Do Gemini Men Like Compliments? 4 Things You Need To Know

We all love to get compliments. From being told we look good, to having praise come our way for a job well done. A well-placed, genuine compliment can make us walk a little taller, and smile a little brighter.

So what about when it comes to Gemini men? Well, no one loves a compliment as much as the charismatic and clever Gemini man.

There’s much more to it than just complimenting a Gemini man though. Let’s discuss that now.

About The Gemini Man And How To Use Compliments

are gemini men attracted to compliments

You think you might be falling in love. You met this amazing guy a few months ago and the attraction was instant.

  • He is smart.
  • He is charming.
  • And he makes you laugh.

You are thinking that this one is a keeper. An exciting, always on the go Gemini man.

You might be a moth to his dazzling Gemini flame but you have noticed that he has a dark side. He can get a little moody. A bit hot-cold and sometimes, the closer you try to get to him, the more he seems to want to keep his distance.

There’s something else. One of the things that attracted you to him in the first place was his off-the-scale flirting skills. This guy really knows how to make a girl feel good without coming across as a douchebag, but he has started getting a little flirty with other women.

You might understand what is going on but that doesn’t mean you like it. How do you get his attention back on you? Well, how about starting by cranking things up a notch and meeting his needs so that he will meet yours.

1) The Full Compliment For Gemini Men

The Gemini man has an ego. We all do of course, but his ego can be quite a big one and very sensitive too. Needing to be the center of attention is a common trait in Geminis and although he comes across as high octane and bulletproof, he can actually be quite protective of his feelings and withdraw if he feels hurt.

No one can feel more neglected than a Gemini man. Could this is what is going on with your guy? If so, what can you do about it?

It is simple actually. Give that big, beautiful, fragile ego a little stroke.

Tell him that he is amazing and let him know that you love his stories. Watch the sun come out from behind that cloud over his face when he hears that you are totally turned on by his rugged, outdoorsy style.

Compliment a Gemini man and you will be a winner.

2) Keep It Real With The Gemini Man

Gemini men know when you’re not being real with them, so don’t go there in the first place.

Make sure you mean it when you compliment your Gemini. With all of the great attributes that Gemini men possess, it should never be difficult to find inspiration.

If you are sifting around in your head, trying to come up with something just because you think you should, then zip it. It isn’t worth potentially damaging his faith and trust in you.

Any compliment that you give your man should come from the heart. Mean it, don’t fake it and the angel side of that intriguing dual personality of his will be back in no time at all.

3) Don’t Fall Into A Compliment Trap With A Gemini Man

Compliments are great but too many of them will have your guy starting to feel a little suspicious.

If your diary is full of daily reminders to give your man compliments, then you’ve got a problem. Don’t forget that he is a natural-born flirt and knows how and when to give a compliment.

He will notice if too many compliments are coming his way and that Gemini armor of his will be on straight away.

Gemini men also hate to feel hemmed in. If you are up close and personal, whispering compliments in a Gemini’s ear all of the time, he will be stifled.

There’s nothing that a Gemini likes more than someone who is there for them when they need it but knows to give them lots of space.

Sometimes, less is more.

4) Gemini Men Are Addicted To Mystery When It Comes To Compliments

Gemini men are easily bored.

You know that and it is one of the things you love about your Gemini. You know too that a big turn-off for Geminis is placid dependability. If you become bland and predictable with your compliments or with any other aspect of yourself actually, there will be trouble in paradise.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be the wittiest person in the room (that is his job). Neither does it mean that you need to get your pilot’s license and start skywriting compliments to your man, although he would probably love this.

It just means, that while staying true to yourself (because none of us should lose ourselves in order to keep a man), it is more than ok to surprise him.

People get addicted to social media because they never know when the next exciting moment is coming. This keeps them engaged and coming back for more. And you know what keeps you coming back for more as well, is your Gemini man’s exciting unpredictability. If you give him a bit of his own medicine, he will love it.

Keep him guessing and you will keep him.

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Closing Words About Compliments, Fortune, And Fame

So what do all of the following men have in common?

  • Clint Eastwood.
  • Prince William.
  • Boris Johnson.
  • Johnny Depp.
  • Rafael Nadal.

They are all famous, wealthy, and Geminis.

Fame and fortune can be great, but there is more to it. The basic, human need for love, support, and understanding is in all of us and even more so in Gemini men. Egos are still egos and wealthy, powerful Gemini men need compliments too.

So, when you are with your Gemini man and you see him go from sunshine to shadow in a heartbeat, reach out (but don’t be clingy.) Tell him he is great, mean it, and watch the sun come out again.