Gemini Man Disappearing Act: Why Does This Suddenly Happen?

Straight out of the Gemini man playbook, the ability to disappear at the drop of a hat.

As frustrating as it can be, there can be quite a few reasons why Gemini men pull this type of disappearing act.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the topic.

Why Gemini Men Disappear And Will They Ever Come Back To You?

gemini man disappears for weeks

It was all going so well. From that first date, the one that was meant to be just coffee and ended up with the two of you talking all night. There have been plenty of fun days that included:

  • Sunny days at the beach.
  • Long walks through rainy city streets.
  • And endless discussions about anything and everything under the sun.

You marvel at how damned compatible the two of you are while holding hands across the table of what has become your favorite restaurant. Then the wheels fall off.

One weekend he abruptly cancels on you with some breezy talk about how his buddies are in town and he is sure you won’t mind. The two of you were going to go away to a romantic little getaway in the country. You organized the entire thing and have sent him a ton of messages and phone calls to make sure he was on board.

He seemed fine about it until he wasn’t. You are devastated. Your dazzling, witty, charismatic Gemini man has vanished into thin air. Where did it all go so wrong? Is he coming back? Let’s see, shall we?

You Might Be Too Clingy For The Gemini Man

You sit on your couch home alone, staring at your phone screen, willing it to light up. One word, one letter, one line and you’d feel a whole lot better. But there is nothing, just that screensaver pic you took of him sleeping.

You scroll through all your messages and notice that actually, you have been sending him quite a few lately. Is twenty a day too much? All quite long ones too if you stop to look at them, with a ton of kisses and love emojis, while he’s been replying with one-liners, if at all.

Have you been holding on too tight? It starts to dawn on you that maybe you have been overdoing things a little.

Normally, you are not a clingy person, but there is just something about this man that makes you want to be with him all of the time. He is a Gemini though. You know that Gemini men need their space and love an independent woman who gives them room to breathe.

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Just the thought of being tied down will have them running for cover. Time to take it down a notch? Yep, probably.

You Might Be Too Boring For The Gemini Man

You love your couch. It is like a big, soft sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world. As you sit there, all alone, you start to wonder if you have been spending too much time on it, awesome though it is.

Have you been getting a bit too comfortable? Remember a few weekends ago when your Gemini man wanted to go camping and fishing and you got him to stay at home with you instead?

You ordered Uber Eats and watched Sleepless In Seattle. It was such a cozy night but come to think of it, your Gemini left the show early, heading off to bed long before Meg and Tom made it to the top of The Empire State Building.

Gemini men are action men. They love being outdoors and need excitement and spontaneity. Even if the movie had been The Terminator he probably would have started to wonder how he had ended up being stuck on a couch with such a gorgeous but kind of a boring homebody.

Time to get off that couch and put on your hiking boots? You betcha Sister!

You Might Be Complimenting Him Way Too Much

The Gemini man is awesome, and he certainly knows this. He lights up a room, knows just how to liven up a conversation, and he’s super cute as well. You have never met any man as great as this one and you can’t stop telling him that.

Is the shine wearing off?

Gemini men love being complimented and are no different from any other man, or woman, in this respect. That sparkling personality of theirs gets that little bit shinier when a well-placed, honest compliment comes their way.

Overdo it though and things start to tarnish pretty quickly. You’ve been giving him multiple compliments every day.

Why do people get addicted to slot machines? It’s the intrigue of never knowing when the next win is coming. Remember this when complimenting your man and keep him hungry and guessing.

Sometimes, less is more.

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You Might Be Playing Games With The Gemini Man (He Hates That)

Have you been playing games? Not the fun kind that your Gemini man loves, like a spontaneous one-on-one out on the basketball court, but the sneaky kind? Let’s think about how you have been behaving lately.

Did you really need to flirt quite so hard with that bartender just to get your guy’s attention? Gemini men are natural flirts and like a woman who can shake things up a bit on the flirting front too, as they are not by nature, jealous or possessive, but perhaps you put on a bit too much of a show.

It’s a damned miracle that your boobs stayed in your dress with all that leaning and touching you did. You got your man’s attention all right, but not in a good way. He was angry and looking back, you can’t blame him.

How about that time you deliberately stopped texting him after he went fishing instead of coming with you on that shopping trip? The silent treatment might work on a different kind of guy, but not on your Gemini. He’s a bright and breezy air sign and hates mind games.

Closing Words About The Gemini Man Disappearing And Reappearing

It is all starting to make sense. You’ve been thinking about things and are beginning to understand why your Gemini man has disappeared.

You are not normally clingy and mind games are something that you hate too. You are better than that. It is what attracted him to you in the first place. You’re a smart, independent woman who loves to have adventures, not some clinging, limp homebody. Get a grip!

No wonder he has taken off with his buddies. The problem has been, that you are so into him that you started to lose yourself in the relationship and might lose him in the process.

So, is he going to come back?

You are off the couch now and heading for your front door. You’ve stopped staring at your phone, willing it to ring, and instead have signed up for an exercise class at the gym. The first lesson starts in an hour.

You hope so much that your unpredictable, yin yang Gemini will come back to you but you know now that you can’t fence him in and would never want to. You open the door and there he is, standing there with that irresistible grin on his face.

The sun has come out again and with this exciting, Gemini man back in your life, you will never know what tomorrow will bring, and that is more than ok.

Tomorrow will take care of itself and right now, you have an abseiling lesson to get to. If he’s lucky, you will let him tag along.

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