Leo Man Controlling & Possessive In Relationships? (Explained)

The Leo man is certainly far from perfect, especially when you consider the fact that he can demonstrate some controlling and possessive characteristics in a relationship.

Let’s talk more about the Leo man and what you can expect from him in the future.

Are Leos Controlling In Relationships?

are leos controlling in relationships

Leos can be controlling in relationships, and this is something that you should keep in mind when dating this sign.

Leos tend to believe they are the leaders and they also believe they know how to do things in the best way. They want to control things because of their nature that is usually over-protective.

If you do not believe them or try to control them back, the scenario will not be good for both of you. Leo will seek attention and security and he will do anything to get back his “crown” again.

Leos are the masters of drama, and they tend to control their partners to secure their position as the leaders in the relationships.

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Let’s talk about two big reasons as to why the Leo man is so controlling.

1) Leo Man Is Very Protective

A Leo man is very protective and that is why he is controlling sometimes. They want to make sure that you are protected and secured, and they will do anything to protect you from other persons.

They care about the people they love, and this is sometimes seen as controlling behavior.

However, a Leo man will always tend to make you feel comfortable in his presence as he tries to sacrifice his time and attention to make you feel good.

A Leo man is born to lead other people, and when he is in a relationship with a partner he cares about he will do anything to protect this person. That is when his care comes to light, and those moments can make the relationship even stronger.

2) Leo Man Can Be Very Selfish

Usually, Leo man is controlling because he is selfish. He wants to have control over the behavior of his partner in every moment and he can’t stand anyone else getting his partner’s attention.

A Leo man is selfish because of his nature that is very proud and sometimes aggressive.

Leos do not like playing in the bush and they want everything to be clear and understandable. They are always seeking attention and when they do not get it, they are ready to make a drama in everyday situations.

A Leo man is selfish because they believe they deserve the best for themselves. They like the best and most expensive clothes, the latest technology trends, and the fastest cars.

They believe they are born to be the center of attention and that is when their selfishness comes to light.

When they do not have what they think they deserve to have, there might be huge problems. For all these reasons, a Leo man in a relationship is very controlling and very stubborn to make his partner the way he wants them to be.

How Can You Tell If A Leo Man Is Using You?

If a Leo man is using you, there are great chances that you won’t realize it at the first glance. He will be very assertive at the beginning, he will shower you with attention, and he will make the best effort to make you feel good.

However, after this initial phase, there will be some signs that he wants to stop doing all these things and this is when the things usually turn out to be different.

He will constantly seek your attention, he will set you up to compliment him, and he will do anything to get the small gifts of appreciation.

In other words, he will be using you to boost his ego. He will try to get as much as possible from you without even realizing that he is using you.

Only one thing will be on his mind and this is:

I am the best and I deserve attention.

No matter how far he goes in this egoistic intention, a Leo man will continue to be the center of attention.

He will be using you to get social approval and this might be all those small situations that make a big picture. If he brings a coffee to you in the morning, be sure that all of your friends will know about it.

If he buys you something, he will spread the word with the speed of light about it.

All these things are happening to you because your Leo man wants the world to speak about his good traits. Even if sometimes all these traits are simply the signs of using their partners.

Are Leos Possessive People?

Leos can be very possessive people, but this applies only to the people they care about. When Leo is possessive, he is strong and determined to protect his partner.

If Leo is not emotionally involved in the relationship, he could be very distant and cold. Only when he is with his favorite people, he shows his devotion and possessiveness.

Sometimes, a Leo shows a quiet aura of possessiveness when he can show you his intentions with quiet gestures. He will be quiet but you will know his feelings about some situation or some people.

On the other hand, he can be very demonstrative and loud about his thought and moves. He will point what bothers him and what makes him possessive over his partner.

As you can see, a Leo man is very:

  • Protective.
  • Controlling.
  • And selfish at the same time.

He loves competition and he always tries to be the winner in the game of love. He could learn that a love game is not a battlefield all the time, and the relationship is not a game where you always need to win.

A Leo man will also use you from time to time to show that he is the leader in a relationship. At the same time, he does this to boost his ego and show that he can handle each situation in his manner.

Sometimes, this manner will be over-selfish and childish, but he will continue to lead his game of competitiveness.

All of the mentioned characteristics of a Leo man give us an overview of one of the proudest and most self-centered signs of the zodiac.

He has his bad temper sometimes, but we also like Leos for their good characteristics that cannot be compared to other zodiac signs.