Why Do I Keep Attracting Gemini Men? Here’s 4 Big Reasons Why

Gemini men are known as social butterflies as they love to chat and mingle. Given this fact, the chances are much higher that Gemini men would not only be approaching you, but also be attracted to you.

This is a good thing, as it’s a direct reflection that you’re doing what Gemini men like.

You also might not be aware of what Gemini men like, so let’s take a look at that right now.

Here’s What Gemini Men Are Attracted To (Do Any Of These Sound Like You)?

why do i always attract geminis

First things first. I want you to realize that attracting Gemini men isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a lot of women find it frustrating when it comes to just capturing his attention, let alone him being attracted to you.

So you’re definitely doing a lot of things right, especially when it comes to what a Gemini man likes the most.

1) Gemini Men Are Attracted To Fun Women

Given the fact that a Gemini man wants to always be in the spotlight, it’s easy to see that he’d also like to be around fun women.

When it comes to hanging out with a man and going out on dates, do you consider yourself someone that likes to have a lot of fun? If so, that’s a big reason you keep attracting Gemini men.

Many times, Gemini men can pick up on this without having to spend a lot of time with you. He might be able to notice:

  • The fact that you love smiling.
  • The energy that you bring to conversations.
  • Or maybe he’s asked your friends for some details about you.

If he knows your friends, then there’s a good chance that he will ask for more details about you. After all, Gemini men love knowing every single little detail possible, so make sure that your friends don’t tell him everything all at once.

All in all, the worst thing that you could be around a Gemini man is boring. So if you find that you keep attracting Gemini men, take it as a great sign that you’re fun to be around and give yourself and chalk that up as a win.

2) Gemini Men Are Attracted To Mystery And Surprises

If you’ve ever seen a Gemini man at a small social gathering, event, or even party, then you’re probably familiar with how he likes to bounce around the room while striking up conversations.

With that in mind, the Gemini man will talk to a lot of different women. Aside from being attracted to fun women, he’s also going to be attracted to a woman that is full of mystery or surprises.

When it comes to mystery, it doesn’t take very long to realize that you can potentially be full of surprises. Plus, it doesn’t take a whole lot of conversation for a Gemini man to realize this.

So if you’ve had a few chats with a Gemini man, and you haven’t told him every single little about you? Then there’s a good chance that he likes the mystery and surprises that come along with you.

Once again, this is a great characteristic to have.

3) Gemini Men Love Social Butterflies (And Positive Energy)

Imagine a Gemini man striking up a conversation with a woman and every time he asked a question, the answer was something like:

  • Yes.
  • Nope.
  • It depends.

That sounds more like an interview instead of a conversation. After all, Gemini men can’t stand boring women. They always want to be in the spotlight and they are attracted to a woman who can keep up with him and his energy.

So do you consider yourself slightly extroverted? Even if you find yourself more on the introverted side, you might find that you’re not only a great listener, but you know how to add a lot of great energy and discussion to a conversation.

You also might be saying the right words by complimenting the Gemini man, he loves that.

4) Gemini Men Aren’t Attracted To Clinginess

Consider this a curveball as it’s something that Gemini men aren’t attracted to whatsoever. In this case, it’s clinginess. When it comes to Gemini men, not only are they not clingy themselves, but they don’t like it when women are being clingy.

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Consider this yet another high possibility of why you keep attracting Gemini men. This is also something that you might not even realize at the time:

  • You might be spending time with your friends and family.
  • You could be focusing time on hobbies or accomplishing goals.
  • And because of this, it’s actually giving the Gemini man the freedom that he loves.

Gemini men love their freedom and personal time, and they’re not going to be attracted to a woman that could potentially take that from him. So if you keep attracting Gemini men, then there’s a higher chance that he sees you as not being a clingy woman.

Final Words About Why You Are Attracting Gemini Men

Keep in mind that there can always be other subtle reasons why you are attracting Gemini men. However, these four specific reasons are pretty powerful indicators that a Gemini man is attracted to you. Let’s recap them very quickly.

You might keep attracting Gemini men because:

  1. You’re a lot of fun and that’s very attractive to Geminis.
  2. You’re mysterious and full of surprises (bonus points for being spontaneous).
  3. You’re a social butterfly and you have a lot of great positive energy.
  4. Lastly, you’re not the clingy time and the Gemini man easily recognizes that.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about why you keep attracting Gemini men. Please don’t see this as a bad thing.

Instead, see that you’ve got a lot of great characteristics that Gemini men happen to love.