he wants it. And that might be hooking up.

The Sagittarius man is also less likely than other men to act jealous of others trying to get attention from his girlfriend or wife, which is another telltale sign of someone who is only in it for himself.

When this guy’s in love, he doesn’t care who or what is trying to get between him and his woman because he knows that if she wants someone else more than she loves you, then there will always be other people coming along to take your place.

Don’t be surprised if he’s always talking about his past relationships and how they were wrong for him.

This is part of the “game” as he wants to make you think that those women were all terrible people because then, by comparison, it will seem like no matter what happens between you two together. It can only get better.

He wants you to believe that he was always meant for you because, after all, if this is the case, then his life has finally come together, and everything will go according to plan.

This Sagittarius man keeps coming back even though it’s clear as day that things aren’t working out between the two of you, not because he cares about you, but because he wants to win! He’s a competitive guy, and if there’s no one else around, he’ll turn it all on you.

Sagittarius Man Keeps Coming Back: Closing Words

The Sagittarius man keeps coming back because he loves the thrill of a good chase.

He’s also addicted to that feeling you get when everything seems right, when things are going according to plan, and it feels like there is no other place for him in life except by your side.

So if this sounds familiar, then chances are he’s just using you. You’ve been warned.