Capricorn Man Emotionally Unavailable Or Distant? Find Out More

Don’t be so quick to judge the Capricorn man, especially when it comes to the narrative of being emotionally unavailable.

While it might seem like the Capricorn man appears to be emotionally unavailable, if you peel back the onion a little, you’ll see that there’s much more on the surface.

Let’s talk about this so that you can get a better understanding of how the Capricorn man operates.

Can Capricorns Be Emotionless?

capricorn man emotionally distant

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planetary symbol for discipline and limits on space and time, to get people to focus on working towards their goals since everyone’s time on earth is limited.

So, Capricorns are known for being practical and ambitious, trying to achieve all they can, given the finite constraints of space and time in material reality.

Capricorn men are also known for being emotionless because, especially when the going gets rough, they shut down all feelings so they can focus on getting you and them out of rough patches and still achieve their goals.

However, take note that feeling emotions is one thing, and displaying emotions is another thing. As human beings, Capricorns do feel emotions and feel them deeply even. They are good at hiding their feelings, though, because their nature is essentially focused on the material world and earthly realities.

Given this context, you can understand how they would treat a display of emotions as being distracting and impractical in getting them to their goals.

How Do Capricorns Deal With Emotions?

So, if a Capricorn man does feel emotions but just doesn’t display them more often, how does he deal with emotions when he’s feeling them?

1) The Capricorn Man Keeps It To Himself

Think Saturn again, the Roman god of the Titans, the god of agriculture, founder and father of civilizations, social order, and conformity. This image doesn’t suggest a display of emotions at all. It does suggest foresight, planning, focus, productivity, control, and great achievements.

So, how do you know then when th Capricorn man is feeling deeply? He’s very quiet. Observe him, then, and just as quietly watch him without judgment.

When he feels accepted by you and safe in his silence, he will grow to trust and relax in being more of himself in your presence.

When this happens, he will begin to reveal more of how he’s feeling, not necessarily in words, more often in actions. Create a safe emotional cocoon for him with your understanding and acceptance.

2) The Capricorn Man Will Let Time To The Job

Saturn is also known as Father Time, after all. He understands and works with seasons and letting things unfold naturally, in their own time and space. As Father Time, he is often symbolized as an old man, but a strong old man who has seen it all knows it all endured it all, and survived it all.

So, work with your Capricorn man’s rhythms. If he doesn’t yet want to talk about emotional stuff like your relationship concerns, wait with him and respect his process.

Meanwhile, you can work on yourself and your needs and healing your inner wounds. Don’t make him, or anyone, for that matter, responsible for your own happiness.

How To Get A Capricorn Man To Open Up Emotionally

If you want your Capricorn man to open up more of his heart to you, make it feel safe for him to do so. Don’t accuse him of being unfeeling, shame him, judge him, blackmail him, or use manipulative methods to force him to open up.

All these tactics never work for the long-term and will just backfire on you. This is why it is crucial that you take responsibility for your own happiness, and come from a still, strong, and loving place yourself.

Since he is not comfortable with feelings and emotions, in the first place, create an inviting and comfortable emotional world for the two of you and gently lead him into it. Keep a calm, caring presence with him. He will appreciate coming home to you and find you a haven of rest from the stressful outside world he’s so focused on.

Be patient with him and proceed at his own pace. Be loyal and dependable, and assist him in achieving his goals. When he sees you as a best friend and partner in his climb up the mountains he’s trying to hurdle, he will feel safer, trusting, and comfortable about revealing more of himself and his inner world.

Appreciate and thank him for all that he does to achieve things, and for caring for you in the ways he knows how (usually through material provision and protection). Instead of focusing on what he’s not yet doing (displaying more of his emotions with you), focus instead on what he’s already doing well for you.

This would boost his confidence in himself and would encourage him to do more for you, since he feels so safe, accepted, respected, and loved.

Capricorn Man Emotionally Distant: Closing Words

As stated previously, don’t be so quick to believe other people when they dismiss Capricorn men as emotionally unavailable. “Emotionally uncomfortable” might be the more appropriate description.

He’s emotionally uncomfortable because it just hasn’t been part of his makeup, as a Capricorn, and because he might not have likely received the proper nurturing for it growing up given society’s conditioning, as a man.

As a female, your gift to him is your adeptness with the emotional world, riding its unpredictable highs and lows with more facility than he has ever known. Use this gift well in creating a rich, uplifting emotional world for you two, where emotions become not an unnecessary distraction or impracticality, but necessary nourishment for loving, living, and thriving well in this world.