Capricorn Man Rejected Me (Dealing With Rejection)

It can be quite the crushing feeling when a Capricorn man rejects you.

However, it’s not always the end of the world when a Capricorn man rejects you. After all, there are usually specific reasons as to why the Capricorn man will do something like this.

Let’s first talk about the important signs when it comes to rejection.

The Capricorn Man Acts And Seems Uninterested

capricorn man no interested

Before you decide he has, indeed, rejected you, or he might just be undergoing a rough time, consider the possible warning signs. Are these happening between the two of you?

Capricorn men are already known to be very private about their inner world, and would rather focus on work or business and achieving material success. But, if he:

  • Keeps your talks short and simple.
  • Doesn’t really open up to you at all.
  • Doesn’t acknowledge your presence when you’re there.
  • Establishes physical space between the two of you when you’re together.
  • Never expresses much interest in your life except for occasional basic questions.
  • Keeps your interactions to a minimum (you have to initiate all of the interactions).

Don’t forget about the Capricorn man putting you in the dreaded friend zone where he treats you like a little sister. There’s nothing worse than that.

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If any of the reasons above sound familiar, then it’s likely that he’s not into you. Don’t single out any single behavior and immediately conclude he’s rejecting you. Look for the pattern instead.

If more and more behaviors occur consistently, then it’s more likely that he’s indifferent to you, at best.

Of course, you can always just ask him point-blank, as he appreciates honesty, and he will tell you point-blank, too, that he’s not interested in you romantically.

What It Means When A Capricorn Man Rejects You

Capricorn men are built to focus more on making the most of their limited time on earth, so they’re driven towards achievement, material success, building a legacy that matters. When a Capricorn man does “reject” you, it’s because he thinks you’re not a good fit. He wants a woman who seeks and understands the same things he’s propelled towards in his life.

If you show no outside interests and enjoyment of a life of your own, he sees that as wasting the precious gift of life. If you can’t hold your own with him and you behave in very dependent, clingy, and needy ways, he would think that you’re too lazy and spineless for him.

If you have frequent outbursts of emotions or insist on public displays of affection, these are turn-offs for him as he would prefer more mature, rational discussions, and keeping private things private.

About Capricorn Man Rejection

It’s not always about you, either. There are deeper reasons when he rejects you, reasons he would rather not say because he’s likely not very aware of them himself, considering that Capricorns are known to be very uncomfortable when dealing with emotions to start with.

Is The Capricorn Man Afraid Of Rejection?

Deep down, he usually is. Remember that the force that propels him in life is to achieve and be successful. The underside of this is that if he doesn’t, it’s a devastating blow for him. So, when he senses impending possible failure in your relationship, or he’s afraid of you rejecting him, he’d rather reject you first.

If he’s blowing hot and cold, he may just have issues he needs to resolve on his own that he doesn’t want to share with you for fear of your seeing him as a failure. When he sees you flirting for fun with other men, his feelings are deeply hurt but he won’t express it. Instead, he’ll turn cold on you and reject you first. When he senses you’re not ready for a monogamous relationship with him, he’d rather leave than be left.

In short, a Capricorn man retreats from the world, and you, when he suffers a blow to his fragile manly pride. He actually needs reassurance of your love, not just in words, but more importantly in action, and consistently so!

How Does A Capricorn Man Deal With Rejection?

When rejected, he basically turns to ice. He constructs almost impenetrable barriers between himself and whomever he feels has rejected him and buries himself instead in more work, work, and work.

He generally sees relationships as an investment, part of the future success he’s constantly striving towards. When he’s rejected, he is very upset at how much he has lost in his investment and will often torture himself with endless questions on why he was not able to make it work.

Closing Words About The Capricorn Man And Rejection

Most dictionary definitions of the word, “rejection”, actually simply mean “a refusal”. And a refusal by someone can be caused by many different reasons, not always you. Psychologist Guy Finch explains, “The greatest damage rejection causes is usually self-inflicted.”

In other words, it’s not what someone did “refusing” you, it’s how you interpret that refusal as damage to your sense of self and identity that makes you feel bad about it.

If a Capricon man has rejected you, it can simply mean that you’re not a good fit, for reasons of his own. It may have to do with some behaviors you exhibit that does not sit well with him and where he wants to go in life. But then again, it goes both ways.

When you go past your feelings of attraction and attachment for him and really see more clearly into his behaviors, do they sit well with you, too, and where you want to go in life? Perhaps, not, and he has, in fact, done you a great favor by discerning ahead of you that you’re really not a good fit, after all.

Or, it may have to do with deeper issues of his own that you have nothing to do with issues that were already there before you even met, and issues that might likely continue if he hasn’t resolved them himself.

Rejection is relative to how you see it. If you know that you’re being the most authentic and best you that you can be, anybody’s refusal of you is more a reflection of them, their preferences, what season of life they’re in, and their readiness for someone like you, than on your own worth.

So, bless them for the experience and lessons learned, and keep on doing you. Let the best fit come.