My Husband Is An Entrepreneur And It’s Really Hard (Here’s Why)

Sharing every day with an entrepreneur can not only be hard, but it can feel like a roller coaster ride, full of emotions and ups and downs.

Most likely, your husband feels a constant amount of stress and pressure, as a lot is riding on him to be a successful entrepreneur and take care of you.

This isn’t just something that only your husband is going through either, as entrepreneurs are notorious for struggling with their relationships.

Let’s first talk about why that happens, and then we’ll move on to quite a few methods that you can use to make your husband’s entrepreneurial life a little bit easier.

Why Are Entrepreneurs Bad In Relationships?

my husband is an entrepreneur and its really hard

Entrepreneurs are notorious for being bad in relationships, and it comes down to how differently they think and act, as well as how obsessed they are with their business.

Having a business is completely different than having a job, as there are so many important decisions that need to be made with every step that they take.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs obsess and focus on their business so much, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why they are bad in relationships.

Let’s talk more about that first.

1) Their Business Is Their World

This is one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs are so bad at relationships, and it’s for the fact that they pour absolutely everything into their business.

Can you blame them though? It’s their big dream, it’s their big goal, and it means everything to them that they get to work on it every day; even if they’re not close to being successful yet.

Because of this relentless obsession with their business, it means that they have much less time to spend with their significant other.

Some of the best entrepreneurs find a way to work on their business while being with their partners, but this isn’t a very common occurrence for most entrepreneurs.

After all, if a business isn’t even close to being profitable, then the chances are higher that the entrepreneur will spend every waking moment of their day working on it.

Once again, this significantly reduces the time that the entrepreneur gets to spend with their significant other. This form of neglect can really add up over weeks, months, and years.

If the entrepreneur can’t give their significant other the time that they deserve and desire, then it ultimately becomes the beginning of the end from then on out.

Here’s another way of putting it, as the entrepreneur can only be the absolute best at:

  • Their business.
  • Their relationship.

You can’t be the best at two completely different things, and given their relentless nature of wanting to make their business work, the relationship declines as a result.

2) Entrepreneurs Think Differently Than Most People

Entrepreneurs think completely differently from most people, and while that sounds pretty harmless, it can make or break a relationship in many ways.

As if entrepreneurs aren’t labeled as being crazy in the first place, they also have to deal with the constant “butting of heads” when it comes to how they think.

To put it bluntly, entrepreneurs think so differently from most people that their relationship is doomed from the start if they are with the wrong person.

In fact, I’ve personally seen entrepreneurs get ridiculed and bullied for the way that they think and the actions that they take.

Ironically enough, it’s usually from people who feel threatened by them and haven’t done anything significant in their life, also referred to as haters.

Here are a few examples of how entrepreneurs think very differently than most people:

  • They have no time for gossip.
  • They don’t care about partying.
  • They don’t care about having fun.
  • They don’t want to go on vacation.
  • They like saving and growing their money.
  • They don’t care about not having a social life.
  • They just want to work on their business all day long.
  • They also don’t care about the latest celebrity craze or what the news says.

While not ALL entrepreneurs are going to have those types of beliefs, it’s still easy to see that most entrepreneurs march to the beat of their own drum.

Imagine an entrepreneur who had those beliefs up above, and they got into a relationship with someone who wanted to:

  • Spend money.
  • Party, go out and have fun.
  • Go on frequent extravagant vacations.
  • Gossip and talk trash about other people.

Money will most likely be the biggest differentiator when it comes to how they think.

If they are very conservative and care about growing their money, and they come across someone who just wants to spend spend spend? Bad news.

While there are also certainly more reasons as to why entrepreneurs tend to struggle with relationships, I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the absolute two biggest reasons for their relationship struggles.

Other reasons as to why entrepreneurs struggle with relationships include:

  • Mood swings.
  • Constant failures.
  • Constantly feeling under pressure and stressed.
  • Living in fear of not being able to provide for you.

So now that you are familiar with how your husband feels and what he’s going through as an entrepreneur, let’s take a look at how you can make his life much easier in the process.

How Can I Help My Entrepreneur Husband?

When it comes to helping your entrepreneurial husband, you need to do your best to be on the same page as him. See where he is coming from, and understand that being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park.

There’s a reason why so many businesses end up failing, and it’s simply for the fact that entrepreneurs need to make a ton of sacrifices, only to sometimes see a few results.

Aside from being empathetic, you need to be able to see where is coming from. Let’s talk more about that specifically.

1) Understand How He Thinks

One of the best ways of supporting your entrepreneur is not only supporting his thoughts and actions but also understanding him as well.

Given the nature of his actions and thoughts (as previously mentioned), your husband is going to sleep much better at night knowing that you understand where he is coming from.

Not only is he busting his butt to make his business work, but he is also doing it for a lot of great reasons:

  • To thrive financially as a family.
  • To not have to stress about finances.
  • To be able to have more options available to both of you.
  • To help hundreds and even thousands of people when it comes to solving a problem.

All at the same time, he is busting his butt and taking a massive risk when it comes to making everything work. So if he ever takes a specific action that seems weird to you, take some time to understand where is coming from.

The more loving and understanding you are when it comes to his business, the less he will have to stress about butting heads with you (based upon what he does and how he thinks).

2) Talk Amicably About Your Problems

Problems come up with every relationship, and even more when an entrepreneur is involved. Make sure that you can talk about them amicably.

Sometimes finding the solution to a problem can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Possible, but not likely. It becomes even more difficult when you spend too much time arguing.

When it comes to helping out your entrepreneurial husband:

Cooler heads prevail.

Money is definitely one of the biggest problems that can come between you and your husband, so make sure that you take the time to sit down and understand how he feels about it.

To an entrepreneur, money is usually a much bigger deal as they tend to value the importance of it and what it can do for them.

So if you happen to be butting heads, especially when it comes to money, make sure to take a step back a breath first, and then amicably talk about a possible solution.

Don’t forget that your husband is an entrepreneur and that simply means that he is a problem solver, and he’ll have no trouble solving the problem if it’s done in a civilized manner.

3) Set A Schedule Where Both Of You Can Win

Entrepreneurs are notorious for burning the midnight oil, and this can change if you both schedule times for you to be together.

I understand that it’s weird how you might need to schedule time in order to fully be with your husband, but if it works, then it works.

I’ve known a few entrepreneurs and most of them were very strict and regimented when it comes to their schedules. So why not be a part of that important schedule?

There are plenty of ways where both of you can win; where he can continue to focus on his business while also spending time to be with you. For example:

  • Make breakfast for him early in the morning.
  • Schedule one date night out every single week.
  • Make Sundays a complete day off from him working on his business.
  • Wake up earlier to go to the gym together (both of you working on your fitness).

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, and there are always ways to spend time with your husband, especially after (or before) he’s put a lot of work in for the day.

Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs Get Divorced? Final Words

So many entrepreneurs get divorced because they overall fail to give their relationships the amount of time and effort that they need to blossom and grow.

Aside from that, living with an entrepreneur isn’t going to be an easy task. Their entire lifestyle is constantly filled with:

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Pressure.
  • Wondering if they will ever succeed.

They also don’t have the stability of a constant paycheck, so there is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to relationships with an entrepreneur not working.

At the end of the day, other people’s conclusions most certainly do not need to be yours. Make sure that you’re willing to give your husband the time that he needs for his business.

While he might be struggling right now, the future can look oh so much brighter when you stand by his side, encourage him, and show him empathy for the big risks that he’s taking.