Leo Man Ghosting: Why Would He Ghost You?

Leo men are known to be the worst when it comes to ghosting. They’re known for being lions of lions, who can conquer all in their path, but they also have other traits that make them intriguing.

One of these traits is that they are typically infamous for ghosting people. So let’s talk about what the real story here is.

Why Would A Leo Man Ghost You?

why would a leo man ghost you

The Leo man is all about living in the present. They’re not prominent planners, and they like to live for today. This can be a double-edged sword for their love life.

There is no future, so they don’t make one with you; they hardly ever commit because if they aren’t feeling it now, they don’t see it happening later.  They are the epitome of escapism, so it’s not uncommon for them to disappear without a word.

Here are other reasons why the Leo man might suddenly disappear:

1) The Leo Man Is Selfish

Leo men are typically very selfish. Of course, all men are somewhat selfish because they’re horny little creatures, but the Leo man is on an entirely different level.

They’re used to having their way with people and doing whatever they please, so it’s not unusual for them to lose interest if you haven’t given them what they want.

A Leo man is also self-centered. That’s why he can suddenly ghost people.

He might suddenly ghost you for no reason, be aware of this kind of behavior. What’s worse is that even if you try to be cool about it and not confront him, he’ll still take this as an opportunity to be even more selfish.

Leo men are very proud, stubborn people by nature, but they are also usually very outgoing and popular, which gives them the false sense that they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Well, they can’t.

They will be more than happy to use you for anything that benefits them without thinking about your feelings.

Leo men are also known for being very good at pretending they love somebody so much so that the other person would do anything to keep them, but if you break up with them, they’ll go ahead and treat you like trash without any hesitation.

And it’s not only because they are emotionally manipulative people, but also because they genuinely believe that since you broke up with them, you deserve nothing better than being treated like dirt.

2) The Leo Man Isn’t Great With Confrontation

The Leo man doesn’t like to confront people. They usually avoid conflict at all costs, so they’ll ghost you suddenly without really giving you a reason why.

You see, the Leo man will never break up with you because showing weakness is something that they despise doing.

So instead of breaking up with you if he feels like it’s not working out, he’ll fade away, and you won’t hear from him again until the day when he’s ready to make his grand return.

The Leo man is not good with confrontation so expect him to ghost you without reason.

Leo men are notorious for this kind of treatment because they don’t want to deal with any backlash if you chase after him.

When he resurfaces, you might also get the “it’s not you it’s me” speech which is an even more insulting thing to hear because at least when people say that they did something wrong.

However, I think if a Leo man breaks up with you via ghosting, then this means it was never working in the first place.

What To Do If A Leo Ghosted You

Try not to think about it. He was never worth your time in the first place if he’s willing to leave you with no explanation, so do yourself a favor and move on from him as quickly as possible.

If you can’t, try to find closure by sending him a message asking him why he ghosted you. But

Remember that the ball is totally in his court now. If he decides to reply, then fine, but if not, you’ll have to deal with it and move on anyway because there’s just no reason for you to spend any more time thinking about him.

Make sure to remain calm and collected – you don’t want him to think he’s got any power over your emotions. What’s done is done, and now it’s time for you to take control of your future.

And remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea (even if you don’t want to catch those fish right now, they’re probably still there waiting for you). You’ll find somebody better soon enough.

What he did doesn’t define who you are as a person, and you’re one step ahead now that you don’t have to bother with his crap anymore.

What Happens When You Ghost A Leo Man

If you ever make the mistake of ghosting a Leo, he won’t mind. Also, there is no need to worry about breaking their heart because they don’t have one.

They are all about the best of everything, so if you ghost them, they won’t care because they have no significant other to grieve over. Also, since they are only concerned with their appearance, it doesn’t matter that you can’t see them anymore.

On top of that, they are very self-involved and do not notice what is going on around them. Therefore ghosting them will not affect their lives in any possible way.

Leo has been burned too many times to care about being burned again. They have been heartbroken so many times that they could care less about being brokenhearted.

They only worry about themselves and what makes them happy, and if you don’t make them happy, they won’t care that they don’t have you in their life.