Gemini Man Giving Mixed Signals? Here’s Why He Does It

Your gut feeling is definitely correct; that Gemini man is certainly sending you mixed signals.

Don’t feel too upset over it though, as it’s a natural part of what a Gemini man does.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why he might be sending you mixed signals.

Why A Gemini Man Might Be Sending Mixed Signals

gemini man sending mixed signals

It’s easy to relate to the frustration of receiving mixed signals while dating, especially when it comes to Gemini men. In fact, it’s very common for a Gemini man to send mixed signals, so it’s something that you should expect.

However, you do need to understand why this issue happens. Especially if you want to keep the attraction going with this special Gemini man.

There are usually two big reasons why a Gemini man might be sending you mixed signals. These two reasons include:

  1. He is really bored with you and most likely not interested.
  2. On the brighter side, he is actually interested in you.

In other words, either he likes you or he doesn’t. Let’s talk about both of these two situations and how to successfully assess them.

1) The Gemini Man Is Bored

Gemini guys have the reputation of being reluctant to the idea of commitment, and easily get very bored. Given the fact that they never want to be bored, they are prone to getting involved in every opportunity that arises. This idea also applies to their romantic relationships.

Before jumping to conclusions, how can you figure out if a Gemini guy is actually bored? A Gemini will always have a need to be constantly challenged. Also, Gemini men tend to be energetic and always up for something.

Most of the time, a Gemini guy will be bored if his partner fails to keep up with his rhythm. If not that, then he’ll also become bored if you don’t show enough interest in his passions and hobbies.

2) The Gemini Man Is Actually Interested In You

On the other hand, sometimes we fail to spot whether our Gemini partner is bored or actually interested in us. Ask yourself the following three questions:

  • If he is publicly romantic with you?
  • If the Gemini man is silly with you?
  • If he constantly tries to entertain you in various ways?

The more questions that you answered Yes to, the higher the chances that he is interested in you and even sending mixed signals.

Gemini men can be amazing partners, but it is up to you to trigger the switch that will make them eager for your company and attention. The mixed signs can become history with the right attitude.

How To Deal With A Gemini Guy Giving Mixed Signals

So you now understand that a Gemini man is very capable of sending mixed signals. Connecting with a Gemini man that’s giving you mixed signals may be a challenging situation, but the good news is that it can be fixed with the strategies listed below.

1) Be Even More Energetic Than The Gemini Man

The Gemini man is very energetic and tends to always be up for new things. Not keeping up with your Gemini partner poses a high risk for him getting bored but even worse, you can expect more unwanted challenges within the relationship.

Being even more energetic than him will trigger his interest. His attention span will be dedicated to you, and there’s a great chance that he will be overwhelmed by your lifestyle (in a good way).

He will be constantly trying harder to adapt to your rhythm and your bond can get much stronger. It might be difficult at first, but it may save what you’ve got going on, and give you the opportunity for a more adventurous connection.

2) Be Mysterious (And Leave Him Wanting More)

Gemini men are also known for their tendency to hardly commit when it comes to relationships. Being mysterious may determine him to pursue you more and even include you in more activities with him.

Due to his usual tendency to impress, he can be more willing to discover new things that make you happy. Also, he won’t be tempted to take you for granted, especially as he grows to value and appreciate you more as a partner.

3) Don’t Forget To Give The Gemini Man Some Space

Space is important in every relationship. If the Gemini man is giving mixed signals, it might be the sign that he needs some time for himself. Geminis tend to be extremely independent, with a strong sense of self-reliance. Trying to control or take part in their every move might not be a good strategy, especially if you want him to be around in the future.

Giving him space will definitely boost his interest. Also, his drive to spend more time with you will dramatically increase, along with his willingness to make you happy. Your relationship can then develop on many levels and his upsetting habit of giving mixed signals will surely disappear.

How Does A Gemini Act When He Likes You?

Another important question when dealing with the Gemini man is: how does he react when he is interested? They tend to get involved in a lot of activities with you in order to impress and win your heart. They also tend to engage in a lot of contact with you.

Also, another very important sign is whether or not they are open to you. In fact, you may even spot that if he is showing his childish side. Openness is a sign that your relationship is on the right path and all the problems can be worked out in an easier, trouble-free manner.

Even if Gemini men are giving mixed signs, the situation can be assessed using the tips and tricks provided in this article. To quickly summarise, you’re going to want to make sure that you:

  1. Are being more energetic than the Gemini man.
  2. Keep the mystery at an all-time him.
  3. Don’t forget to give him some space.

These are some proven strategies that will help you to win his heart and keep him interested in you. Also, they may even help you get over the difficult times that can occur in the future.

So while the Gemini man will most likely be sending you mixed signals, make sure you know how to read them. This will help quicken the process of getting to know a Gemini guy, and help you decide if he is the right one for you.