Sagittarius Man Hurt In Love (How It Happens & What To Do)

Make sure that you tread carefully when the Sagittarius man is hurt in love. Let’s take a look at how he feels, and what you need to do.

Sagittarius Man Hurt In Love: How It Happens

sagittarius man hurt in love

You may have heard of the saying, “He who has never tasted sorrow knows not what is to live.” This phrase can be applied to Sagittarius men in love.

They are only human, and they do get hurt even though most people don’t think so. Read on to see why you might have broken the Sagittarius man.

1) You Kept Criticizing The Sagittarius Man

You hurt the Sagittarius man because you kept criticizing the Sagittarius man.

This type of thing is prevalent when people get together with friends or family members, and they all get on spouting off about how terrible some person is at their job or relationship.

Of course, everyone feels justified in their criticism because each of them can come up with all kinds of faults to lay bare before the fire of judgment.

Flaws they never intended to show anyone but which now seem like an irrepressible need tingling inside them almost as much as any other need.

All of this criticism is often meant to be light-hearted and funny, but the Sagittarius man may take it differently than intended because he’s so sensitive.

You could say that he takes these things harder than most people do, even though very few would ever suspect him of being particularly sensitive at all.

So, suppose you tell a story about how bad your boss is at his job or even say something critical in general about someone else’s behavior. In that case, this Sagittarius man may take it as criticism aimed directly at himself.

That’s because he thinks that people don’t know him, so they give out opinions of other people based on what they’ve seen of him and his behavior.

This is one reason why the Sagittarius man will often say that he hates to be judged because it’s so unfair and, especially in love relationships, people don’t know who you are.

This Sagittarius man may get immensely hurt if he comes across criticism aimed at someone else as if it’s meant for him. He’ll feel like he has to do something about the situation and stand up for himself, even though you probably didn’t mean any harm by your criticism.

I know that some of you might still think that Sagittarius men are insensitive and thick-skinned because they face their problems head-on and never seem to get hurt by them. This is not true at all, and it’s just another of the many myths surrounding this sign.

2) You Weren’t Honest To The Sagittarius Man

If you weren’t honest with the Sagittarius man, then you would end up hurting him. When he realizes that something is off about the relationship, the confusion of emotions caused by his shock is expressed with disdain, hatred, or anger-these are not “mild” emotions.

And even though people say they can handle criticism, verbal abuse is harmful, and there’s only so much one person can take before retreating to lick their wounds.

So even if you think it’ll hurt your partner’s self-esteem asking for help when things seem to be going well-that could be just what he needs to avoid being deeply hurt later on.

Doing right by someone matters because health is more than simply physical well-being. If you say hurtful things, act in ways that feel dishonesty that’s not suitable for your partner either.

Don’t be afraid to let someone know when they’ve crossed the line with their words or behavior because it could save them from much more than just an ego bruise later on down the road.

Even if you’re in the wrong, you can apologize for what’s done, and it will be easier to forgive someone who has already shown regret than if they try to sweep things under the rug.

3) You Were Trying To Control The Sagittarius Man

Sagittarians are sensual beings who require a lot of space to grow and expand. They will do incredible things if given the opportunity. If you happen to live with a Sagittarius man, the best thing you can do is try not to control him.

Allow him his space, and he’ll show off about your home in no time. Invite his friends over for dinner, and he’ll never stop cooking fantastic meals that everyone will enjoy.

Encourage his artistic interest, let him browse online without supervision, trust his decisions when it comes to finances, basically allow him the freedom he needs for him to flourish.

If you want a happy Sagittarian man living with you, then don’t restrain them in any way.

The only time Sagittarius men struggle with this is in love relationships where their partner seems to be trying to control them, usually because they’re insecure about the future of the relationship and want reassurance at every turn.

When someone doesn’t trust you or question your loyalty, it can feel like an attack on one’s character, and it’s not easy to respond positively.

So, if you feel like your Sagittarius man is withdrawing or getting distant when you try to control him-that could be the reason why.

How Do You Make A Sagittarius Man Feel Loved?

Every Sagittarius man needs his space, and that may be why he’ll never commit. He doesn’t want to settle in the one spot with the same person over and over again, so to show him you can have a life without him, ask for some time apart.

Show your Sagittarius how invested you are in your own life by living it to its fullest.

Watch movies together or hang out when they’re free and make sure you have time on your own when they don’t need you around because sadly, this is what will impress them more than anything else, no strings attached fun.

Be engaged with the world around you, so Sagittarius feels included in it too, not just left lonely at home.

Please don’t ask him to take you out. Offer instead of taking the lead. A Sagittarius man is looking for a woman who can keep up with his energy so let him know that if he’s going somewhere, it’ll be fun no matter where it leads.

Be spontaneous and never try to control them because they need freedom just as much as you do.

As a Sagittarius man falls in love with his partner, he’ll drop hints that may seem counter-intuitive. For instance, if your Sagittarius is having the time of their lives somewhere fun and exotic, they might prefer to spend some time home alone rather than go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant where all they want to do is relax.

If you’re the one who wants to go out for dinner, don’t take it personally if they prefer to stay home where it’s quiet and peaceful.

In a healthy relationship, both partners should feel free enough, not just physically but mentally as well, so that no matter what your Sagittarius man does or where they go, you will always feel like they’re with you in spirit.

As a Sagittarius man falls more deeply in love, he’ll find it easier to be at home rather than out on the town- that way, both of your needs are met.

Do Sagittarius Men Fall Out Of Love Quickly?

The Sagittarius man is not the biggest fan of commitment. He needs freedom. And once that freedom vanishes, it can seem like all his love for you goes with it too because there’s nothing left to fight for until he gets himself free again.

It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes letting your Sagittarius go, so they have the space they need is the best way to make them fall back in love with you again.

Once they get the space to think again, their love for you will come rushing back more vital than ever. They’re not just looking for a woman who can give them everything but one that can support them in being the best version of themselves possible- no matter what it takes.

If your Sagittarius partner feels like he has to fight for you, he’ll lose interest and move on to something that doesn’t require as much effort.

If your Sagittarius man leaves, don’t be afraid to let him go because a coward isn’t going to come back just because they miss the good times once those memories start fading away, only someone who truly loves you will be willing to fight for you.

Don’t take it personally if your Sagittarius partner needs some space; they’re just trying to find the best way to show how much they love and appreciate you.

Sagittarius Man Hurt: Final Words

A Sagittarius man’s sensitivities can be a good thing if he is treated with love and respect. If you have been hurting him lately, it might be time to show your affection in new ways.

Try going on an adventure together or expressing your feelings for him verbally instead of criticizing his actions which may have hurt you.

By treating this sensitive soul right, he will surely return the favor by understanding what makes you happy too.