Capricorn Man Hot And Cold: Why Does This Happen?

The Capricorn man certainly isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to his mood swings.

One day the Capricorn man will be energetic, full of life, and confident as can be. The next day, he loses all of the great characteristics and would rather keep to himself.

Furthermore, this is something that can be quite common for the Capricorn man. Let’s take a look at why something like this can keep happening.

Why Do Capricorn Men Go Hot And Cold?

capricorn man hot and cold

You like it when he’s hot and so into you: he makes you feel like the Queen of the Universe. At his best, he’s known to be the “knight in shining armor” type, leading you in his evolved masculinity, and making you feel safe and secure. So, when he’s hot, enjoy it and bask in it!

You get concerned, though, when he’s cold, aloof, and distant from you. He’s also known to not be the very outgoing type, actually quite shy when it comes to revealing his inner world, and wary about getting into too much, too soon.

So, you wonder and want to know why he’s suddenly cold. Here are possible reasons why.

1) The Capricorn Man Hates Mind Games

Capricorns are of the earth element. Your Capricorn man likes to deal with earthy things, not airy things, like convoluted mind games. He likes tangible things to talk about and grasp in his mind like they were physical things. He likes logic and things that make sense in a grounded way.

He likes concerns and issues discussed upfront and transparent, and not having to read people’s minds. Mind games feel like a rabbit hole to him, and which he detests.

Are you playing mind games with him in an effort to get his attention back? Stop it. Instead, be direct, open, and honest with him when you communicate.

Express yourself in a respectful, kind, and honest way in a spirit of sharing, with no expectations nor demands from him. If you can’t express it this way, it’s better to be quiet and let time and silence ground you both.

2) The Capricorn Man Can’t Stand Drama

If he’s averse to mind games, he’d even be more averse to emotional games. If mind games feel like rabbit holes to him, emotional games feel like quicksand. Drama is a major form of the emotional game; it involves exaggerating minor issues into major ones.

Underlying it is emotional manipulation, trying to get him to do things you want him to do with your theatrics. Capricorn men are known to be loving and loyal but are very uncomfortable with strong displays of emotion.

If you’re feeling abandoned or neglected because he’s not paying you the attention that you crave, work on your own inner beliefs and wounds about interpreting his not paying you attention as abandonment and neglect. Don’t project it on him then blame and shame him for it.

Although he likes being the leader and hero, if he’s an evolved man, he will not be drawn to emotionally manipulative people, especially the woman he chooses to be in his life. Be vulnerable, and express your need of him from a calm and still place, but don’t play victim or damsel in terribly emotional distress.

3) The Capricorn Man Saw Too Many Red Flags

Mind games and emotionally manipulative drama are enough red flags to scare anyone and any man away, but your earthy leader of a Capricorn man would especially be turned off by these, plus any more red flags.

Additional major red flags can be related to being:

  • Insecure.
  • Dishonest.
  • Immature.
  • Controlling.
  • Irresponsible.
  • Unpredictable.
  • As well as emotional instability.

Capricorns are symbolized by a mountain goat, and for good reason. They are powerful, goal-oriented, and can withstand the harshest of conditions for the sake of succeeding in what matters to them.

Climbing a steep mountain is challenging enough; he doesn’t need the unnecessary distraction of an insecure, ungrounded, and hysterical woman climbing it with him.

If you find yourself being this woman, step back and do your own inner healing work. What you perceive as your man’s “coldness” that triggered your anxieties may likely be your unhealed inner wounds crying out for help and healing.

4) The Capricorn Man Might Be Working Out His Own Problems

In general, masculine men like to have space to work out their own problems. They need to feel capable and even masterful in solving problems. How much more is your Capricorn man who needs to feel like an able leader in himself?

He likes to be respected for his independence and strength and trusted to solve his own problems himself. He fears failure or being perceived as a failure, so he’d rather work things out on his own. Think mountain goats again: they symbolize stubbornness, stability, and determination.

So, don’t crowd his space. If you trust him and his love for you and you know your own value, with or without him, you will step back, give him his space and not take it against him.

Keep being wonderful and enjoy your life. Let him come back to you when he’s ready. He will appreciate your respecting him and his space.

Closing Words About When A Capricorn Man Is Distant

Several pointers have been given along the way of discussing why and when your Capricorn man turns cold, and what you can do for him and yourself. Basically, they have to do with your own self-valuing and self-possession and treating him with respect and kindness, too.

Essentially, don’t play mind or drama games with him. Work on your own inner healing from the triggers he might have brought on. Give him his space when he’s distant, and let him come to you on his own accord instead.

Remember how a Capricorn man is an earthy go-getter and loves all things of the earth like material accomplishments, success, and class, too?

Well, a woman who can both happily take care of herself and also be open, vulnerable, honest, respectful, and firm in honoring herself, her man, and the healthy boundaries between them are one definite class act, by any man’s standards.

If you are are this woman, your Capricorn man would not only appreciate and value you even more but would also feel like he is one of the luckiest men in the world.