Capricorn Man Just Wants To Be Friends: The Dreaded Friend Zone

There is nothing worse than hearing these words from a Capricorn man:

I just want to be friends.

Let’s take a look at what this means, why he says it, and most importantly, what to expect.

Why The Capricorn Man Just Wants To Be Friends: What It Means

capricorn man just wants to be friends

There are several reasons why a male Capricorn would put you in the “friend zone”. The friend zone is when you want a romantic relationship with someone but they are not interested in you that way, and would rather just be friends instead.

One reason might be that Capricorns do not rush into relationships. They like to get to know someone well first before they commit to devoting themselves to you on a more intimate level. They do not like to waste time and would not appreciate finding out something about you months down the road that they simply cannot handle in a relationship.

Another reason might be that you are not at the same status or level in life as they are. They do not want to associate with anyone who does not have their life together. If you are just starting out in your career, are between jobs, or just lack any motivation to succeed, you are not going to be able to keep up with a successful Capricorn.

Capricorns are usually found in places of power when it comes to a career. It takes a lot of time and effort to not only achieve this status but also to maintain it. They take relationships very seriously and want to have the time and resources to treat their partner with a lot of attention.

They view attention-giving as a way of expressing how much they care. If they feel they are too busy building a career then they will not enter a relationship because they do not have enough time to devote to you.

Do Capricorns Make Friends Easily?

Capricorns do not make friends easily. A few factors contribute to this problem, one being, they have a very pessimistic, negative side to them.

This side is not always out, but if it does show up more often, it tends to divert people away from them. No one wants to be hanging around a total bummer all the time. At certain times, the Capricorn will find it hard to see the silver lining in anything.

Another contributing factor is that Capricorns have a very tough exterior. It is often hard for others to break through to the inside and get to know them as a friend. The effort of breaking down this wall might not seem worth it to many people and therefore they stop trying.

Capricorns tend to be very reserved in social situations. They are not the life of the party, but rather the wallflowers. They are not easy to approach and will rarely approach others to strike up a conversation.

This makes it hard for them to gain new friends because they come off as standoffish and usually will not initiate conversation so there is no opportunity to meet new people.

Do Capricorn Men Have A Lot Of Friends?

For the reasons mentioned above, Capricorn men do not have a lot of friends. If you consider yourself to be his friend then that is a good sign. He has allowed you to break down his tough exterior because he wants to let you in and get to know you.

While Capricorn men do not have a lot of friends, they do have a lot to offer as a friend. You’ll see that when you are friends with a Capricorn you will benefit from the relationship. They make you want to continuously better yourself. Not only will they give you the drive to become better, but they will also help you to the best of their abilities.

Capricorn men are loyal, funny, and dependable. They keep their circle small, but will always be the ones to plan the fun get-togethers due to their strong organizational skills.

They may not always verbally express how much they cherish your friendship, but actions speak louder than words. If you are sick, don’t be surprised if you get a knock on your door and see your Capricorn standing there with a bowl of homemade soup.

Do Capricorns Do Friends With Benefits?

Most of the time a male Capricorn will appreciate having friends with benefits over a full romantic relationship. The reason for this is that they find it difficult to balance a healthy relationship and also devote enough time to their busy schedule at work.

As mentioned before, Capricorns are somewhat workaholics. They also like to give a lot of attention to their significant other. Sometimes these two things cannot coincide, and therefore, they end up keeping you around as a friend with benefits.

Just because you might become a friend with benefits does not necessarily mean that they are using you or leading you on. They are very honest people as a whole, and will most likely tell you upfront that this is the arrangement. It is up to you if you want to continue this type of relationship.

Sometimes it will lead to a relationship but more often than not it doesn’t because of their career. They feel it is most respectful to you to keep things casual and not promise to be a romantic partner when they know they won’t be able to spend enough time on building your relationship together.

Capricorn Man Friend Zone: Closing Words

In conclusion, Capricorns make great friends but don’t have many due to their tough exterior and reserved personalities. Being friend-zoned by a Capricorn is often a sign that they like and respect you, but feel like they don’t have enough time for you in their life at that moment.

Capricorn males make excellent romantic partners and also great friends. If the timing is right, he will gladly welcome the right woman into his life. However, remember that they do not rush into relationships.

He will first want to get to know you very well before committing to anything with you. If you are willing to go through the friendship stage for a while at first, this could lead to a very rewarding partnership for you both.